Panties, Bloomers, Silly Strings and More, Your Guide to the Best Underwear

When it comes to fashion and fashion sense sometimes you need to start at the bottom or in this case start at the insides…..

A friend of mine had me literally laughing with tears streaming down my cheeks when I read her take on Granny Bloomers and more!  I’d love to share it with you here and hope that it will make a delicate subject easier .

My friend writes about “Mid Life Dramas in Pajamas” and you can find her blog right here!  With her permission I’m going to share what had me laughing so hard!  The blog post is called Choose Your Knickers Ladies!

Just click on the blue link  above to be taken to her Blog Post!

Now let’s get serious about Panties, Bloomers and more!

Everyone wears underwear of some kind!  Your  “Commando” days are long gone!  They left when you were between the ages of 2-4!  Underwear is one of those subjects that really doesn’t get spoken of too often.  But it is an important part of your everyday routine in getting dressed.

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So let’s get right too it!  Let the discussion begin on what kind of underwear is best for you!

I hope the graphic doesn`t make you blush, but it`s hard to talk about underwear without some kind of pictures.  Even though is graphic is good, there are still a few styles of underwear that are not included here.  But that`s for another day.  Right now, I want to talk about underwear that gets worn on a daily basis.

The most common underwear, the one most made fun of are the “granny bloomers``.  You know the kind that your mother wore in the 1920-50`s.  Full coverage front and back that left little to the imagination.  Historically they were made of white cotton, came up to your waist all around and covered most of your legs, hips and butt!

Times have changed and full cut briefs as they are known today, come in all colors.  Some even have those little extra touches of femininity, like lace and  bows.  Florals, pastels, or bold colors are not unusual anymore either.

The other most common underwear style is the bikini.  As the word describes, these come to below the belly button and maybe higher cut in the thighs and hips.  Through the crotch there is still full coverage.

Then we get into the “naughty” bits of undergarments!  Those are for those times when you want to be “sexy” for someone special in your life.  There is a place for those little bits of frill and lace too!  I would suggest though that everyday is not the time or the place.

Depending on your size, different underwear will work better for daily dressing routines.  Going to work and just daily living, makes you want to be comfortable in your undergarments.  Trying different styles of underwear is the best way to find that style that you feel most comfortable with.  There is no right and no wrong, it is a Personal Preference!

What to wear when you want to impress!

The most important part of getting the underwear right, is to wear the right size!  If you are a plus sized gal, squeezing yourself into underwear that are too small will only make bumps and rolls appear!  You can literally see your underwear outlined by your outer clothes.

You know those panty lines that let you see just what kind of undies are hiding under your skirts or pants, will not make a great impression on anyone.  So get the right size for you!  Make sure your outer clothes fit you well too!  If you are pressing yourself into an outfit, it might be time to go one size bigger.  When your clothes fit you properly, you make a statement.  Pouring yourself into a smaller size will only make people think that you have gained  weight.  Better to fit well (or a little looser) and have people admiring your image than thinking other thoughts!

Any kind of clingy clothes will show off lines that are better hidden from view.  For those times you might decide to wear an all in one piece undergarment.  That choice is yours to make.

Tangas, Thongs, and G-strings

All are variations of the bikini panty.  Tangas and thongs let the back end be revealed and G-strings barely cover the front side too!  These are not underwear that are made for everyday wearability.  Unless you have worn them forever, no one will make me believe that they are comfortable.  But you be the judge, if you are comfortable, let me know!  I could be wrong!


Special Occasions

If you are getting married, by all means go out and get something frilly and fancy!  For one day, it’s totally acceptable to wear something that will make a memory for both of you.  Keep it as something special between you two though, it’s just not for everyday!

Where can I get a great selection of Underwear?

I have my favorite places to go and purchase underwear, so I will share some of them with you!

For everyday and for special occasions,  I like the pieces that are available from Hips and Curves!  Especially made for the more curvy woman!  Styles and prices are reasonable too!

Hips and Curves specializes in intimates for the curvy women who want whats new and made especially for them.  Styles and choices are completely up to you.  From everyday Undergarments to special occasion delights, Hips and Curves has something that will work for your particular shape and size!

It will also work for those special occasions mentioned before.













Another of my favorite retailers is Avenue!  Made for women with curves in all the right places, you can find intimates and briefs for you!  Just take a good look at all the wonderful styles that are available here and I’m sure you will find something that is just PERFECT for you!

Should you need other recommendations I will continue because really there is no lack of great styles for us!  I love that we are free to love ourselves and not miss out on so much style!  From outerwear to intimates, you will find whatever you need here at Avenue!  








Just for fun and because I might just have your attention,  I am going to add another place where I like their selection and style for us Plus Sized Women!  Avenue is for the more mature woman and there are lovely items available from Loralette for our more youthful women.

Additionally there is another retailer that I really enjoy especially for intimate apparel!  AdditionElle has some of the nicest panties around for Plus Sized ladies and I really like that there are several styles available too!

Panties: 5 for $29 at! Limited Time Only!

Whatever style you like the best, AdditionElle has them all just for you!  You can pick whichever ones you like and get the same great price!  Don’t miss out on updating your “intimate” wardrobe.

What are your thoughts on the “perfect underwear”?  Do you have a particular style that is your “go-to”?  It’s time we stopped thinking about our underwear and actually started talking about it!  Let me know,  I’m really curious!


BTW if you would like to see more of Mid Life Dramas in Pajamas, you can follow her Facebook page and you can also follow Pizzazz Plus Fashion too!  Here are the links:  and of course

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