You Need to Know: The Essential College CheckList

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It’s mid-summer and you need to know that many kids are now preparing their wish list of items needed to make their first few weeks of college a success.

It is an exciting time of year especially for first time students that are heading away from home for their first year of college/university.  It will be a time of anxiousness for both students and parents as they watch their kids take their first steps into self -reliance.   It’s a bit intimidating, but for parents, it’s also a time of great pride.  After all they have put their best into their children to help them realize their dreams.  College and studying will bring them to the future that they will realize for themselves.essential college needs, college wish list, necessities for college life,

Preparing Your Wardrobe

College days are full of wonderful times, learning and playing, making new friends and lots of socializing too!  It’s important to feel comfortable in your skin while at the same time becoming part of a new student body.  The majority of kids will spend much of their time in jeans and T-shirts, while taking classes.  These are the uniform of the student body.  So let’s get some great jeans that fit well, make us feel comfortable and look great to boot!

Jeans for everyone!

Gone are the days of blue jeans being blue jeans.  “Blue-jeans” has become such a mis-nomer!  Blue jeans are now black, blue, red, white, and almost any color in between.  The common denominator is a good fit!   If your jeans fit well, then you will feel much more comfortable.  Jeans today are made from cotton and spandex mixes that allows for a better fit and comfort level.  There are even leggings that are made to look like jeans, that are called “Jeggings”.  A quick look at these and you would be hard pressed to sense that they are not in fact blue jeans proper.   This works well for any student who is in the plus size range.   The fit is nice and tight, but the comfort and the look of blue jeans is still there.


Hoodies are EVERYONE’S Favorite Must Have!

Hoodies are a college must have, it doesn’t matter where you have chosen to continue your education. Hoodies are an essential and standard clothing item in everyone’s wardrobe. Why? Well let’s face it, they are comfortable, easy to wear and they will keep you warm on those days when the weather is less than idyllic. College classes can sometimes go into the evening. What started out as a beautiful day can change quickly after an afternoon in a study hall. With a hoodie in your backpack, you can go out after class without having to stop at the dorm for something warmer to wear.

Hoodies are also a great way to show your school support. Football, basketball or another team logo can be blazoned across the chest area to let everyone know who your are cheering on.  In the case of new students, this is a great way to make some friends who are like minded, at the same time you are showing your support for your  new school home.

Essential Must Have Shoes to take you everywhere you want to go!

We have the jeans and we have the hoodie, now we need something for our feet that will take us everywhere and anywhere.  College campuses can be quite large in size.  One class may be at the southern end of the campus while some of your classes will be at the northern end.  You have to be able to get from point A to point B in comfort and ease.  There are enough things to worry about without having to worry about your feet!


There’s an old saying that goes like this: “If your feet hurt, everything hurts!” Let’s not make that mistake. A good pair of running shoes are essential for every student. Getting around campus is a job in itself, why not be comfortable while doing this? Good fitting shoes will make your day go by much easier. There is no sense in buying a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit right. You may even have thought of joining a campus running club to help with the “Freshman Fifteen”!*


Computer Bags and Totes  Essential College Tools

After the clothes and shoes have been looked after, there is still a need for a great way to make it from one class to the next efficiently.  Lugging your computer and notes around like you did in high school is just not cool.   A much better option is a handbag designed to carry your laptop and all your other needs or a rolling tote.  Just because you are studying doesn’t mean that you can’t make a statement!  Fashionable bags and totes just finish off your Essential College Wish List.  As everyone knows, you need your laptop and your cell phone!  These are MUST HAVES!  Adding a nice bag to hold those items makes you much more organized and ready to face any class that is coming up.

Mid Summer is a great time to get started on your College Wish List!  When the day arrives for you to say good bye to your family, you will be more than ready for a great first, second or third year!

Stay tuned for more College Essentials in the next few days.  Just for your information, in case you didn’t know  the “Freshman Fifteen”* is the expected weight gain that happens in the first year away at college.  Lots of parties and added calories make this everyone’s issue!  Join that running team to keep the Freshman Fifteen at bay.

Now that you have the college clothes list essentials, we will focus on our dorms in the next installment!  Sign up for the newsletter if you want to be kept in the college essentials loop!

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  1. I love hoodies. They’re one of the best parts of fall and cooler weather!

    1. Hoodies seem to be everyone’s staple today. They are wonderfully warm and having the hood just makes it that much more toasty. Thanks for your visit….

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