The Best, Most Awesome and Fashionable Winter Boots

Are you looking for some Awesome, Fashionable and Warm boots for your wintertime needs?


Your search has just landed you at a great place where boots and shoes are just a little bit better for us Plus Sized Ladies. - Women's Wide Calf Boots

When you are Plus Sized, everything you require to fit, is bigger. That includes shoes and especially boots.  If you are like me, I know that you have had your moments of absolute frustration!  You see a beautiful pair of boots. You are hoping against hope that these will fit you.   Then comes the time when you try them on!  Now you know that the boot does not come anywhere near to fitting  your calf.  Oh, the disappointment and sheer sadness that you cannot buy those boots.

For years ladies who have a little extra on their calves, have been relegated to purchasing little ankle high boots!  At least your feet are warm, right?  The problem of a bigger calf does not have to be addressed.  That may not be a problem if you live in a city where the sidewalks and driveways are regularly plowed and there is no snow build up.  But, what happens if you are in the outskirts of town,and the snow is deeper than 2 or 3 inches?

Deeper snow levels = uncomfortable walking!

Snow depths of more than two inches makes walking in ankle boots very uncomfortable.  There is no way that you are not going to end up with snow getting inside your boot!  Then your feet get wet (cause they are warm) and your boots are sopping inside and out.   Heaven help you if you have a dog that needs walking a couple of times a day!

I’m here to tell you the Good News.

At Wide Widths, you tell them how wide your calf is and they make you boots that will fit!  You can get boots to fit the widest of calves, so that  a nice tall boot fits you like it was made for you, because it has been!



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Especially for you, Wide Width Boots that Fit!



These are just two of the styles that are available. There is a variety of colors and styles just for you!

Don’t wait for the snow to start falling,  order your boots now so that when the snow is on the ground you are smiling and enjoying your time outdoors. - Women's Wide Calf Boots

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