Fashionable Hoodies for Warmth and Great Style

Hoodies are a fashion statement that crosses many seasons.  I have found some beauties for you!

For in-expensive but very trendy and hip clothing Pizzazz Plus Fashions is the place for you!

Plus sized clothing doesn’t have to be unflattering or only black. I have searched for a wide variety of styles that will be a delight for you to wear. Colorful and well styled, these items are great in your own personal wardrobe.  Playful and fun, or stylish and more serious in look, hoodies can be worn in almost any situation.


Hoodies are no longer the realm of the very young. They are a beautiful addition to anyone's wardrobe.

In spring and fall a hoodie added to whatever else you are wearing, will extend the season. Until we get into the deep part of the winter months, hoodies are a bonus.

Transitional Pieces for your Wardrobe

Even when winter finally arrives (and I'm not hoping for it anytime soon) a hoodie will keep you warm wherever you are going. When you are out doing your grocery shopping, open up your winter coat and stay warm with your hoodie underneath. No sense in getting a chill during the coldest months of the year.

Anyone who lives in the northern parts will understand the benefits of choosing layers of clothing to keep you nice and warm. If it becomes too warm, undo one layer of clothing. If it's not that warm, leave your layers intact!

Preventing colds and flu during the winter!

Layering your clothing allows you options that can make all the difference in the world to your comfort.  When the air gets trapped between the layers, it warms you up and keeps you warm.  If it's too warm, just open up a layer and let the warm air be replaced with cooler air around you.  It's simple and it works quite well.  Having a hoodie on will keep you from getting those chills when a door is opened.  I bet you can even beat getting a cold this winter, by being prepared.  Staying warm and washing your hands often will be the first step in keeping you healthy all through the winter months.

plus sized hoodies, extra large hoodies, hoodies for plus sized

Hoodies for all Your Needs


The Best, Most Awesome and Fashionable Winter Boots

Are you looking for some Awesome, Fashionable and Warm boots for your wintertime needs?


Your search has just landed you at a great place where boots and shoes are just a little bit better for us Plus Sized Ladies. - Women's Wide Calf Boots

When you are Plus Sized, everything you require to fit, is bigger. That includes shoes and especially boots.  If you are like me, I know that you have had your moments of absolute frustration!  You see a beautiful pair of boots. You are hoping against hope that these will fit you.   Then comes the time when you try them on!  Now you know that the boot does not come anywhere near to fitting  your calf.  Oh, the disappointment and sheer sadness that you cannot buy those boots.

For years ladies who have a little extra on their calves, have been relegated to purchasing little ankle high boots!  At least your feet are warm, right?  The problem of a bigger calf does not have to be addressed.  That may not be a problem if you live in a city where the sidewalks and driveways are regularly plowed and there is no snow build up.  But, what happens if you are in the outskirts of town,and the snow is deeper than 2 or 3 inches?

Deeper snow levels = uncomfortable walking!

Snow depths of more than two inches makes walking in ankle boots very uncomfortable.  There is no way that you are not going to end up with snow getting inside your boot!  Then your feet get wet (cause they are warm) and your boots are sopping inside and out.   Heaven help you if you have a dog that needs walking a couple of times a day!

I’m here to tell you the Good News.

At Wide Widths, you tell them how wide your calf is and they make you boots that will fit!  You can get boots to fit the widest of calves, so that  a nice tall boot fits you like it was made for you, because it has been!



wide calf boots, plus size boots, boots that fit wide calves

Especially for you, Wide Width Boots that Fit!



These are just two of the styles that are available. There is a variety of colors and styles just for you!

Don’t wait for the snow to start falling,  order your boots now so that when the snow is on the ground you are smiling and enjoying your time outdoors. - Women's Wide Calf Boots

Don’t Worry, Be Happy Halloween is at the End of the Month

Don’t Worry, Be Happy there’s still plenty of time to get your Halloween attire.  You will be the bell of the ball in any Costume you wear!


The Question is Who will you Be?

Will you be the Ring Leader and show the whole crowd just what you are made of?


plus size costume ideas, ladies sexy costumes, halloween costumes for plus sizes

Dress Up to create a Spooktacular Effect and Have Some Fun.

Two Piece Velvet Corset and Skirt Set-Dark Red and Black-4XTwo Piece Velvet Corset and Skirt Set-Dark Red and Black-4X



Halloween is a great time of year for all of us adults who still like to play dress-up!
And why not? Let the kids have their fun and the adults return to their younger days and have their costume party too!


Marie Antoinette WigMarie Antoinette WigRaven Cape One Size, BlackRaven Cape One Size, BlackAlice Revolver Velvet Jacket 2X, PurpleAlice Revolver Velvet Jacket 2X, PurpleStriped Victorian Bustle SkirtStriped Victorian Bustle Skirt5 Layer Tulle Petticoat 1/2X Black5 Layer Tulle Petticoat 1/2X BlackTara Underbust Corset with Buckles 36, TanTara Underbust Corset with Buckles 36, Tan




Any two or three of these items will make a fabulous Halloween Costume. The beauty of these pieces is that you can make them as sexy or as feminine as you want them to be. It all depends on what you have in mind.

Add a short flouncy skirt and you will be turning heads for sure. Add a longer bustle type skirt and you become a little more demure.

But you are not limited to those two choices. There are several ways that you can dress up these items or add some accessories to give different looks to the whole outfit.

Madam Antoinette’s wig would be perfect with an all Black creation of skirt, Corset and some lacy fans. Makeup in the whiter shades of pale will finish off your costume and a pretty fan or mask would just put your creation over the top.

Add Steampunk glasses and a satin top hat for another look altogether. All are available right here from Hips and Curves.

Let your imagination soar, or check out the LOOKBOOK here to see all the possible costumes you can come up with.

For some help with the make up you can use this video tutorial on how to achieve the Corpse Bride look and then modify it for your pleasure.

I guarantee you will have a great time in any of the ideas found here. And what’s even nicer is that you can use them all again for CosPlay or next year’s party festivities.



Olivia is a member of Shareasale and Hips and Curves affiliate programs.  Any purchases will result in a comission that is used to keep this site operating.  Thank You! enjoy!

9 Outstanding Dresses to Take You to the Top

plus sized, figure flattering, striped dress

Turn Heads in this Beautiful Dress

Every Gal needs a Few (9) Choices when it come to dressing for Success.

These Plus Size dresses I have chosen for you today, will take you from home, to work and then to play.   Dresses are always a stand by in any woman’s wardrobe and it should be no different for you.  Maybe you just haven’t found the ones that make you stop and take notice.

Each of these dresses is very wearable and offers some really exciting details.

Starting at the top left, we have a halter style with a criss-cross neckline. Done in a stripe cut in the chevron pattern, under bust flatters the women from the neck right down to her toes.

The middle dress in the top row is a fantastic little dress.  Basically, a black dress but the details just make this little Black Dress a Stand out!  This dress with it’s crochet look is delicate, yet quite spectacular.  A head turner for sure.

The third dress in this panel is a Multi-wrap dress.  It’s one dress, but it can be worn three different ways. Talk about versatility.  The asymmetric hem is interesting too.

The middle panel from the left to the right highlights some lovely choices.

The purple one shown here is actually available in 8 different colors just for your pleasure.  A maxi dress with a nice V neck and lovely detail right at the bodice.

Dress two, in the middle of this page, has a little sparkle to go along with the beauty of the lines.  Knit in a chevron pattern this dress is a lovely addition to your wardrobe.

This last dress in this row is the Perfect Little Black Dress.  A MUST HAVE in every girl’s closet.  This dress can be dressed up or down as the occasion requires.  It’s that go to outfit because you know it will be just perfect wherever you are going.

The last three dresses today are also great choices.

The first dress on the extreme left is a lovely knit dress with a long zipper right up the front.  A detail that cannot and should not be missed.  Figure flattery never looked better.

The middle dress with it’s 3/4 length sleeves is a lacey dream.  So fresh and pretty, so wearable in any situation.  Dressy but not overdone in any way, another perfect choice.

Last but definitely not the least, we have another dress in a midi length with a nice split up the side.  Understated elegance at it’s best.


These are my choices for your today, but, I can assure you there is more available at:

plus sized, figure flattering, dresses

All of the Dresses Featured are available at: POSHSQUARE


All you have to do is click on the “Poshsquare” label to find the perfect dress for you!


Super Soft Comfortable Sleepwear Made for Your Needs

Have you noticed?  The nights are getting cooler!  It’s time for some new Super Soft and Comfortable Sleepwear.

If you Love Pajamas, there are lots to choose from:

Some are styled so that even on the coolest nights you will still be warm as toast. Others are made for those women who are suffering from night heat and hot flashes. They will leave arms or legs bare, so that even during the winter months you can be comfortable. There is something to be said for both of these types of Pajamas.

Women's Dolman Sleeved Round-neck Loose Satin Silk Nightgown/ Sleepdress, winter jammies, warm nightgowns, hot flashesWomen’s Dolman Sleeved Round-neck Loose Satin Silk Nightgown/ SleepdressWomen's Blue Fair Isle Jumpsuit Pj Onesies, winter pajamas, flannel jammies, warm winter pjsWomen’s Blue Fair Isle Jumpsuit Pj OnesiesKaren Neuburger Women's Plus-Size Minky Fleece Pajama Set, warm jammies, winter pj's, keep you warm Karen Neuburger Women’s Plus-Size Minky Fleece Pajama SetWomens Flannel Plaid Pajama Set, Plus Size, flannel pj's, winter jammies, keep me warm pj's Womens Flannel Plaid Pajama Set, Plus SizeCasual Nights Women's Cotton Blend Long Sleeve Nightgown, Winter nightgown, short pj's, hot flashesCasual Nights Women’s Cotton Blend Long Sleeve NightgownJockey Women's Plus-Size Sleep Shirt, winter nightshirt, hot flashes, jammiesJockey Women’s Plus-Size Sleep ShirtHUE Women's Plus Size Moosecycle Banded Knit Pajama Set 3-Piece, winter pajamas, warm pj's, warm jammiesHUE Women’s Plus Size Moosecycle Banded Knit Pajama Set 3-Piece


For the cooler nights, it’s not just Pajamas that women want, they also like Night Shirts, and Shortie sets.  Hot Flashes are not fun and having pajamas that take that into account works well for many women.


For those who really don’t like pajamas, but would rather wear a night shirt, then that’s there for you too. What makes these PJ’s different is the fabrics that they are made from. Naturally warm flannels make you feel toasty warm inside and out. Winter months are the ones where if you need the extra warmth, these PJ’s would be the ones to provide it. If you are just “cool” all the time and like it that way, your light summer Jammies will do fine. What might change is the amount of blankets you keep near the bed.  You know you still like to be warm and as snug as a bug in a rug.

I personally love to have new pajamas at least a couple of times a year. There is just something so warm and fuzzy about getting PJ’s for a gift. For years, I would send my grandchildren PJ’s for Christmas. They would get one present early and it would always be their Christmas PJ’s. In the morning they all were so cute in their winter attire. You can start a new trend in your family, make sure everyone has matching PJ’s for Christmas morning fun. I bet you everyone will enjoy this new tradition.

winter pjs, flannel jammies, cold winter nights

When it’s cold outside, your warm Jammies are waiting for you!


Outstanding Fashion Pieces for your Comfort and Wearablility

fashion pieces, blouses, must haves

Versatility, wearability and beauty should go hand in hand when you are picking out items for your wardrobe.

Fashion pieces that are comfortable and look nice, can multiply your choices.

Whether you are a working woman with lots on the go, or whether you work from home, smart fashionable blouses are a “must have” in your closet.

From bright and bold prints to solids and stripes, blouses take on all of these. Depending on your “role”, a good blouse is  the start of an outfit and changing up that one item can change the whole look. Blouses come in several different styles. Button up the fronts are like a Classic shirt.  Depending on the fabric, they can be casual or dressy.

Blouses Versatile Pieces Extraordinary V Neck Printed Blouses

Attractive V Neck Printed Blouses, Fashion Pieces, Must HaveAttractive V Neck Printed BlousesAlluring V Neck Printed Blouses, Fashion Pieces, Must have.Alluring V Neck Printed BlousesNifty V Neck Plain Blouses, Fashion Pieces, Must HaveNifty V Neck Plain BlousesGraceful V Neck Plain Blouses, Fashion Pieces, Must HaveGraceful V Neck Plain BlousesMost Popular V Neck Printed Blouses, Fashion Pieces, Must HaveMost Popular V Neck Printed BlousesFascinating Lapel Printed Blouses, Fashion Pieces, Must HaveFascinating Lapel Printed BlousesNew Lapel Denim Plain Blouses, Fashion Pieces, Must HaveNew Lapel Denim Plain Blousesuses can be made with collars or without. If the blouse has no collar, it can be “v” necked or “u” necked and high or lower cut. Each one is unique and you can choose the one that you like the best. Some of the lower cut blouses look really nice with some accent jewelry. It all depends on you and what you have to work with. beads are always a nice addition to an outfit and makes you look really well put together.

Blouses are such versatile clothing items, that I personally don’t think you can have too many.

I like to have a variety of colors, prints and solids. I also like to have a variety of styles. Some will have the button fronts.  Others will either zip up the back or go over your head. All of them will have a place in the grand scheme of dressing for success and for fun.

With 8 different blouses and 2 or three different bottoms, either skirts or slacks, you can have a wardrobe that will take you right through the month, without wearing the same combination twice. Isn’t that Great?

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Outstanding Cardigans To Make Autumn and You Beautiful

One of the most beautiful times of the year is almost here! Autumn and the weather is crisp and cool. Evenings just require a Light Cardigan to make the season and you outstandingly beautiful.

cooler evenings, cardigans, light sweaters

Cooler Evenings are a sure sign that it’s Autumn

Daytime and the sunshine is still warm enough that you will be comfortable.  But evening comes on rather suddenly now, and once that sun has dropped in the sky, so does the temperature.  It’s then that you will appreciate a nice cardigan to keep you toasty warm. Don’t give up on summer altogether, but be prepared for those cooler evenings.


Eggshell JumperEggshell JumperCharcoal Zip FrontCharcoal Zip FrontCaramel Kisses CardiganCaramel Kisses CardiganCobalt Aztec CardiganCobalt Aztec CardiganLacy Ladder CardiganLacy Ladder CardiganLeopard Lover CardiganLeopard Lover CardiganAztec weave CardiganAztec weave Cardigan

Each of these cardigans have been picked with you in mind.

It’s not winter yet, so a heavy sweater is not necessary.  September and October though are noticeably cooler in the evenings.  Summer has definitely made it’s exit.  The daylight hours are shorter and evening seems to fall almost within minutes of the sun dropping in the sky.  Even now with air-conditioning in the offices, it is really nice to have a light sweater just to get the chill off of your shoulders.

I love sweaters even in the summer months at night.

Depending on where you live, a light summer/autumn sweater is a wonderful boost to your wardrobe.   These can be worn with dressy clothes and doubles as stand-by with your jeans on the weekend. They are very versatile and easy to wear.


Does your wardrobe need a boost?

Try adding any one of these cardigans and I’m sure you will find a whole new array of outfits to match your lifestyle.


City Chic Online

If you don’t find anything you like that I have highlighted for you, please feel free to check out their other lines. There are beautiful items made especially for the Beautiful Curvy You!

Check back here often as we are always on the look out for those special things made just for you! You can also subscribe and be updated every time something new is highlighted! If you are looking for something special, leave me a message in the comments. I will do my best to see that you are kept aware of that “special” something you are looking for.

Exquisite Costumes for the Discerning Curvy Lady

Halloween need not be a problem for the curvy lady.  You just need the right costume to make yourself and everyone else enjoy your creativity.

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes and these are absolutely gorgeous options for a Halloween that you will totally enjoy.

Mermaid Metallic Trumpet Tulle Skirt

 Flouncy and Feminine this Mermaid skirt paired with a lovely corset will just stop everyone in their tracks.  Pair it for Halloween, but by all means prepare to enjoy it after the “costume” season is over.  This skirt is definitely a show stopper.

Victorian Bustle Skirt, feminine costume, Halloween

Period costume skirt in the era of late 1800’s Paris or London, layers of ruffles just make this choice a wonderful one.  The added gloves and hat just finish this costume off, without too much of a hassle.  You will feel put together with a minimum of trouble.  Be ready to dance the night away as you swish through the night.





5 Layer Tulle Petticoat, feminine Costume, Halloween

Classy and sexy at the same time, this Tulle skirt and corset offer a delight to everyone’s eyes.  Add some sparkle with accessories done in basic black or any color of your choice.  This is the start of many a wonderful costume possibilities.  Let your imagination go wild, with this basic starter there is no limit to the outcome.

Parisian Style Floor Length Skirt, halloween costume, curvy lady


Victorian in style this long black skirt will be the talk of the town.  Soft and flattering, the silhouette you cast will be lovely at any dress up affair.  Halloween never looked so good.  Crown your look with a period hat, but don’t stop there.  Add a dash of flash if you like.  Pearl chokers and baubles are all that’s need to create another stunning look.







Diamond Corset, halloween costume, curvy lady

This diamond corset would be wonderful with any of the black skirts above or add it to another skirt of your choosing.  The red and black make a stunning combination.  Add that splash of color right there where no one will miss your beauty.

Schoolgirl Plaid Corset with Lace Trim, Halloween costume, sexy lady

Feeling just a little bit naughty?  The classic school girl look has been around for years,  This little outfit though offers a whole new take on that idea.    Classic plaid with lace and ruffles just where you want to attract some extra attention.

Aria Satin Corset, Halloween Costume, Sexy lingerie


This Aria corset is so pretty.  The front Hook closure also acts as a bit of embellishment.  You won’t have any trouble attracting the eyes with this pretty figure flattering corset.  Not just for Halloween either.  This should be a staple in every woman’s wardrobe.

Florence Taffeta Corset, sexy lingerie, Halloween

The Florence Corset is lovely as well.  Again made to flatter the curvy lady, this corset is another example of beauty taken to the Max.  Dark grey closures add just a little extra detail.  Beautifully boned to be comfortable and feminine just for you.  When the basics of your costume fit well, the rest of the accessories are just that, extra!

Costumes are fun, but these choices take costumes to a whole new level.  Not only for Halloween but for those special nights when just a little extra femininity will make the evening one to remember.

If you are interested in purchasing any of these items just click on the picture.  You will be taken to Hips and Curves where you can check out all of their products made especially for you!


Attractive Amazing Halloween Costumes a Treat for All

Halloween can be full of stress when you are searching for that Perfect Attractive and absoluetely Amazing costume that will just knock the socks off of everyone!

It’s so easy to say, “oh just any costume will do”, but that is not the case for us curvy gals! We love getting in on the holiday fun and costumes can sometimes be less than perfect for our figures. So I’m on a mission to make it fun for you and for all your friends too.

I’ve found 13 different costumes, each one with a theme of it’s own. Hopefully this will get you thinking about your own personal choices for your Halloween costume. Let’s start here:

The Queen of Hearts is amazing in the detail. I love the whole feel of this costume it's a winner in my books. Our Heavenly Angel doesn't fall too short either. This costume will make you shine like the stars. Add some glitter and you will shine, no doubt.
The Flapper, is a great idea for a costume as well, who doesn't like the glitter and fringe of the roaring 20's.
Our Native American costume is another comfortable and easy to wear costume. Accurate in details too. You'll be a Historical hit in this costume.
Disco Fever is never too far away when it comes to Halloween! Can you dig it?
Witches, warlocks and all things that go bump in the night, this costume will give all your fellow party goers a cause to watch out!
Dressing up is so much fun, Halloween is that perfect time to let your inner child out to play for a while.
Pirates and scally-wags are sure to be a part of the party, and so will this Pirate's Vixen costume.
Another Disco Diva outfit to make your Halloween costume a success. Dance the night away!
Costumes are usually from ancient periods of time, so find your Roman goddess in the is lovely Empress outfit.
Moving into more modern times, but still historical, we get into the hippie movement. No Halloween party would be complete without at least one perfectly groovy dress.
Wilma from the Flintstones and the Wizard of Oz can never be too far away for Halloween. Both of these bring back memories for everyone. What a great costume.
Just to finish off this list is Elvira Mistress of the Dark. So wickedly lovely, she will be a hit at the party.

Halloween is a great time to let your hair down! It's time to take life a little less seriously. It's a great time to just enjoy the company of friends in an atmosphere of good fun.

If you want to check out more options for your Halloween Costumes, click on the link below and you can search to your hearts content.


Just remember Party Wisely and Don't Drink and Drive!

Super Sized Fun for Amazing Halloween Parties

Halloween is that time of year when everyone’s allowed to be a kid again and it’s so much fun to plan a great party too.

For a Super Sized Fun time, you need to shop early for your Halloween Costumes and Props.

When you are finished checking out the costumes, keep going for some really spooky, fun and fancy treats to take with you to your Party, for a ghoulishly delicious evening of fun and feasting.

It’s no fun trying to make something work at the last minute! If you plan it now, you will be so ready when the day actually arrives. Then you can focus on the Fun Food that you’ll be making and taking to the Party.

For your pleasure, I’ve gathered just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Check out the beautiful costumes below and when you settle on something you like, order it. If you wait, it will most definitely be gone.

halloween costumes, halloween parties, good food

Get Ready For Halloween Fun


 Rubies Flapper Adult Costume California Costumes Scarlet Witch Adult Plus Size Costume Dorothy Storybook Sweetheart Adult Roman Empress Adult Costume Dark Sorceress Plus Size Adult Costume Halco Mrs. Claus Dress Plus Costume Saloon Girl Adult Plus Costume


Halloween isn’t just about the candy, it’s all about some really good food too!

For your Pleasure and for your Company’s pleasure, make some of these delightful, gruesome and delectable eats!

Guacamole spewing out of your small pumpkins mouth is just so “perfectly delightful for Halloween”.

Seven Layer Dip, with a Spider’s Web and spiders crawling about, perfectly delicious.

Deviled Eggs with Olives for eyes and blood shot tomato paste making the whole dish look like a spooky morning after.

Or Deviled Eggs that look like spiders. Easy and creepy all at the same time.

You can check out my Pinterest Board for all kinds of Halloween Fun for Adults and I’m sure you will find a whole host of Spooky, Awful, Delicious and Delightfully Decadent Eats for a Party that will be talked about until the Dead Rise again!

 Zebratown 10 Inches Halloween Black and Orange Helium Balloons for Party Decoration 100pcs Zombie Hand Napkin Holder – Zombie Party or Halloween Decor Decoration Zombie Standard Party Packs (For 16 Guests) Halloween: Everything You Need to Know for the Perfect Halloween: Includes Halloween Party Ideas, Halloween Costume Ideas, Halloween Recipes, Halloween … Much More (The Home Life Series Book 11)


halloween party, halloween food, halloween costumes

Party Till the Ghosts Come Home


Just Remember to Have a Ghoulishly Good Time and Happy Halloween!