Nov 13

Winter Family PJ’s What Fun! Get Yours Here!

Winter is coming and if you are like me, that means some warm, cozy Pajamas!

When the weather starts to dip below the freezing mark, I know what I’m going to do!  I don’t like to be cold!  Period!  I like to be toasty warm and comfortable especially in the evenings.  That’s when I might just be lounging around watching my favorite Christmas specials.  Give me five minutes and I’ll be ready to enjoy a cup of coffee or chocolate dressed in my best, warmest PJ’s.  Then set Rudolph or the Elves free!

Hunkering down with my family and enjoying the season is so much fun.  When you can do it in matching PJ’s, it’s a picture waiting to happen.

Now that I’m a Grammie, I know how much fun it is with the little ones during those nights when all the preparations for the BIG holiday are happening.

But what can you do if your family isn’t close by?

No problem, technology helps you shed those miles like they are nothing at all.  You can send matching PJ’s to your family wherever they live and share some fun times with pictures or streaming videos.  Where there is the will there is a way.  But let’s get back to sending that parcel.

Matching Holiday Family PJ's from

Really Nice Family Pajamas

November is the right month to start thinking about that!

Enjoying Christmas is even better when a parcel arrives that says “Open Me Christmas Eve!”  With these lovely matching PJ’s you can do just that!  Your Big Kids and their families will have a ball opening that gift from Grammie and Poppa the night before all the super excitement starts.  It will also give the “Grands” something to help settle them down on Christmas Eve night.  They will get a little taste of Christmas morning and feel toasty warm.    Everyone in the family wearing matching pajamas makes taking pictures Christmas morning that much more fun.  Mom and Dad and all the kids are looking very comfortable, coordinated and above all cozy!  There are even matching coats for the Fur Baby in the family.  How cute is that?

christmas family pajamas, matching family pj's, cute pajamas,


Nov 11

Veterans Day Means Extra Savings For You! Come on In!

Veteran’s Day is upon us and we remember all the Veterans both past and present to who we owe a debt of gratitude!  Our hearts are thankful for the service you have given and continue to give!

We are all so blessed that we live in a country that allows us our freedom.  As a thanks for that freedom Kiyonna is offering a special just for this weekend.

veterans day sale, kiyonna, plus size womens clothing

I can’t say it enough, if you are looking for some really nice clothing for the upcoming holidays, you just have to check this out! Kiyonna has some really lovely pieces that will make you feel and look like a million bucks without having to spend near that much.


Between all the ceremonies celebrating 100 years since the First World War, and time spent in remembrance, it is also good to use our freedoms to make the world a more beautiful place.  While you are shopping see if you can donate some of your excess to the homeless, a veteran’s home or some other worthwhile cause.  There are many, so you need not look too hard.

Kiyonna will make you look beautiful and donating some of your extras, will make you beautiful inside and out!  Or you can use the savings to make a donation to your local veteran’s charity.  Either way you win.

KIYONNA and Veteran’s Day

These savings are only good for the weekend and will end on November 12, just before midnight.  That gives you Sunday and Monday to look over all the lovely dresses, tops and more.  But once the 12th of November comes about, the Veteran’s Sale will be over!

I love Kiyonna’s feminine and stylish dresses, evening wear and bridal.  Oh so beautiful!


Comments are always welcome!



Nov 08

Amazing Little Black Dresses You Must Have One!

There is one item that every woman should have in her wardrobe.  That is a Little Black Dress.

I know we have all heard about that “Little Black Dress (LBD)” and how important it is to have one.  I’m here to tell you that it is true.  A black dress is something that will become a staple in your wardrobe.  It is easy to dress up or dress down.  You can wear it to almost any occasion.  You will never, ever feel self conscious when wearing it either!

little black dress, lilysilk business dress, perfect little black dress



That Little Black Dress Will Come to the Rescue

Once you invest in this piece for your wardrobe, you will always find a place to wear it.  The beauty of the Little Black dress (LBD) is that you can literally wear it almost anywhere.  Let’s say you are invited to dinner at a fancy or not so fancy restaurant. What do you wear?   That little black dress will be the perfect item to wear.  Dress it up with a fancy scarf, a nice piece of jewelry or a lovely belt and you are set to go.  There is rescue #1.

Rescue #2

You are coming up for a performance review.  You are already nervous, because you really want to come across as poised and in control.  Well, your little Black Dress will have you feeling confident and at ease about your appearance.  The rest of the review you will have to handle.  You know you can do it too!

Rescue #3

It’s Friday and you haven’t decided what you are doing after the work week is over.  Well it won’t matter!  Your little Black dress will take you from the office to a Museum, Art Show, Movie or just about anywhere else too!  Wearing a black dress to work is perfectly business like and once the day is done, you are set for anything.

Rescue #4

The boss has just let you know that tomorrow there will be an important meeting that all your co-workers are requested to attend.  No one knows what it’s about, but there are rumors filtering through the grapevine.  Your little black dress would be a perfect outfit to wear to that meeting.  Not overdressed but definitely a “you mean business” outfit.

Accessories are a must have with your Little Black Dress.

Accessories are the punctuation marks in the way you dress.  A scarf, a light sweater, a string of beads, or a plain gold chain can add that exclamation mark to your outfit.

Here are some great accessories that you will love and will get so much use out of with other outfits as well.  Because we are focused on this Black dress, any other color of accessory will match.  Choose a favorite color and add that bit of sparkle to your dress. Earrings and matching necklace are about all you would need to make this dress just rock.

Now if you are looking for a cardigan or a light wrap that is easily a great addition and would keep you warm if the night was on the cooler side.

Go out there and get yourself set up with a beautiful Little Black Dress that will take you places you have only dreamed of.








Sep 08

One Fantastic Place for all Your Special Fashion Desires

Sometimes you need a favorite place for all your special Fashion desires!  I think I have found the Place for you!

When Plus size women go shopping most of the time there is no one there to help them with their special desires and needs.  Plus size can be very different for every woman out there.

Dia and Co.  has changed all that!  What a great place to start!  This company is different and really works to fill the needs of us gals who have a little more to offer than the average woman.

I like their operation so much, I’m going to fill you in on it right here.

I love their mantra that :

Style isn’t a set of rules. It’s a way to celebrate who you are.

That is part of the whole reason for Pizzazz Plus Fashion too!  I want to bring you all those lovely things that make you feel GREAT!  Fashion Desires that every woman wants and needs.

Dia & Co.  feel that way too!  When you fill in your style likes, your very own style advisor will choose 5 pieces of clothing based on your “profile”.

All five pieces should fit into some of your fashion desires.  Some could be ensembles or could be worn as separates.  If you like all five pieces you keep all five with a 25% discount.  When you don’t like any of the pieces you return them in the postage paid envelope.  If nothing makes you swoon, then return them all.  You pay only for those pieces that you keep. You can  RETURN any piece  FOR A DIFFERENT SIZE.  We all know that sizes can change with manufacturer.   You will  never pay for shipping.

You have five days in which to try on your “Style Box” goodies.  Take your time, in the comfort of your own home, to try on the suggestions made for you. Invite your best  friend to come over and help you decide.  Then you can keep what you love and send back what you don’t.

Shopping has never been easier.  You get to do this all as often as you like!  There will be no annoying sales people are there to upsell or make you feel uncomfortable.

plus sized fashions, special for you, individual styles

Get ready to have some fun with really special Plus Sized Fashions that have been picked out especially for you!


Currently this service is only available in the USA!  I will let you know when they start shipping to Canada!

Aug 25

How to Increase the Life of Your Favorite Summer Outfits

 Summer is coming to an end, but you can increase the time to wear your favorite summer Blouses and Tops with just a few additions to your wardrobe.

I have so many summer tops that I love and when the end of August and early September arrive, I am saddened to have to put those things that I had so much fun wearing, away.  With a few subtle additions though, I find that I can wear some of these right into October and beyond.


You asked and I’m answering…….

Many summer tops are sleeveless or have a capped short sleeve. When the weather begins to cool down, goosebumps are the next result.  Not very flattering most of the time either.  You will be playing a game of keeping the chill off of your body and feeling comfortable even after the sun has gone down.  If you easily add a form fitting T-shirt under your summer top, that extra layer will keep those goosebumps at bay.  A simple fix and you’ve extended the length of time that you are able to wear your favorite summer tops.

Check this out:


Berrylook Whole Site $20 Off $199+ Coupon With Code: AFF20

These are beautiful tops that are definitely summer wear!  Simply add a layering shirt underneath and it’s changed!  You have extended the life of the top for another few months at least.

Layering shirts are available from Modli in a variety of sizes and colors.  The one I have chosen to feature is white. This color goes with everything and  because we are just going into the fall, it’s bright.  When deep winter is upon us, we can choose to darken the color of our layering shirt!   In December or January black or grey might work better.

layering blouse, added layer, warmth in layers

Neutral Layering Undershirt


Implementing this Simple trick will make your  wardrobe work better and longer.  This trick will keep you warm on those cooler days and nights.  You will be making your own fashion statement while getting a bigger bang for your buck.

It truly is a WIN-WIN situation.

Aug 19

Off the Mainstream Outstanding Plus Size Fashion!

Mainstream,  Who Needs Mainstream!  I want to get off the Mainstream!

Frustration in Plus Size Fashion is nothing new.  Finding some of the more “unique” and beautiful things in Plus Sizes is almost impossible.  Not anymore.  If you are into alternative designs and want some really wonderful styles, then I think I might have found something just for you!

Have you heard about Punk Design?

Punk Design, Goth Revival, Steampunk LooksLet me introduce you to this wonderful and different Fashion Supplier!   This is the place to go for all your Steampunk, Goth and Punk designs.  You won’t be disappointed.  Beautiful in Black never had more meaning than now.  Crafted with the idea of getting you away from the “norm” of today’s fashions.  I’m sure that you will find some uniquely beautiful and very “different” styles right here!


While Punk, Steampunk and Goth are not for everyone, it is nice to know that even if you are Plus Size, there are styles that are available for us too!

I love these styles and they certainly have a place in my wardrobe!  Heads will turn and everyone will be eyeing you in these lovely styles.

Going to a party dressed in something this beautiful will make you feel your best and look amazing.  Punk and Steampunk never looked so good!  Available in sizes from XS (extra small) to 3XL and it is so feminine and beautifully adorned to suit this style!  Heads will turn for sure!

Off the Mainstream Styles, Plus Sized Fashion, Where to get Plus Sized Fashions


Details, details and more details make these styles so interesting and fun to wear.  They are so interesting with their combinations of lace and flirty netting, ribbons and ruffles are not spared.  Truly feminine in an intriguing way, all of these styles just make me smile.  I like the details and the way they are presented in these timely and lovely fashions.

Cosplay and mirroring your favorite styles in this genre was  never more beautiful or easy!  For men and women who appreciate this style, Punk Design has you covered!

You must check out all the accessories too!  Little fascinator hats, top hats, steampunk gloves, and geared accessories are all right here!

Jul 03

Sensational Plus Size Fashions and Great Anniversary Specials

Summertime and the Living is Easy!  Sensational Plus Sizes from Rosegal with Great Anniversary Specials.

Rosegal helps make it easy to be pretty too!  As a matter of fact,  Plus Size Fashions just got a boost by Rosegal!  They are having their anniversary party early and you are invited.   So here’s the scoop!

Win $500 Coupons

This sale is good for the next two weeks and then it’s over! You don’t want to miss out on some of the nicest summery outfits you have ever seen now, do you?

It’s a blast being on the site and seeing all the lovely and cool styles that are available just for us!  I know I have already filled my wishlist and made it known all the way around my family.

I may not need it now, but I will need it soon!

I am already planning my winter get away.  There is nothing I like better than to take some really pretty new things with me to those lands of sun and sand!  So with this sale in mind, I am preparing.  It makes it even more fun to plan my get away knowing how sharp and wonderful I will look!

Of course if I do need it now,  now is a good time to get it!



Color Block Plus Size T-Shirt

Color Block Plus Size T-Shirt [More]

Price: $15.33

I mean how can you say no to this beautiful T-shirt. Color blocks that just make this so special. Available in other colors too!  I personally love color blocks and asymetrical hem lines!  To me they just scream modern, hip, and attractive.  What more could you want?

Check out this Anniversary Sale before it’s over.  You don’t want to regret waiting because you just might not see this good a deal again.  So much fashion in one place!  Let your fingers do the walking and your eyes do the imagining.  Fast shipping and if you don’t like what you’ve ordered, you can return it too!  It’s a win-win situation.


May 29

Stunning Summer Wear for You From Around The World

Summer Wear should be fun, stylish, and stunning! Don’t go with ordinary, when you can be extraordinary!

My friends and I love summer time.  It’s been on our minds all winter long.  Now that it is here, we can hardly wait to bring out all the bright and colorful clothing that makes this season so enjoyable.  Gone are the dark greys, blacks and browns!  It’s time to let our color genies out!  Mexicali Blues is here to help us!

Along with letting color get the better of our clothes, it’s also time to flaunt the styles that will make us comfortable and beautiful in the warmth of the summer months.

clothing, jewelry, world goods from Mexicali Blues, stunning colors, styles, best places for plus sized clothesNow for some fun with your summer wardrobe!,  Mexicali Blues is a great new place to shop!  You’ll love all those one of a kind, crazy and bold summer outfits that will give you that fashion forward looking style without breaking the bank!  Lovely tie dyes that are bright and beautiful will make you love your look even more.

The Sales are On Right Now!  Don’t miss out!

Right now on their site, they have the greatest sale on too!  I was just checking out some fabrics (I like to sew sometimes) and other home decor items and I’m surely impressed.  You just have to take a good look see for yourself.  Who doesn’t like half price on a lot of items!

Summer clothes, best place to buy plus size clothes, fun styles

Cherry Blossom Dress
Bring exotic flower power to your boho wardrobe with the chic and comfy cotton cherry b… [More]

Price: $32.00
Sale: $16.00



Or how about this beautiful dress? Again it’s fresh and super easy to wear and care for! Just like all summer clothes should be!

Daisy Jade Dress

Brighten up your summer style with the groovy charm of the Daisy Jade dress. Featuring … [More]

Price: $34.00
Sale: $17.00

Summer dresses, best place for plus size clothes, stunning and fresh styles for summer


These are just two of the many dresses that Mexicali Blues has to offer and the sizes go from Small right up to 4XL for some of the styles.

Now at these prices quantities are limited, but you just know you are going to find something fresh, fun, cool and new that you will enjoy wearing all summer long.

My bet is that you will find at least two pieces for your Summer Wardrobe and you will enjoy all the compliments too!

Now these are just two dresses, there is lots more to see right here at Mexicali Blues, but the sales are on now, so don’t wait too long to make some great choices!


Apr 26

Panties, Bloomers, Silly Strings and More, Your Guide to the Best Underwear

When it comes to fashion and fashion sense sometimes you need to start at the bottom or in this case start at the insides…..

A friend of mine had me literally laughing with tears streaming down my cheeks when I read her take on Granny Bloomers and more!  I’d love to share it with you here and hope that it will make a delicate subject easier .

My friend writes about “Mid Life Dramas in Pajamas” and you can find her blog right here!  With her permission I’m going to share what had me laughing so hard!  The blog post is called Choose Your Knickers Ladies!

Just click on the blue link  above to be taken to her Blog Post!

Now let’s get serious about Panties, Bloomers and more!

Everyone wears underwear of some kind!  Your  “Commando” days are long gone!  They left when you were between the ages of 2-4!  Underwear is one of those subjects that really doesn’t get spoken of too often.  But it is an important part of your everyday routine in getting dressed.

panties, bloomers, full coverage, bikini, high cuts, underwear

So let’s get right too it!  Let the discussion begin on what kind of underwear is best for you!

I hope the graphic doesn`t make you blush, but it`s hard to talk about underwear without some kind of pictures.  Even though is graphic is good, there are still a few styles of underwear that are not included here.  But that`s for another day.  Right now, I want to talk about underwear that gets worn on a daily basis.

The most common underwear, the one most made fun of are the “granny bloomers``.  You know the kind that your mother wore in the 1920-50`s.  Full coverage front and back that left little to the imagination.  Historically they were made of white cotton, came up to your waist all around and covered most of your legs, hips and butt!

Times have changed and full cut briefs as they are known today, come in all colors.  Some even have those little extra touches of femininity, like lace and  bows.  Florals, pastels, or bold colors are not unusual anymore either.

The other most common underwear style is the bikini.  As the word describes, these come to below the belly button and maybe higher cut in the thighs and hips.  Through the crotch there is still full coverage.

Then we get into the “naughty” bits of undergarments!  Those are for those times when you want to be “sexy” for someone special in your life.  There is a place for those little bits of frill and lace too!  I would suggest though that everyday is not the time or the place.

Depending on your size, different underwear will work better for daily dressing routines.  Going to work and just daily living, makes you want to be comfortable in your undergarments.  Trying different styles of underwear is the best way to find that style that you feel most comfortable with.  There is no right and no wrong, it is a Personal Preference!

What to wear when you want to impress!

The most important part of getting the underwear right, is to wear the right size!  If you are a plus sized gal, squeezing yourself into underwear that are too small will only make bumps and rolls appear!  You can literally see your underwear outlined by your outer clothes.

You know those panty lines that let you see just what kind of undies are hiding under your skirts or pants, will not make a great impression on anyone.  So get the right size for you!  Make sure your outer clothes fit you well too!  If you are pressing yourself into an outfit, it might be time to go one size bigger.  When your clothes fit you properly, you make a statement.  Pouring yourself into a smaller size will only make people think that you have gained  weight.  Better to fit well (or a little looser) and have people admiring your image than thinking other thoughts!

Any kind of clingy clothes will show off lines that are better hidden from view.  For those times you might decide to wear an all in one piece undergarment.  That choice is yours to make.

Tangas, Thongs, and G-strings

All are variations of the bikini panty.  Tangas and thongs let the back end be revealed and G-strings barely cover the front side too!  These are not underwear that are made for everyday wearability.  Unless you have worn them forever, no one will make me believe that they are comfortable.  But you be the judge, if you are comfortable, let me know!  I could be wrong!


Special Occasions

If you are getting married, by all means go out and get something frilly and fancy!  For one day, it’s totally acceptable to wear something that will make a memory for both of you.  Keep it as something special between you two though, it’s just not for everyday!

Where can I get a great selection of Underwear?

I have my favorite places to go and purchase underwear, so I will share some of them with you!

For everyday and for special occasions,  I like the pieces that are available from Hips and Curves!  Especially made for the more curvy woman!  Styles and prices are reasonable too!

Hips and Curves specializes in intimates for the curvy women who want whats new and made especially for them.  Styles and choices are completely up to you.  From everyday Undergarments to special occasion delights, Hips and Curves has something that will work for your particular shape and size!

It will also work for those special occasions mentioned before.













Another of my favorite retailers is Avenue!  Made for women with curves in all the right places, you can find intimates and briefs for you!  Just take a good look at all the wonderful styles that are available here and I’m sure you will find something that is just PERFECT for you!

Should you need other recommendations I will continue because really there is no lack of great styles for us!  I love that we are free to love ourselves and not miss out on so much style!  From outerwear to intimates, you will find whatever you need here at Avenue!  








Just for fun and because I might just have your attention,  I am going to add another place where I like their selection and style for us Plus Sized Women!  Avenue is for the more mature woman and there are lovely items available from Loralette for our more youthful women.

Additionally there is another retailer that I really enjoy especially for intimate apparel!  AdditionElle has some of the nicest panties around for Plus Sized ladies and I really like that there are several styles available too!

Panties: 5 for $29 at! Limited Time Only!

Whatever style you like the best, AdditionElle has them all just for you!  You can pick whichever ones you like and get the same great price!  Don’t miss out on updating your “intimate” wardrobe.

What are your thoughts on the “perfect underwear”?  Do you have a particular style that is your “go-to”?  It’s time we stopped thinking about our underwear and actually started talking about it!  Let me know,  I’m really curious!


BTW if you would like to see more of Mid Life Dramas in Pajamas, you can follow her Facebook page and you can also follow Pizzazz Plus Fashion too!  Here are the links:  and of course

underwear, granny bloomers, special occasion underwear,





Apr 19

New Life for your Spring Wardrobe, Celebrate

Prepare for Springtime, it is coming!


Right now Spring is on everyone’s mind!  It seems to be really slow in coming to some parts of the country!  Northern States and Canada seem to be held in a deep freeze.  That shouldn’t mean that you give into the cold and nasty.  Bring some spring time into your wardrobe easily with some beautiful dresses that just scream Warm Weather is on the Way!

20% off $175+ with code GET20OFF

Beautiful floral dresses that flatter and compliment your own personal sense of style are available right here at Kiyonna, just for you!

We all know that wrap dresses are wonderful additions to our wardrobes.  The wrap feature lets you adjust for those times when you need a little more or a little less room.  They are flattering in all the right places too!

Feminine and colorful is just what we need to lift our spirits out  of the winter doldrums.  Come on in and check out all the beautiful styles and add one or two to your spring wardrobe renewal!

I know that I have a major spring cleaning due in my closet to make way for something fresh, new and wonderful for 2018!  Kiyonna is going to help me get my wardrobe in perfect shape for all the exciting and wonderful opportunities that are going to happen this year!


Lots of Possibilities from Kiyonna


Come along with me and let’s make Spring of 2018 a year to remember and a year full of possibilities!  You know that April, May and June are those months where invites to all kinds of parties will happen.  Be ready for any and all possibilities with a few well chosen dresses.  You just know that they will fit the occasion, to a “T”!

Personally I love the fresh, feminine and playful styles that I find here at Kiyonna and the value is great too!  Shopping just became so much easier and the styles are wonderful too!

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