Oct 29

When is the Right Time to Feel Your Best!

When is the right time to feel your best?  The PERFECT time is now!

Right now I am very angry.  You might want to know why and I will tell you.  My beautiful soon to be daughter in law was made to feel less than perfect while out shopping for a new dress!  I’m angry because a little piece of paper firmly attached to a dress with numbers all over it, made her feel lousy!  The sales lady instead of building her up, chose to tear her down!  How dare she? My newest DIL is perfect in my eyes, just the way she is!feel good, look good, body positive, no to body shaming,

Why do we let someone’s idea of Perfect make us unhappy with ourselves?

Whether the tag says size 10, 12 or 14 should make absolutely no difference to us, if we are feeling good!  By good I mean,  healthy and strong.  Where is that “clothing bible” that says we are only perfect if we are a certain size?  Why do we buy into that idea, that our bodies are less than perfect?

There are a thousand reasons why we are not all alike.  Each of us is uniquely perfect just the way we are.  Our genetics, our cultural heritage, and the way we take care of ourselves changes the way we look.  Each look is unique and perfect just as it is!  We are all works of art and our bodies are amazing in all that they accomplish in a single minute.  If we  stop and think about all the things our bodies do everyday, we would be astounded.   We just take lots of those everyday moments for granted.


Our bodies are predisposed to being like our parents and their parents before them.  Our genetic material that tells our bodies all about us, was written into our makeup.  We can’t get away from what is written in every cell of our bodies, nor should we!

Hair color, height, skin tones and everything about us is at the core of every cell in our bodies.  You can’t change that!  My pre-maturing grey hair has been a facet of many of the women in my past.  Just as my predisposition to being a little heavier than my sister-in-laws are, is also written in my present and my past.  It is my story and it’s also my history!

But, and here’s the big BUT!   I am healthy!  I have the ability to walk, run, swim and more!   I just took up Hula Hooping for fun and fitness! 

I have many friends that are fighting everyday to be slim.  When I say fighting, I mean fighting.  They won’t enjoy a cookie or a piece of chocolate to save their souls.  Yet when I look at them, I feel totally sad.  They are not happy either.  Every day is the same routine for them.  There is no joy in eating, drinking or being with others who enjoy those things.  They remove themselves from all social situations so that they don’t have to refuse anyone’s hospitality.  Or they are miserable because they can’t enjoy the treats and goodies.   In the process they also miss out on a lot of laughter and fun.  They in effect miss out on a lot of life!  DON’T LET THIS ATTITUDE BECOME PART OF YOU!   You are so much more!

Life is Perfect and Short!

Life is short!  Life is fleeting!  All of our days are numbered and no one will get out alive.  What a waste of time it is to miss out on the fine points in life, because a few extra calories will make you gain a pound.  I would not like to give everyone who has died from unrealistic weight expectations a dollar.  So many have died from the ravages of Anorexia, Bulimia, botched stomach resectioning surgeries and more.  We are constantly being bombarded by images of the “perfect” bodies in print media, TV, movies and more.   Even in the cartoons, the bad people are the ones that carry a little more weight on their bones or are disfigured in some way.  Why do we do that?

It’s Time to Take Back Our Lives and Embrace Ourselves

When all is said and done, it’s up to each one of us to embrace who we are.  All of our warts and wrinkles are what make us unique and loveable.  First though, we have to learn to love ourselves just as we are!  Don’t let anyone take away your sparkle!

I personally love books that get my mind into a great place and this book of poetry does that quite nicely.  We don’t need to be saved, we need to be our own saviour.  We need to learn to love ourselves as we are without hesitation.  No time to let negative thoughts enter our minds.  We should be body positive from the moment we get out of bed in the morning to the time we lay down again.

Learn to remind yourself often that you are unique, beautiful, exceptional and ONE OF A KIND!  There is nothing on a dress tag that can compare with that!  You are a Perfect YOU!

If you want to know more about my Hula Hooping venture, stay tuned……

If you want to join me, I highly recommend the Ruby Hoopers group and Hoops too!


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