The Ultimate & Beautiful Fitness Activewear Available Online

Beautiful Fitness activewear helps you to feel your best when you are getting down to the nitty gritty of being more active.  The Ultimate Fitness wear comes to you from Fabletics!


Join  Fabletics  VIP Program and get to choose a new outfit monthly!  And the choices  are just out of this world beautiful!  Activewear never looked so good or felt so nice.  These activewear coordinates are well made and really have a nice punch of style to them as well.  I love their sports bras and the different styles of leggings too!



Beautiful activewear and fabulous leggings, VIP PROGRAM, Ultimate activewear
Leggings are the start of every beautiful outfit you can make. Separates are easy to select and you get your choice in sizes for the tops and bottoms. That is especially great for us who might not be a perfect size. Make your top bigger or smaller or the bottoms bigger or smaller, as your needs demand. But DO IT!


There is no need to wait till the new year to begin a journey that you know your body needs and wants.  Even with my limited mobility, I have several of these outfits and I use them daily.

Are you ready to take that step into the world of Beautiful Activewear?  Join me and hundreds of others who love Fabletics!


New VIP Members Get 2 Leggings for Only $24

I promise that you will never have had a pair of leggings that were so comfortable and affordable.  These leggings are sized well and wear even better.  Check out the different styles too.  From higher rises to lower rises Fabletics has them all.

Short cropped leggings or long leggings they are all available right here.

I personally love my Fabletics and I’m sure that you will too!  Order online and within a few days your order will be at your door.  I also love that they ask you right away if you are happy with your purchase.  You can also earn rewards by letting your friends know about your VIP STATUS with Fabletics.


Try them out, and I bet you will be as pleased as I am with the quality and comfort in these great looking  fitness activewear outfits.  You owe it to yourself to check them out!

Fabulous Activewear, VIP MEMBERS, LEGGINGS,

Why beautiful activewear?

I just started a whole new chapter in my life with the purpose of becoming more fit and active. I am trying to slow down the process of arthritis and one way to do that is to become more active.  If I’m going to become more active I want to look and feel good in the process.  Do you want to know what I’m doing?  Well let me tell you!

I have taken up hula hooping!  It doesn’t require that I do a lot of walking or running, but is it ever a great work out.  The movements required to keep that hoop moving around my middle make my obliques work hard.  I can feel the difference with just a few weeks under my belt (no pun intended).  When you see how much of a difference just a few weeks can make, it encourages you to continue.

Right now I’m still actively bending and picking up my Hoop!

And that is alright, I haven’t done this kind of activity since I was in grade school and I won’t tell you how long ago that was!  Suffice it to say, that I am not nearly as adept at this hooping as I was when I was younger.  But, I am not letting that stop me.  I refuse to wait till the New Year to make the resolution to become more fit.  I am going to do it now, even though I will probably gain some weight over the holidays.  That is not my priority, my priority is movement and getting off the couch.  I can do that anytime I want!  When I put on my activewear, I am much more likely to get my hoop going too!

The Right Mindset and the Right Activewear go Hand in Hand

When you are focused on your health, you will do what you need to do in order to become more active and healthy.  It’s not the size that matters, rather how much you make the attempts to move and be active.  Size is not an indicator of health, being fully active is.  Your mindset when you are in your Activewear, makes you want to move your body!  That is the first step.  Then finding something you like to do is the next step. For me it will be a combination of Hula Hooping and Pickleball!

If you haven’t heard of Pickleball you can read all about it here on my review of the game!  It’s the next biggest fitness craze to hit the world and it is great for all ages and all stages of fitness.  A great beginner game that will make you enjoy racquet sports again.  Not nearly as hard as tennis or badminton, but lots of fun too!
If you want to get right into it, you can with this very affordable set of racquets and balls.  Get a few friends together and you are on your way to joining the Pickleball craze.

I dare say you will be so enthralled with this game and find new times to wear all those fabulous activewear pieces that you can order online. Kudos to you for starting on this venture. Come join me in a more active lifestyle.

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  1. I love to wear active clothes. I use activewear for the workout as well as for casual use. I wore my leggings for office too, they feel so comfortable and wear them daily. Thanks for sharing the offer, I will surely check it out.

  2. They have lots of great patterns for the leggings and seem to be reasonably priced! Thanks for sharing at The Blogger’s Pit Stop! Roseann from

    1. You are welcome Roseann, thank you for your visit and I hope you try some of their great activewear.

  3. Hi Olivia! Sounds like you are very motivated to be active which is great. I love active wear and will definitely check out the offer although I’m not sure it will apply to me living in Australia. Love the idea of the hula hoop and now I know what Pickleball is. I’m new to your blog but will be putting it on my favourite list. Have a fabulous weekend.
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    1. Yes Sue, I am much more motivated since I moved out of my home and into my apartment. It seems that the move helped me a lot. There is a swimming pool here in the building which I use at least 5 days a week. It has helped with the arthritis and movement is getting easier again. Thank you for putting me on your favorites list. I hope I can bring you some interesting and fun posts to enjoy.

  4. These look so comfortable. My problem with leggings is that they always slip down on me but these ones look like they’d stay up.

    1. The ones I have are all really great! I think that their fabric is a little thicker than some of my other leggings and they give more support all over. I have cheaper leggings, but I’m not happy when I wear them. They seem to stretch and then they seem to shrink too…….I don’t have that problem with the Fabletics ones at all.

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