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Dec 12

Fabulously Easy Fashion Advice for Women 50 Plus

Women 50+ are still a formidable group in the workforce! Having said that, if you are still in the workforce, having some knowledge of dressing for work will help you stay in control of your wardrobe. If you are re-entering the workforce after raising your children, these tips will help you too! Our focus here …

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Nov 20

Incredibly Beautiful Clothes for Amazing Plus Sized People

jackets for the curvy lady, plus size jackets, jackets for work in plus size

Incredibly beautiful clothing for the average person must be available. The average size of an American Woman is a size not a size 14 but rather a size 16. You can read the report for yourself here. That means that there are more women in Plus size category of clothing than ever before and it’s …

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Sep 16

Outstanding Fashion Pieces for your Comfort and Wearablility

Versatility, wearability and beauty should go hand in hand when you are picking out items for your wardrobe. Fashion pieces that are comfortable and look nice, can multiply your choices. Whether you are a working woman with lots on the go, or whether you work from home, smart fashionable blouses are a “must have” in …

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Aug 05

It’s Here! Super Beautiful Blouses and Tops

Plus sized blouse, ladies plus sized blouse, feminine lace capped sleeved blouse

Blouses and Tops  Galore! Who doesn’t just love some pretty lace and colors that are out of this world?  Many of us Plus Size ladies are tired of Black, black and more black.  Bring on some color, we want and expect to be just as beautiful in a wide range of colors across the whole …

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