Snappy, Smart and Outstanding Slacks Just for You!

An Outstanding pair of Slacks is a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe.

The cooler weather will soon be upon us!  I know that I won’t go out in dresses and skirts once the snow and cold become a daily occurrence.  How about you?

warm pants, warm slacks, winter clothes

Dressed for Winter

Styles of Slacks to Get you Through the Coldest Days

This year it seems that the styles are following what happened last year.  It seems as though whatever you find comfortable, that is what is in style.  That is a bonus for all of us who are tired of someone else dictating what is and isn’t fashionable.

Warm Slacks

Covering your legs is probably one of the first things you want to do when the air temperatures start to drop. If you pair your slacks with a great pair of boots, you can hold your own even on the coldest days.  It’s the cold air hitting your skin that makes you feel so uncomfortable.  Protect your skin and you are much more likely to enjoy the days regardless of the temperatures.

When are pants or slacks appropriate to wear?

Thank goodness again, times have changed and pants or dress slacks are always fashionable to wear to work or to play.  It would depend a lot on your place of employment, but dressy, office wear slacks are not frowned upon any longer.

Are there pants that are inappropriate?

You have to know your own workplace, but I can imagine that there are some workplaces that would frown on leggings for Slacks. These other coverings  are less business like and more “playful”.  Having said that, it really is up to you to understand your workplace and what is appropriate and what is not.  Many offices do have a “dress code” that they expect their employees to follow.  If you want to stay on the right side of your company, you will follow their mandates.  warm slacks, warm pants, winter pants,





Warm Winter Slacks, Cold Weather Pants, Dressing for Winter

Winter warmth with Slacks for You!

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  1. I always wear pants. Fortunately there is a style for everything. I sometimes struggle to patch the right type of shoe with different pants though.

    1. I understand your dilemma Michele. What works with long pants may not work with cropped or Palazzo. Maybe I will do another post for you on this topic. Stay tuned, you just might get some guidelines.

  2. I love warm slacks I have a few pairs for Winter an the usual British non summer….Thanks for sharing at the Pit Stop

    Pit Stop Crew!

    1. Thank you, Julie, for stopping by. Yes, England has weather all it’s own. I’m sure that warm pants for those rainy days would keep you nice and warm. I personally would be lost without my slacks as I wear them almost daily. Whatever would I do if things hadn’t changed in the last 50 years? I’d still be wearing dresses…..

  3. Thank goodness today’s fashion dictates that slacks are OK for women to wear. I Live in my slacks!

    1. Amazing isn’t it? It’s still pretty recent that slacks were allowed for women…..Like you I live in mine too, especially in the winter months.

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