7 Outstanding Evening Dresses for the Goddess In You

Holiday Season  and the need for Evening Dresses, will be upon us before you can say Halloween and Thanksgiving!

With that in mind, I have chosen 7 different gowns/evening dresses, with different price points. Each one is a beauty in it’s own rite. The one you choose will be the prefect one for you. Each one would make the person wearing it feel like a goddess. Perfectly beautiful from her head to her toes.

H Love Squared Plus Size Three-Quarter-Sleeve Knotted Maxi Dress J Kara Plus Size Embellished A-Line Gown Xscape Plus Size Illusion Beaded Gown Adrianna Papell Plus Size Cap-Sleeve Beaded Sequined Gown Alex Evenings Plus Size Rosette Lace A-Line Gown Alex Evenings Plus Size Three-Quarter-Sleeve Sequined Lace Gown R&M Richards Plus Size Beaded V-Neck Dress and Jacket


Do you have a special occasion coming up?

Holiday dresses are or can be dual purpose too. Do you have a wedding coming up? An awards evening, maybe a fancy retirement party, these are perfect times to get dressed up.

Don’t leave finding that perfect dress to the last minute. You know that when you are rushed, you don’t always make the best choices. If you have the time, do it now! When the party invitations arrive, there will be no reason to say NO!

You will turn heads when you enter. You and only you will know how easy it was to shop for that perfect dress. The evening is yours to enjoy and you know that your choice of dress was indeed the perfect one.

The other part that I love about dressy clothes is that you can wear them more than once. Chances are that the same people that attended one event, will not be the same people at another. So just a quick change of accessories will give you a whole new look and your evening dress will get another chance to make you shine.

12 Stunning Evening Dresses For Your Moment in the Spotlight

Evening Dresses or Formal Attire should make you shine in the spotlight, showing the world your beauty from your head to your toes.

This is especially true if it’s a special occasion to honor you! That promotion, the acceptance of an award, or a lovely evening out at the opera, these are all occasions where you want to look your best.



evening gown, beautiful dress, Curvy lady

Lovely Lilac Gown with Layers of Flowing Fabric

Can you just imagine how heads will turn when you have this lovely gown on. It’s flowing fabric just flows around you and shimmers with beauty. It hugs all the right curves and skims over you like liquid gold.  The lovely lilac color is beautiful too.









bridal wear, semiformal dress, evening attire

Lovely Lace Dress and Jacket





If you want to be formal without the long length of dress, that’s possible too. This beautiful two piece dress and jacket, made of lace will fit the bill perfectly. Lace is always a dressy fabric and with a touch of sequins added in, you just multiply the “beauty” factor. Finish this outfit off with some hose and fancy shoes.

You will be a walking goddess.






plus size, formal dress, semi-formal attire

Hosiery is an Important Foundation to Build On.



I must take a moment and explain, curvy ladies (IMHO all ladies) when you are going out to a formal or semi-formal event, you MUST wear hosiery. It is a touch that you may feel goes unnoticed, but I will tell you that it is indeed noticed. Hose on your legs helps to smooth out your silhouette from your toes right up to your waist. It is part of your foundation garments and should not be missed.







plus size, long sleeves, semi-formal dress

Lovely Burgundy Multi-Layered Dress




This lovely multilayered burgundy dress has some of those nice features with the flowing fabric and delicate layers, that make this style a real winner. This one is made with long sleeves for anyone who may not like their arms showing. I particularly like this style as I fall into the above category. Even in the dead of summer, I like my arms covered. Formal or semi-formal dress for any occasion where you want to be your best.










This little number is so pretty. Simple with its loose flowing elbow length sleeves, that just skim the elbow. Details like a little bit of beading add that dimension of elegance that no one can deny. A perfect little black dress for any “special” occasion. You will be at the height of perfection in this dress.









Now for something a little different again. This dress will fit you right at the bust with a nice accent belt/sash at the waist. From there a flowing skirt will just finish the dress off. Layers on the skirt will flow and look really nice. The bodice is covered with a lovely lace, while the skirt is done in layers with a chiffon-type overlay. Very feminine and delicate looking add some beautiful shoes and some jewelry and you are all set!





This dress with it’s vivid print is a knock out. The colors and the style just go together so well. I love the split sleeve which looks V-shaped at the back and yet has a nice split at the inside elbow. This dress gives you the look of long sleeves with the benefit of a short one. Perfect for those evenings when it’s a little cooler out.








plus sized, semi formal, evening wear

Turquoise Beauty





I love this dress. It is very simple in it’s styling and yet so elegant. The Cape like overlay just adds so much character to this dress. Embellishments on the overlay add just a little touch of sparkle. The color of this dress and the overlay with it’s asymetric hemline, just look incredible.








evening wear, semi formal, plus size

Turquoise and Satin Beauty


 Turquoise is a beautiful color and the Satin combined with the light chiffon like overlay just work so well together. Again with the asymetric cut on the overlay brings just a bit of detail to the bottom of this dress. Look and feel like a million dollars without spending near so much. This dress is perfect for any dressy occasion.


semi formal, evening attire, wedding

Pink Lace and Beading Details






This pink dress with its lacy fabric is just so pretty. Understated in elegance the long lines of beading that go from the neckline down to the A-line skirt draw the eye. The contrast just makes this whole dress “pop” in the nicest way.









semi formal, bridal, sexy dress

Flirty and Fun




Oooh lala, I didn’t think I had saved the best for last, but, maybe I did. Talk about nice details on a dress. This one is just over the top. The neckline boasts a little sheer detail over the shoulders. The fabric with its coloring from a bright red to lighter and lighter shades with black accents added and a flirty hemline that is accented with a little bit of tulle. This dress with it’s multicolored fabric outlined in Black just stands out as a real winner.

wedding, mother of the bride, mother of the groom

Layers of Purple Chiffon





Can you just see yourself entering the party in this beautiful gossamer dress.  Layers of chiffon just skim the body in soft flounces with a lovely cape like effect at the neck and sleeves.  Beaded details just frame the whole neckline, making this dress sparkle brightly.












These are just 12 of some of the prettiest dresses you will find at Macy’s and available to our Canadian Friends as well. Now you don’t have to wait to cross the border to shop, you can do it right in the comfort of your own home.



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Awesome Bridal Parties That Style to the Max

Bridal Parties that just bring style to the Max are one of a Bride’s biggest headaches.

Not anymore. We are going to help you Bring Style to the Max. No tears, no tearing out your hair or any of those other ways you relieve stress.  We are here to help you find those dresses that will make each and everyone of your Gal Pals look awesome and feel wonderful.

bridesmaids, style, Looking good

Wedding Memories


Wedding Parties can be the best and the worst part of planning a your special affair.   If you decide to only have one bridesmaid and yourself (the bride), you can relax a bit.  You and your bridesmaid can go out and buy a dress in whatever color and style you want.  It all works well.

That’s the scenerio with just one Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor.   What happens, when you have 3 or 4 or more girls in your wedding party. Add, that not all the girls are a size 10 or 12. Maybe, one of your gal pals is pregnant and still wants to be a part of the wedding party! Then the problem of size differences becomes a focal point.  You need to find something that will:

  1.  Look good on all the gals.
  2.  Be complimentary to all the different figures
  3.  Be available in your color choices
  4.  Be in styles that your gal pals will love. 

Don’t Despair! There is help and it’s right here!

 Henkaa can deliver Bridesmaid dresses that are beautiful, but also fit to flatter every single gal in the group.  Henkaa  also delivers beautiful dresses that come in a rainbow of colors and are transformable to suit many different looks with one dress.

This dress on the left is one that can be worn three or more different ways.  Many brides today are opting to keep the girls in the same color, but letting them decide on the style and length.  It’s just one way in which the bride will be assured that her bridesmaids will have some say in what they will be wearing.

Your Gal Pals may even like the idea of choosing a style that they know suits them best.    The bridal party still looks complete, following the color theme but letting the gals have a little individuality in style.  It’s a win-win situation for the bride and the bridesmaids.

Every one is happy with the results and nothing has been compromised.  Add beautiful flowers and the whole bridal party will Rock their styles with ease.  Your girls can be any size and they will find a dress here to make them feel wonderfully feminine.



So Why Check Out Henkaa?

Henkaa understands that not every girl fits into the mold of a size 14. There are many girls who are a size 16-18 or more.  There is no reason to exclude them from your Bridal Party, if you want them there. There will be no need to “special order” anything either.  After all, making your friends feel uncomfortable about their size is not nice.  Many regular dress shops will only cater to women up to a size 14 or 16 at the most. If you are a larger size, they will put in a special order for you.  Sometimes you need to wait 6 weeks for that special order to be filled.  Not here, Henkaa will serve people up to a size 24.  You get your dress at the same time everyone else does.

The nature of the dresses at Henkaa are such that if you gain a pound or lose a pound it won’t make a difference in the fit of the dress.  These dresses are adjustable and transformable so they can be worn in different ways.  What a joy to see dresses worn in so many different ways.  Just watch the video and see how wonderfully easy it is to “transform” the dresses from one style to another.  It’s incredible. At Henkaa, Everything changes.

I bet you’ll agree, that these dresses are really lovely and Rock the Style to the Max.


Summer Warehouse Sale – Up to 80% off select jewelry at Henkaa.com. Offer expires September 5th.



Party To Happiness, 5 Amazingly Beautiful Dresses

5 Amazingly Beautiful Dresses for the Upcoming party season or for any other occasion that is on your calendar.


Summer is slowly giving way to Autumn. That means Fall weddings, Thanksgiving and yes, before you know it, Christmas.  Shopping for these special occasions should not be a last minute operation.25% off Storewide

We want to look our best at every opportunity that we have and Kiyonna has a host of beautiful dresses that just Rock the Occasion to the Max.

Scalloped Boudoir Lace DressScalloped Boudoir Lace Dress

5 Beautiful Dresses for Your Special Occasions

Special Occasions are those times when you really want to look your absolute best. Dressing in an Elegant and Timeless Dress that fits beautifully, will have you looking forward to the next special occasion.
This Lace dress is classic design that will see you through many formal and semi-formal affairs. Available in 4 different colors, you can choose which one is your favorite and know that heads will turn when you arrive.

Another beautiful option for your party dress below.

Serenade Swing DressSerenade Swing Dress

This beautiful dress in a lovely shade of emerald green is just perfect as it hangs from the shoulders and delicately gathers and flows from the neck down in soft gathers. This halter look with details happening on the shoulders just makes everyone’s eyes travel to your most beautiful self. 3/4 sleeves that can be pushed up make this dress fancy yet so easy to wear. You will literally slip it on and head right out for a night on the town.

When your dress is beautiful to begin with, slipping it on will make the whole image look like a dream come true.


Refined Ruched DressRefined Ruched Dress

Another absolutely beautiful option is this Runched Dress that criss-crosses over the bodice, adding a flattering touch to your perfect dress. The deep V neckline and the flirty skirt with it’s high-low hemline just adds another dimension to this feminine dress.

Colorful is also playful, no need to settle for black or navy blue. The days of using dark colors for women with curves is over!  Bring on the Colors!



Enticing Tie DressEnticing Tie Dress

This lovely raspberry red dress is a floating beauty. I love the detail at the neckline with smart little strap details that are beautifully done, and can be tied in a number of different ways to make you feel so comfortable that you will dance the night away. Fit beautifully over the bustline and the 3/4 sleeves make it perfect for an autumn evening affair.  Available in a Khaki Green as well, an interesting color choice.

Beautiful  animal prints make a wonderful change from solids and lace and look beautiful too.


Harlow Faux Wrap Dress-SaleHarlow Faux Wrap Dress-Sale

How about something totally different? I love animal prints and this one is no exception. The body hugging style is beautiful and the plunging neckline is wonderful as it is or with a great necklace to draw the eyes right there! Everyone loves a little playfulness along with their evening wear and this one is definitely playful. Fashion should be fun as well as ravishing and I think this little number has both of those elements covered.

In short, there are lovely styles available to us ladies who don’t mind flaunting their curves and revel in looking beautiful too.




 We can have it all and I’m here to help you prove it.

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Fabulous, Fashionable, Funky, Feminine Dresses Just for You

When you are plus sized finding the right dress, can be problematic. We want to look Fabulous, we want to be Fashionable, we want to be Funky too! All of that with a touch of Femininity and we have hit the jackpot.

Today I have brought you some lovely dresses that will fit a multitude of situations, from dressy, to casual and a little bit of everything in between, come and have a look!

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Lovely Key Hole NecklineLovely Key Hole NecklineBeautiful Plus Sized Dress

Apples and pears, hourglasses and rectangles, whatever your shape, this stunning Key-Hole dress will be beautiful on you.

Shapely and sexy with a hint of cleavage just peeking out, this dress will have you feeling like a million dollars without breaking the bank!

What more could you ask for?

Details on this dress like the asymmetric hem line just add a little more flair and pizzazz!

Hose can be added to make this dress even more special, or for summer evenings a nice sheen on the legs is all that’s required.



V-necked Dress CrossoverV-necked Dress Crossover

This pretty little dress with it’s cross over detail is wonderful for an evening out on the town. 3/4 Sleeves give just a hint of cover up, while the plunging neckline will enhance your natural beauty.
Following the trend of asymmetric hemlines, this dress adds just a little bit of fun to that hemline by framing it with a soft ruffle. Feminine and pretty at the same time.
Available in Blue, Green and Purple, you will want more than one for your wardrobe.
Priced so that you can easily afford more than one, you will enjoy this dress.




Plus Size Sweetheart NecklinePlus Size Sweetheart Neckline

This lovely maxi dress, is so pretty with it’s lacy sleeves and shoulders. The Sweetheart neckline is a favorite of mine.
Soft and alluring this dress will give you a sense of femininity and flow in a most comfortable way.
Available in Red or Black, this is a 5 star winner for sure.


Sleeveless Lace DressSleeveless Lace Dress

This Maxi Dress is a little more formal in style but oh so pretty.
Lacy with bands of solid color in between, it draws the eyes of every admirer right up to the beautiful face that is wearing this dress.
Available in red, blue and black with a white under lining on the black, this dress is stunning.


Floral Lace OverlayFloral Lace Overlay

This Lacy number could be worn as a dress or a long lined top.
Sheer lace on the sleeves show off the pretty pattern in the lace. The body of the dress is lined in the same color so that the focus is on you.
Only avaiable in the white, it is generously cut to fit many sizes.
Dressy and feminine at the same time, but not limited to being worn for evening, this is a lovely garment.


Sexy Long-sleeved dressSexy Long-sleeved dress

Clubbing or going out on the town never looked so good. This lovely number in red will stop everyone in their tracks.
Red seems to be the only color that this one comes in, but it is the right color for this style.
The plunging neckline says it’s party time and the wrap style assymetric bottom just adds to the drama.
You will make an entrance in this little number and enjoy wearing it too……………..


U-necked sleeveless dressU-necked sleeveless dress

Another great choice for going out on the town. This beautiful sleeveless dress has a nice deep U shaped neckline, not too daring, but definitely a show stopper.
I like this little dress for it’s simple lines, it would do nicely for any occasion.
This little black dress can be dressed up or dressed down depending on your needs.
Add some funky jewelry and you are all set to go.



Elegant High Waisted Pleated DressElegant High Waisted Pleated Dress

I saved the best for last on this page. I love this dress with it’s plunging neckline and the bold print.

Many ladies love empress style dresses as they are comfortable and offer a nice silhouette.

If the plunge in front is too much for you, it’s nothing at all to add a little camisole underneath for that added bit of coverage. Make it a lacy camisole and you have a winning combination for sure.



That’s all for today folks, stay tuned there will be more beautiful things for you in the next day or two. Come back often, you will always find something special just for you!

It’s Here! Super Beautiful Blouses and Tops

Blouses and Tops  Galore!

Who doesn’t just love some pretty lace and colors that are out of this world?  Many of us Plus Size ladies are tired of Black, black and more black.  Bring on some color, we want and expect to be just as beautiful in a wide range of colors across the whole spectrum.

Plus Sized Blouse, Womens Plus Sized Blouse, Plus sized tops

Available in Pink, Blue and Green, Crocheted detail Blouse.

That’s why I love this Lacy Blouse!  It comes in a beautiful Green and also Blue and Pink.  The colors are stunning and will look beautiful on you.  Pair it up with cream colored trousers or a beautiful skirt and you will be the epitome of fashion and style.  I also love the cap sleeves.  In Summertime, I find that working in air conditioning makes me feel quite cool sometimes and I don’t want a summer cold.  That little cap sleeve makes all the difference.


Available in sizes Large to 3XL

Pretty lacy Blouse with short cap sleeve available in Navy or Green as shown.




For a more glamorous look, this black lacy blouse has all the fixings of an elegant evening ensemble. This would be lovely for a dinner party, or an after office get together for someone’s retirement, birthday or other occasions for a more fancy look. I would pair this with leggings or wear it as is with some fancy hosiery  to compliment the look of the lace. It is long enough to be worn both ways.


Plus sized blouse, ladies plus sized blouse, feminine lace capped sleeved blouse

Feminine and Beautiful Lace Cap Sleeved Blouse.


For gorgeous ladies tops, browse our range of fashion tops today and feel fabulous tomorrow! Shop now!

peasant blouse, loose fitting, feminine

Funky and Fashionable with a BoHo kind of feel.


This inky print blouse below is beautiful in its styling.  Asymmetric at the bottom with a flow that only this type of fabric can give. Casual and dressy at the same time. Depending what you wear it with, this blouse can take you from morning right through till evening, no need to change or go home first.  The evening will be perfect as is,

Plus Size Brief Buttoned Ink Painting Blouse

Inky patterned blouse, soft and flowing.


without a doubt.  A truly versatile piece for your closet, take this top and add some nice trousers and you have a perfect outfit.


plus sized clothes with pizzazz

Beautiful cross over top with added shirring.














Another beautiful blouse with details at the neckline.  The cross over style is so fashionable right now, but will also carry you forward.  This  is a chic, glamorous top that is truly unique in it’s design and will make the plus sized ladies feel wonderful.



Plus size boutique online, offers a variety of the latest fashion trendy women’s plus size clothing with best quality just for you!
You can click on any one of the images if you like and purchase any blouse you like, or if there is more than one that you like, you may have to click twice.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.  Sign up for the newsletter, so that you are one of the first to know about anything new at PizzazzPlusFashion.com







~PizzazzPlusFashion is an affiliate member of Shareasale.  If you click on the links within this blog, a small commission is earned.  Thank you for your support.~

Luxurious Lingerie, Unconditional Support and Beautiful Too!

Olivia’s Pizzazz is not limited to only looking good on the outside, Olivia wants you to look good on the inside too!

Wearing support that is beautiful against your skin, makes you feel beautiful on the outside too!    Hips and Curves does a great job of finding fantastic and wonderfully made undergarments, that will have you smiling from the time you first put them on!

  • Isabella Shelf Bra
  • Price: $44.95
  • This is a beautiful option for your intimate needs.  Full support with a femine quality that you will certainly enjoy.  Beautiful inside and beautiful outside too.
  • Savoir Faire Lace Bralette
  • Price: $34.95
  • A really nice basic bra, that has all the feminine qualities that most women really enjoy.  A touch of lace, and nice plunge for your favorite V-necked tops and tees.
  • Molded Underwire Bra with Push-Up
  • Price: $29.95
  • A little more support for those who need it, yet still as feminine as you could want.  Underwired for just a little lift so that cleavage will be enhanced to your benefit.
  • Isabella Shelf Stretch Lace Bra
  • Price: $44.95
  • Undergarment made specially for those really fancy dresses worn for evenings out dancing under the moonlight.  Any neckline will work with this bra and you will have the support you need.
  • 5 Way Convertible Plus Size Bra
  • Price: $29.95
  • Now here is a “MUST HAVE” bra for any gal.  Coverts 5 different ways so that bra straps can be hidden under any style of blouse or dress.  Support for the “girls” yet sleek and sexy too.  And at a price that can’t be beat!
  • Soft Lace Plus Size Bra
  • Price: $26.95
  • Not only do I love this bra, but I also love the colors!  No woman wants to be stuck with white, nude or black bras….sometimes a little color is a bonus.  Feminine and beautiful all at the same time, what gal wouldn’t like a bra like this?
  • Chloe Soft Lace Cup Bra
  • Price: $29.95
  • Pretty in Pink, lacy with support for any sized gal. Beautiful and comfortable too.
  • Felicia Lace Plunge Bra
  • Price: $34.95
  • A pretty little number for those nights when you are wearing a plunging neckline, so that just a hint of pink is seen.  What a fashion statement. Luxuriously different and beautiful too.
  • Celestia Embroidered Bra
  • Price: $34.95
  • Who doesn’t love this nude with embroidery colored Bra?  Underwired for support, but so pretty, you’d be tempted to show it off. Luxury from the inside to the outside.
  • Pretty T-Shirt Bra
  • Price: $29.95
  • Beautifully molded cups, so that it won’t matter if you are in the coolest of air conditioning, no embarrassment will follow when you wear this bra to work or play.
  • Lace Long Line Bra
  • Price: $44.95
  • If you want a longer sleeker look to your outfit, long line bras are also available for those who have just a little more curve than the average gal.
  • Julianne Lace Overlay Plunge Bra
  • Price: $39.95
  • I am so happy that there are companies like Hips and Curves to cater to us gals who want the same luxurious things that are offered to our smaller sisters.  How beautiful is this brassiere?
  • Ciara Glazed Embroidered Bra
  • Price: $42.95
  • Just because it has a lighter fabric cup, doesn’t mean that it won’t give you support and style at the same time, this black number is just beautiful.
  • Jolene Embroidered Soft Cup Bra
  • Price: $39.95
  • Smokey grey and it’s a smoking hot look too!  Beauty inside, even more beautiful outside.  Luxurious and Beautiful all wrapped up in one bra.
  • Lace Bralette with T-Back
  • Price: $39.95
  • I personally happen to love this turquoise blue color and can see myself wearing this under  my favorite sweat shirt.  Made to be comfortable and still offer some support, this bra is a great bra for relaxing and kicking back.  Wide straps and a t-back make it interesting at the same time.

 Just for you:  A Curvy Girl’s Guide to Lingerie!  

Don’t let the fact that you have a little bit more, where others have none, make you feel any less worthy of beauty inside and out. Beautiful Lingerie is every girls’ right and maybe just a little bit of an indulgence too!

lingerie for your body type

Slacks, Trousers, Chinos and More!

Summer is in full swing!  Does your wardrobe need some “updating”?  Now is the time to get some new Trousers, Chinos or Slacks with a Bonus!

What’s the Bonus?

We are just two weeks into summer and the bonus is a sale.  Brand new, just in Slacks and more with a special for on-line shoppers only!  That’s You!

Lane Bryant is a leading name in Ladies clothing and they are having a sale just for their on-line shoppers.  Now is the time to really check out what they have available in every department, but I especially like their trousers and slacks.

slacks, trousers, denim pants

Just for You!


slacks, trousers, on sale, on-line

Summertime Fun with Perfect Chinos


Lane Bryant has some beautiful Trousers, Denims, Chinos and more just for you. With a great sale on just for you on-line shoppers.  Don’t miss out on this sale! Enhancing  your wardrobe at a good discount always feels good.  Get those new Slacks for the start of your Summer and Fall wardrobe.


Personally, I love it when I find a sale that is meant just for me. Available in my size and at a discount, what more could a girl ask for? While I have chosen to show you Slacks, Trousers and Chinos, there is more on sale at Lane Bryant. If you click on the banner, you will be taken to their store, where all the other beautiful tops, skirts, dresses and more are on display. So if you don’t need new trousers, then why not use this great sale to enhance your wardrobe in other ways.

REMEMBER, this sale is for you because you like to shop On-Line. 40% OFF crops & shorts (excluding LIVI) with code: LOVEITLB (7/8-7/14 @11:59pm PT)

Don’t wait till time runs out! This is part of Lane Bryants semi-annual sale and you don’t want to be disappointed. Enter your code LOVE IT LB at the check out and you will be singing.

Here’s to you, and here’s to looking really good!


Olivia is an affiliate of Lane Bryant.  Shopping through the links will result in a small commission.

Summer is Just Heating Up!

Summer is just beginning and the heat is starting to rise.  Summer Pieces for your wardrobe are on Sale!

Better than summer, though, is the savings on summer outfits now, so that you can enjoy your purchases right through till the cool weather begins again.  Summer sales are already in full swing, so now is the perfect time to augment your current wardrobe with a few new pieces.



Skater Dresses, are just so fashionable right now and the curvy gals know how to make this style their own.  Full at the bottom, they are comfortable to wear day or night.  Great for parties or Friday night dates, the look is so elegant that it can be dressed up or down. Grab a nice chunky necklace or a lacy jacket and you are going to be so “put together”, that heads will turn.  Right in style with the current fashion, you will be the belle of the ball.


Summer Sale

Skirt and separates are all wonderfully available for your size.

I love this distributor, all the models are plus sized ladies and the photos are true with no editing done on the pictures. Sizing is generous and following their size guidelines will result in a garment that will fit you well.

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Swim Suits with Pizzazz Just for You!

Swim suits with some pizzazz are the order of the day! Black is not the only color for the beach or to go for a swim.  Add some color, add some pizzazz!

These are just a few of the swimsuits available for the plus sized lady. While Black may be a favorite color for some, it’s not the only color to go for that dip in the pool or lake.

If you want a little extra “contol” it is available.  I personally love to swim and I can do it with a one piece or two piece quite comfortably.  I have never been into bikinis, they are just not my style.  But I happen to love some of the high waisted two piece bathing suits offered here.


Form and fit are important to everyone, but to our plus sized ladies, a little extra support in the bust line is sometimes required.  Two pieces allows for that extra little bit of choice. Just as the younger gals are pairing different tops and bottoms, so can you! Tops and bottoms are made to interchange and give you a whole new look.

Plus Size Pin-Up Style Lookbook

Especially for Gals with Curves!


I am scouring for those really snazzy, colorful choices for your swimwear needs. With sizing from 10 to 32, you will find something beautiful to go swimming in here. I love the suits with the dash of fringe, just to entice the eyes, and with so many beautiful color combinations too!

When you are done swimming, and you want a little cover up there are quite a few here for you to choose from.


you will find something that you like!  I find that these are very feminine and attractive.

Swimwear Cover Up

Beautiful Lacey Cover Up

sarong, cover up, swimsuit

A beautiful black ruffled sarong, doubles as a cover up.

I love these distributors of plus size clothing. Not only do they cater to us who have the curves, but their styles are down-right beautiful. Check out their other offerings and I’m sure that you will agree with me, that there really are some very pretty, feminine and yet, stylish clothing available here.




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swimsuit cover up, sarong

Floral Chiffon Cover Up

Don't let the summer go by without checking all of the beautiful items available just for you!  Feminine, soft, and colorful made for the curves you love!



swimsuits and cover ups

Summertime and you are Beautiful

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