Sensational Plus Size Fashions and Great Anniversary Specials

Summertime and the Living is Easy!  Sensational Plus Sizes from Rosegal with Great Anniversary Specials.

Rosegal helps make it easy to be pretty too!  As a matter of fact,  Plus Size Fashions just got a boost by Rosegal!  They are having their anniversary party early and you are invited.   So here’s the scoop!

Win $500 Coupons

This sale is good for the next two weeks and then it’s over! You don’t want to miss out on some of the nicest summery outfits you have ever seen now, do you?

It’s a blast being on the site and seeing all the lovely and cool styles that are available just for us!  I know I have already filled my wishlist and made it known all the way around my family.

I may not need it now, but I will need it soon!

I am already planning my winter get away.  There is nothing I like better than to take some really pretty new things with me to those lands of sun and sand!  So with this sale in mind, I am preparing.  It makes it even more fun to plan my get away knowing how sharp and wonderful I will look!

Of course if I do need it now,  now is a good time to get it!



Color Block Plus Size T-Shirt

Color Block Plus Size T-Shirt [More]

Price: $15.33

I mean how can you say no to this beautiful T-shirt. Color blocks that just make this so special. Available in other colors too!  I personally love color blocks and asymetrical hem lines!  To me they just scream modern, hip, and attractive.  What more could you want?

Check out this Anniversary Sale before it’s over.  You don’t want to regret waiting because you just might not see this good a deal again.  So much fashion in one place!  Let your fingers do the walking and your eyes do the imagining.  Fast shipping and if you don’t like what you’ve ordered, you can return it too!  It’s a win-win situation.


Stunning Summer Wear for You From Around The World

Summer Wear should be fun, stylish, and stunning! Don’t go with ordinary, when you can be extraordinary!

My friends and I love summer time.  It’s been on our minds all winter long.  Now that it is here, we can hardly wait to bring out all the bright and colorful clothing that makes this season so enjoyable.  Gone are the dark greys, blacks and browns!  It’s time to let our color genies out!  Mexicali Blues is here to help us!

Along with letting color get the better of our clothes, it’s also time to flaunt the styles that will make us comfortable and beautiful in the warmth of the summer months.

clothing, jewelry, world goods from Mexicali Blues, stunning colors, styles, best places for plus sized clothesNow for some fun with your summer wardrobe!,  Mexicali Blues is a great new place to shop!  You’ll love all those one of a kind, crazy and bold summer outfits that will give you that fashion forward looking style without breaking the bank!  Lovely tie dyes that are bright and beautiful will make you love your look even more.

The Sales are On Right Now!  Don’t miss out!

Right now on their site, they have the greatest sale on too!  I was just checking out some fabrics (I like to sew sometimes) and other home decor items and I’m surely impressed.  You just have to take a good look see for yourself.  Who doesn’t like half price on a lot of items!

Summer clothes, best place to buy plus size clothes, fun styles

Cherry Blossom Dress
Bring exotic flower power to your boho wardrobe with the chic and comfy cotton cherry b… [More]

Price: $32.00
Sale: $16.00



Or how about this beautiful dress? Again it’s fresh and super easy to wear and care for! Just like all summer clothes should be!

Daisy Jade Dress

Brighten up your summer style with the groovy charm of the Daisy Jade dress. Featuring … [More]

Price: $34.00
Sale: $17.00

Summer dresses, best place for plus size clothes, stunning and fresh styles for summer


These are just two of the many dresses that Mexicali Blues has to offer and the sizes go from Small right up to 4XL for some of the styles.

Now at these prices quantities are limited, but you just know you are going to find something fresh, fun, cool and new that you will enjoy wearing all summer long.

My bet is that you will find at least two pieces for your Summer Wardrobe and you will enjoy all the compliments too!

Now these are just two dresses, there is lots more to see right here at Mexicali Blues, but the sales are on now, so don’t wait too long to make some great choices!


Panties, Bloomers, Silly Strings and More, Your Guide to the Best Underwear

When it comes to fashion and fashion sense sometimes you need to start at the bottom or in this case start at the insides…..

A friend of mine had me literally laughing with tears streaming down my cheeks when I read her take on Granny Bloomers and more!  I’d love to share it with you here and hope that it will make a delicate subject easier .

My friend writes about “Mid Life Dramas in Pajamas” and you can find her blog right here!  With her permission I’m going to share what had me laughing so hard!  The blog post is called Choose Your Knickers Ladies!

Just click on the blue link  above to be taken to her Blog Post!

Now let’s get serious about Panties, Bloomers and more!

Everyone wears underwear of some kind!  Your  “Commando” days are long gone!  They left when you were between the ages of 2-4!  Underwear is one of those subjects that really doesn’t get spoken of too often.  But it is an important part of your everyday routine in getting dressed.

panties, bloomers, full coverage, bikini, high cuts, underwear

So let’s get right too it!  Let the discussion begin on what kind of underwear is best for you!

I hope the graphic doesn`t make you blush, but it`s hard to talk about underwear without some kind of pictures.  Even though is graphic is good, there are still a few styles of underwear that are not included here.  But that`s for another day.  Right now, I want to talk about underwear that gets worn on a daily basis.

The most common underwear, the one most made fun of are the “granny bloomers``.  You know the kind that your mother wore in the 1920-50`s.  Full coverage front and back that left little to the imagination.  Historically they were made of white cotton, came up to your waist all around and covered most of your legs, hips and butt!

Times have changed and full cut briefs as they are known today, come in all colors.  Some even have those little extra touches of femininity, like lace and  bows.  Florals, pastels, or bold colors are not unusual anymore either.

The other most common underwear style is the bikini.  As the word describes, these come to below the belly button and maybe higher cut in the thighs and hips.  Through the crotch there is still full coverage.

Then we get into the “naughty” bits of undergarments!  Those are for those times when you want to be “sexy” for someone special in your life.  There is a place for those little bits of frill and lace too!  I would suggest though that everyday is not the time or the place.

Depending on your size, different underwear will work better for daily dressing routines.  Going to work and just daily living, makes you want to be comfortable in your undergarments.  Trying different styles of underwear is the best way to find that style that you feel most comfortable with.  There is no right and no wrong, it is a Personal Preference!

What to wear when you want to impress!

The most important part of getting the underwear right, is to wear the right size!  If you are a plus sized gal, squeezing yourself into underwear that are too small will only make bumps and rolls appear!  You can literally see your underwear outlined by your outer clothes.

You know those panty lines that let you see just what kind of undies are hiding under your skirts or pants, will not make a great impression on anyone.  So get the right size for you!  Make sure your outer clothes fit you well too!  If you are pressing yourself into an outfit, it might be time to go one size bigger.  When your clothes fit you properly, you make a statement.  Pouring yourself into a smaller size will only make people think that you have gained  weight.  Better to fit well (or a little looser) and have people admiring your image than thinking other thoughts!

Any kind of clingy clothes will show off lines that are better hidden from view.  For those times you might decide to wear an all in one piece undergarment.  That choice is yours to make.

Tangas, Thongs, and G-strings

All are variations of the bikini panty.  Tangas and thongs let the back end be revealed and G-strings barely cover the front side too!  These are not underwear that are made for everyday wearability.  Unless you have worn them forever, no one will make me believe that they are comfortable.  But you be the judge, if you are comfortable, let me know!  I could be wrong!


Special Occasions

If you are getting married, by all means go out and get something frilly and fancy!  For one day, it’s totally acceptable to wear something that will make a memory for both of you.  Keep it as something special between you two though, it’s just not for everyday!

Where can I get a great selection of Underwear?

I have my favorite places to go and purchase underwear, so I will share some of them with you!

For everyday and for special occasions,  I like the pieces that are available from Hips and Curves!  Especially made for the more curvy woman!  Styles and prices are reasonable too!

Hips and Curves specializes in intimates for the curvy women who want whats new and made especially for them.  Styles and choices are completely up to you.  From everyday Undergarments to special occasion delights, Hips and Curves has something that will work for your particular shape and size!

It will also work for those special occasions mentioned before.













Another of my favorite retailers is Avenue!  Made for women with curves in all the right places, you can find intimates and briefs for you!  Just take a good look at all the wonderful styles that are available here and I’m sure you will find something that is just PERFECT for you!

Should you need other recommendations I will continue because really there is no lack of great styles for us!  I love that we are free to love ourselves and not miss out on so much style!  From outerwear to intimates, you will find whatever you need here at Avenue!  








Just for fun and because I might just have your attention,  I am going to add another place where I like their selection and style for us Plus Sized Women!  Avenue is for the more mature woman and there are lovely items available from Loralette for our more youthful women.

Additionally there is another retailer that I really enjoy especially for intimate apparel!  AdditionElle has some of the nicest panties around for Plus Sized ladies and I really like that there are several styles available too!

Panties: 5 for $29 at! Limited Time Only!

Whatever style you like the best, AdditionElle has them all just for you!  You can pick whichever ones you like and get the same great price!  Don’t miss out on updating your “intimate” wardrobe.

What are your thoughts on the “perfect underwear”?  Do you have a particular style that is your “go-to”?  It’s time we stopped thinking about our underwear and actually started talking about it!  Let me know,  I’m really curious!


BTW if you would like to see more of Mid Life Dramas in Pajamas, you can follow her Facebook page and you can also follow Pizzazz Plus Fashion too!  Here are the links:  and of course

underwear, granny bloomers, special occasion underwear,





New Life for your Spring Wardrobe, Celebrate

Prepare for Springtime, it is coming!


Right now Spring is on everyone’s mind!  It seems to be really slow in coming to some parts of the country!  Northern States and Canada seem to be held in a deep freeze.  That shouldn’t mean that you give into the cold and nasty.  Bring some spring time into your wardrobe easily with some beautiful dresses that just scream Warm Weather is on the Way!

20% off $175+ with code GET20OFF

Beautiful floral dresses that flatter and compliment your own personal sense of style are available right here at Kiyonna, just for you!

We all know that wrap dresses are wonderful additions to our wardrobes.  The wrap feature lets you adjust for those times when you need a little more or a little less room.  They are flattering in all the right places too!

Feminine and colorful is just what we need to lift our spirits out  of the winter doldrums.  Come on in and check out all the beautiful styles and add one or two to your spring wardrobe renewal!

I know that I have a major spring cleaning due in my closet to make way for something fresh, new and wonderful for 2018!  Kiyonna is going to help me get my wardrobe in perfect shape for all the exciting and wonderful opportunities that are going to happen this year!


Lots of Possibilities from Kiyonna


Come along with me and let’s make Spring of 2018 a year to remember and a year full of possibilities!  You know that April, May and June are those months where invites to all kinds of parties will happen.  Be ready for any and all possibilities with a few well chosen dresses.  You just know that they will fit the occasion, to a “T”!

Personally I love the fresh, feminine and playful styles that I find here at Kiyonna and the value is great too!  Shopping just became so much easier and the styles are wonderful too!

Can You Save Baby Elephants And Be Fashionable too?

Who in their right mind wouldn’t want to save Baby Elephants?

Well I thought I would bring this topic to you because of all the press that “trophy hunting” has been getting lately!  No one in my circle of friends is into killing for sport and I can’t stand the idea of killing just for the sake of killing and being able to brag about it.  So what does this have to do with Pizzazz Plus Fashion, you might ask.

Well, I’m here to tell you!

One of the brands that I follow and like very much is “Elephant Pants”!

They are dedicated to bringing you some of the most comfortable and really pretty styles that all feature elephants on them somewhere!    The prints are all done in a batik type style and made of the softest rayons available.


Shop New Arrivals at


With Kimonos, Yoga Pants, Loungers and more, Saving Elephants is easy!

Maybe you know of someone on your gift list that is really into helping the animal kingdoms around the world.  Just think how wonderful they would feel, knowing that their gift also helps to save the lives of elephants around the world!

I know several people who would buy these just for that added feature alone.  Elephants are just making a come back, as their “ivory” tusks are no longer wanted  by many people.  Knowledge about the killing of these magnificent beasts, just for their tusks has turned this generation of people completely against the killing of these gentle creatures just for their tusks.



Amur Leopard Green Kimono Cardigan

**Free leopard bead bracelet ($15 value) included with every purchase of aWomen’s Amur … [More]

Price: $22.00
Sale: $22.00
I love this duster type jacket, so casual but just offers that little bit of coverage for those evenings when a sweater is too much!  Soft and flowing it will become your “go to ” accessory.

Patterns on these clothing items all feature Elephants, of course!

New Patterns are always being prepared just for Us too!  Elephant lovers just want to show their support!  Check out this lovely new pattern too!

Challa Blue Boho Pants

Who doesn’t love the little things in life? Introducing our exclusivenew pattern featur… [More]

Price: $21.00
Sale: $21.00
Little Elephants are all over these comfy drawstring and elastic lounger pants.  You can use them as pants or even pajamas, they are so comfortable.
What is not to like?  And they come in several colors too!  I can see myself lounging around in these without any problem at all.  I love the little elephants on the print!

Exercise and Elephants go hand in hand!

For all you yoga enthusiasts, there are beautiful yoga pants too!  Made in a nice loose fit, so that your every move won’t be hindered, these yoga pants will take you from the studio right back to the office.  Wonderfully made and comfortable to the nth degree, you won’t be disappointed with these!

Taru Black Yoga Pants

Pull off your fanciest yoga pose with our new Taru patterned yoga pants. They are super… [More]

Price: $28.00
Sale: $28.00
I just love all those elephants with their trunks pointed up and I know that you will love them too!
Make a difference in someone’s life and help the elephants too!  It is a WIN-WIN  all around.  Click on the banners to see all the styles that are available and the sizes too!
Pizzazz Plus Fashion is so pleased to be featuring this Brand and loves what they are doing for Elephants all over the world.



elephant pants, yoga, harem pants, boho pants,

Holidays and Getting Glamorous for Family and Friends

Holidays are a great reason to throw caution to the wind and get down, get glamorous and not need to apologize!

I personally love those times of year, when looking your best is something that makes everyone stop and say, ” Wow!”  It really doesn’t take much time, it just takes the right dress for you!   There are so many choices for Glamorous Dresses and outfits that will fit the bill!  If it’s a Christmas party, or New Years Party you will be all set to sparkle and shine!

glamorous dresses for the Holidays, fancy dresses, party dresses

Glamourous Black with a bit of sparkle will do quite nicely, but you don’t have to stop with Black!

glamorous dresses, holiday dresses, fancy party dresses for family and friends

Red is always a great  color choice for the season!  And this dress is so flirty and fancy that everyone will have their eyes glued on you!  Fabulous you!  Tb Dress has so many other styles that will flatter you from here till the moon stops shining.

For the young at heart there is always a choice to be had at Loralette too!  Choices are what makes shopping so much fun!  And this is definitely fun!

plus sized dressy dresses, fabulous formal wear, women's dresses

Shimmer and shine your way through the holidays with some sparkle and shine.  Red and black sequins and more are all available for your pleasure at Loralette!  Thanksgiving Day sales just make it even better!

Do you like being able to wear dresses more ways than one?  Henkaa the original transformable dresses are all on sale this weekend too!  Buy one dress and wear it several different ways depending on your mood!  Colors that are sensational are what Henkaa is all about!  Accessories too, you really need to check out there vast array of lovely outfits. Not just for weddings, Henkaa will make you feel beautiful. Check out there specials over the Thanksgiving Weekend! I’m sure you will find something lovely!

Formal dresses for any occasion, dressy dresses for plus size women, glamorous dresses

Rosegal is another supplier for Plus Size Women’s clothing and accessories.  With Thanksgiving sales going crazy, you will find something beautiful and glamorous that will suit you and your own personal style.  If you don’t get all dressed up for Thanksgiving there is Christmas coming right up behind that great holiday.  Don’t miss out on something really lovely!

Thanksgiving Sale & Black Friday Preview: Up to 65% OFF + Spin to Win Game + Worldwide Free Shipping

2017 Happy Thanksgiving Day Deals

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays!  May your families be blest with good food, good company and good health!

thanksgiving, black friday, glamorous dresses for the holidays

Outstanding Holiday Fashions to Keep You Looking Beautiful

Everyone loves beautiful holiday fashions and you are going to love these.  Whether you get dressed to the nines or flaunt a more casual approach to the holidays, I’ve got you covered!

Thanksgiving and Christmas, Hannukah and Kwanzaa are all time to get together with family and friends.  You just know there will be lots of pictures taken and fun to be had.  Family that you haven’t seen in a long time and friends that you just know you want to see, will all make their presence known at this time of year.  You want to look your best and so you will.

holiday fashions, casual and elegant holiday attire, pizzazzplusfashion


Formal Attire or Casual

That will depend on your family and how you decide to celebrate the holidays.  Our family goes rather formal for Christmas because we end our time together at church.  So Christmas Eve Dinner and then Midnight Mass to celebrate the reason for the season.  If your family celebrates Christmas morning, you might be more casual but festive too! Melissa McCarthy has you covered in beautiful and festive attire that you just know you will wear after the holidays are over.  You can do your shopping early, (between November 21st and the 27th) so that when all those invites start to arrive, you are ready.

Melissa McCarthy Black Friday Sale

If your style is really casual and you love to support a great cause at the same time, you just might love something from The Elephant Pants!  Comfy and cozy are two great ways to describe this group of clothes that are casual but beautiful too.  Kimonos, Harem pants and much more are all available here and you will help Elephants all over the world to have a better life too!

Amur Leopard Burgundy Kimono Cardigan

**Free leopard bead bracelet ($15 value) included with every purchase of an Amur Leopar… [More]

Price: $22.00
Sale: $22.00

I love this look for its understated simplicity and I just know that it will be one piece in your wardrobe that will get so much wearing, you will wish you had bought two!  This kimono top just screams “Wear Me!”

Is Your Style More Formal?

There’s nothing wrong with that!  We all need at least one dress or outfit that just stands out from the crowd!  Fashion to Figure has got your covered in the nicest of ways.  Fully formal and yet so fully wearable too!  I love some of their styles and I love that they are made for me!  With sizes ranging from 12’s right through to 26’s I know without a doubt that there will be something attractive and beautiful for me!

Just look at this gorgeous Black sequined dress!  There are so many places that this dress will be perfect for!  Watch out world here you come in all your glory and shine!  Let your fingers do the shopping with over 100 pages of perfect for you clothing for the holidays and for everyday too!

Your Dresstination: Shop Dresses for Plus Sizes 12-26

If Sequins are not your style but you still want something a little more formal, you don’t have to look too far away.  I have this little number picked out just for you!  Lace is always special and more formal, and it looks great too!


Lace A Line Plus Size Cocktail Dress

Lace A Line Plus Size Cocktail Dress [More]

Price: $12.89

Pretty and Feminine yet not at all expensive.  Add one of these to your holiday wardrobe and you are all set to go!  Party time never looked so good and was never this easy to wear either.

So you see how easy it is to be

  • ready for the holidays
  • either casual or dressy
  • inexpensive and wearable
  • and fun too!

With a little planning, you don’t have to break the bank in order to look good for the holidays.  Black Friday is coming, but you don’t have to wait till then either!

Be ready NOW!  Then you won’t pass up on any opportunity to have a really good time.

The Ultimate & Beautiful Fitness Activewear Available Online

Beautiful Fitness activewear helps you to feel your best when you are getting down to the nitty gritty of being more active.  The Ultimate Fitness wear comes to you from Fabletics!


Join  Fabletics  VIP Program and get to choose a new outfit monthly!  And the choices  are just out of this world beautiful!  Activewear never looked so good or felt so nice.  These activewear coordinates are well made and really have a nice punch of style to them as well.  I love their sports bras and the different styles of leggings too!



Beautiful activewear and fabulous leggings, VIP PROGRAM, Ultimate activewear
Leggings are the start of every beautiful outfit you can make. Separates are easy to select and you get your choice in sizes for the tops and bottoms. That is especially great for us who might not be a perfect size. Make your top bigger or smaller or the bottoms bigger or smaller, as your needs demand. But DO IT!


There is no need to wait till the new year to begin a journey that you know your body needs and wants.  Even with my limited mobility, I have several of these outfits and I use them daily.

Are you ready to take that step into the world of Beautiful Activewear?  Join me and hundreds of others who love Fabletics!


New VIP Members Get 2 Leggings for Only $24

I promise that you will never have had a pair of leggings that were so comfortable and affordable.  These leggings are sized well and wear even better.  Check out the different styles too.  From higher rises to lower rises Fabletics has them all.

Short cropped leggings or long leggings they are all available right here.

I personally love my Fabletics and I’m sure that you will too!  Order online and within a few days your order will be at your door.  I also love that they ask you right away if you are happy with your purchase.  You can also earn rewards by letting your friends know about your VIP STATUS with Fabletics.


Try them out, and I bet you will be as pleased as I am with the quality and comfort in these great looking  fitness activewear outfits.  You owe it to yourself to check them out!

Fabulous Activewear, VIP MEMBERS, LEGGINGS,

Why beautiful activewear?

I just started a whole new chapter in my life with the purpose of becoming more fit and active. I am trying to slow down the process of arthritis and one way to do that is to become more active.  If I’m going to become more active I want to look and feel good in the process.  Do you want to know what I’m doing?  Well let me tell you!

I have taken up hula hooping!  It doesn’t require that I do a lot of walking or running, but is it ever a great work out.  The movements required to keep that hoop moving around my middle make my obliques work hard.  I can feel the difference with just a few weeks under my belt (no pun intended).  When you see how much of a difference just a few weeks can make, it encourages you to continue.

Right now I’m still actively bending and picking up my Hoop!

And that is alright, I haven’t done this kind of activity since I was in grade school and I won’t tell you how long ago that was!  Suffice it to say, that I am not nearly as adept at this hooping as I was when I was younger.  But, I am not letting that stop me.  I refuse to wait till the New Year to make the resolution to become more fit.  I am going to do it now, even though I will probably gain some weight over the holidays.  That is not my priority, my priority is movement and getting off the couch.  I can do that anytime I want!  When I put on my activewear, I am much more likely to get my hoop going too!

The Right Mindset and the Right Activewear go Hand in Hand

When you are focused on your health, you will do what you need to do in order to become more active and healthy.  It’s not the size that matters, rather how much you make the attempts to move and be active.  Size is not an indicator of health, being fully active is.  Your mindset when you are in your Activewear, makes you want to move your body!  That is the first step.  Then finding something you like to do is the next step. For me it will be a combination of Hula Hooping and Pickleball!

If you haven’t heard of Pickleball you can read all about it here on my review of the game!  It’s the next biggest fitness craze to hit the world and it is great for all ages and all stages of fitness.  A great beginner game that will make you enjoy racquet sports again.  Not nearly as hard as tennis or badminton, but lots of fun too!
If you want to get right into it, you can with this very affordable set of racquets and balls.  Get a few friends together and you are on your way to joining the Pickleball craze.

I dare say you will be so enthralled with this game and find new times to wear all those fabulous activewear pieces that you can order online. Kudos to you for starting on this venture. Come join me in a more active lifestyle.

When is the Right Time to Feel Your Best!

When is the right time to feel your best?  The PERFECT time is now!

Right now I am very angry.  You might want to know why and I will tell you.  My beautiful soon to be daughter in law was made to feel less than perfect while out shopping for a new dress!  I’m angry because a little piece of paper firmly attached to a dress with numbers all over it, made her feel lousy!  The sales lady instead of building her up, chose to tear her down!  How dare she? My newest DIL is perfect in my eyes, just the way she is!feel good, look good, body positive, no to body shaming,

Why do we let someone’s idea of Perfect make us unhappy with ourselves?

Whether the tag says size 10, 12 or 14 should make absolutely no difference to us, if we are feeling good!  By good I mean,  healthy and strong.  Where is that “clothing bible” that says we are only perfect if we are a certain size?  Why do we buy into that idea, that our bodies are less than perfect?

There are a thousand reasons why we are not all alike.  Each of us is uniquely perfect just the way we are.  Our genetics, our cultural heritage, and the way we take care of ourselves changes the way we look.  Each look is unique and perfect just as it is!  We are all works of art and our bodies are amazing in all that they accomplish in a single minute.  If we  stop and think about all the things our bodies do everyday, we would be astounded.   We just take lots of those everyday moments for granted.


Our bodies are predisposed to being like our parents and their parents before them.  Our genetic material that tells our bodies all about us, was written into our makeup.  We can’t get away from what is written in every cell of our bodies, nor should we!

Hair color, height, skin tones and everything about us is at the core of every cell in our bodies.  You can’t change that!  My pre-maturing grey hair has been a facet of many of the women in my past.  Just as my predisposition to being a little heavier than my sister-in-laws are, is also written in my present and my past.  It is my story and it’s also my history!

But, and here’s the big BUT!   I am healthy!  I have the ability to walk, run, swim and more!   I just took up Hula Hooping for fun and fitness! 

I have many friends that are fighting everyday to be slim.  When I say fighting, I mean fighting.  They won’t enjoy a cookie or a piece of chocolate to save their souls.  Yet when I look at them, I feel totally sad.  They are not happy either.  Every day is the same routine for them.  There is no joy in eating, drinking or being with others who enjoy those things.  They remove themselves from all social situations so that they don’t have to refuse anyone’s hospitality.  Or they are miserable because they can’t enjoy the treats and goodies.   In the process they also miss out on a lot of laughter and fun.  They in effect miss out on a lot of life!  DON’T LET THIS ATTITUDE BECOME PART OF YOU!   You are so much more!

Life is Perfect and Short!

Life is short!  Life is fleeting!  All of our days are numbered and no one will get out alive.  What a waste of time it is to miss out on the fine points in life, because a few extra calories will make you gain a pound.  I would not like to give everyone who has died from unrealistic weight expectations a dollar.  So many have died from the ravages of Anorexia, Bulimia, botched stomach resectioning surgeries and more.  We are constantly being bombarded by images of the “perfect” bodies in print media, TV, movies and more.   Even in the cartoons, the bad people are the ones that carry a little more weight on their bones or are disfigured in some way.  Why do we do that?

It’s Time to Take Back Our Lives and Embrace Ourselves

When all is said and done, it’s up to each one of us to embrace who we are.  All of our warts and wrinkles are what make us unique and loveable.  First though, we have to learn to love ourselves just as we are!  Don’t let anyone take away your sparkle!

I personally love books that get my mind into a great place and this book of poetry does that quite nicely.  We don’t need to be saved, we need to be our own saviour.  We need to learn to love ourselves as we are without hesitation.  No time to let negative thoughts enter our minds.  We should be body positive from the moment we get out of bed in the morning to the time we lay down again.

Learn to remind yourself often that you are unique, beautiful, exceptional and ONE OF A KIND!  There is nothing on a dress tag that can compare with that!  You are a Perfect YOU!

If you want to know more about my Hula Hooping venture, stay tuned……

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Fall is in the Air, Fashion Up for Warmth Now

There is no doubt about it, Fall is in the air and now’s a great time to get those fashion items to keep you warm and toasty right through to 2018!

Fall fashion trends for women include lots of layering and colors galore.  It’s the time of year when nature puts on one really fantastic show of color before everything turns white (or shades thereof)!  Why not join in the celebration of these colors with your own!  The runways were running with red being a great color for this year’s trend.  Everyone has a shade of red that looks great on them including all my (personal) favorite redheads.  fall fashion trends women, fall winter fashion trends, Shades of RED, pizzazzplusfashion

No one is saying to wear only RED!

But if it happens to be one of your favorite colors than you are in luck this year!  You will have no trouble finding those blouses, skirts, scarves and more in varying shades of this rich color.

Here’s just a few examples for you:

Serious Layering can happen with these tops. Layering is the way to go during this transition month. You know that it’s really quite cool in the mornings and you just want to bundle up! Noon comes around and you are so warm that you can’t think straight anymore. So off comes one or two layers that you have on. When 5 o’clock comes around and the sun is slipping quickly in the sky, it’s time to bundle up again, and we happily do! No one wants that chill to grab them after a long day at the office.

Fashioning up for Fall is a lot of fun!

There are so many choices when it comes to fall and winter trends this year.  Besides Red, there is the option of some plaid!  Yes you heard me right  PLAID!  Any kind of PLAID!

There are so many choices when it comes to this fashion staple.  Plaids come in all colors and combinations.  If you are Scottish descent, you can even go for your own family’s tartan.  You will be a knock-out!  Skirts, scarves and jackets are fitting to be worn during the fall months.  This is one fall fashion for women that I particularly like.  It doesn’t take a lot of plaid to make a statement, but you can also go to town with it and not feel overdone. Plaids or tartans are a pattern that has lots of possibilities.  If you pull one of the colors out of the plaid you can accessorize with that color and make your outfit complete and stunning.

All Over Red for Fall Fashion or Just a touch?


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Available in 4 colors, but the RED is just so cute!

Avenue for Women has some beautiful red tops and plaids too!  I saw one that was plaid without being checkered like most plaids are,  it was just a little plaid (sort of abstract)  with a twist!  And I love the blouse they have in a grey with the addition of a plaid border at the hemline.  Very versatile and really comfortable looking.  If red is not the color you want to use on your body, then how about a dash of it at your feet?  These beautiful waterproof booties are just so cute and wearable too!  Newchic has a whole line that will do you proud!  I love, love , love the red booties though and I think I just might have to indulge my senses with a pair or two!

Red for those of you who are a little intimidated by such a bold color, can be successfully used in accessories.  Dress in your standard colors of black, gray or navy and add just a splash of red and you will be trending this fall and winter!

You can read about all the fall and winter trends coming in my last article, “Introducing New Feminine Styles for Fall Fashion Success”

There are trends in fall fashion for women that are just fantastic and everyone has some of these items already.  The idea is to add only those pieces that will make what you already have, fresh!

Stay tuned, there is more to come………because after Fall comes that (love it or hate it) season of winter!  We will want to warm that season up too!

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fall fashion trends women, fall winter fashion trends, fall fashion for women