Nov 10

The Ultimate & Beautiful Fitness Activewear Available Online

Beautiful Fitness activewear helps you to feel your best when you are getting down to the nitty gritty of being more active.  The Ultimate Fitness wear comes to you from Fabletics!


Join  Fabletics  VIP Program and get to choose a new outfit monthly!  And the choices  are just out of this world beautiful!  Activewear never looked so good or felt so nice.  These activewear coordinates are well made and really have a nice punch of style to them as well.  I love their sports bras and the different styles of leggings too!



Beautiful activewear and fabulous leggings, VIP PROGRAM, Ultimate activewear
Leggings are the start of every beautiful outfit you can make. Separates are easy to select and you get your choice in sizes for the tops and bottoms. That is especially great for us who might not be a perfect size. Make your top bigger or smaller or the bottoms bigger or smaller, as your needs demand. But DO IT!


There is no need to wait till the new year to begin a journey that you know your body needs and wants.  Even with my limited mobility, I have several of these outfits and I use them daily.

Are you ready to take that step into the world of Beautiful Activewear?  Join me and hundreds of others who love Fabletics!


New VIP Members Get 2 Leggings for Only $24

I promise that you will never have had a pair of leggings that were so comfortable and affordable.  These leggings are sized well and wear even better.  Check out the different styles too.  From higher rises to lower rises Fabletics has them all.

Short cropped leggings or long leggings they are all available right here.

I personally love my Fabletics and I’m sure that you will too!  Order online and within a few days your order will be at your door.  I also love that they ask you right away if you are happy with your purchase.  You can also earn rewards by letting your friends know about your VIP STATUS with Fabletics.


Try them out, and I bet you will be as pleased as I am with the quality and comfort in these great looking  fitness activewear outfits.  You owe it to yourself to check them out!

Fabulous Activewear, VIP MEMBERS, LEGGINGS,

Why beautiful activewear?

I just started a whole new chapter in my life with the purpose of becoming more fit and active. I am trying to slow down the process of arthritis and one way to do that is to become more active.  If I’m going to become more active I want to look and feel good in the process.  Do you want to know what I’m doing?  Well let me tell you!

I have taken up hula hooping!  It doesn’t require that I do a lot of walking or running, but is it ever a great work out.  The movements required to keep that hoop moving around my middle make my obliques work hard.  I can feel the difference with just a few weeks under my belt (no pun intended).  When you see how much of a difference just a few weeks can make, it encourages you to continue.

Right now I’m still actively bending and picking up my Hoop!

And that is alright, I haven’t done this kind of activity since I was in grade school and I won’t tell you how long ago that was!  Suffice it to say, that I am not nearly as adept at this hooping as I was when I was younger.  But, I am not letting that stop me.  I refuse to wait till the New Year to make the resolution to become more fit.  I am going to do it now, even though I will probably gain some weight over the holidays.  That is not my priority, my priority is movement and getting off the couch.  I can do that anytime I want!  When I put on my activewear, I am much more likely to get my hoop going too!

The Right Mindset and the Right Activewear go Hand in Hand

When you are focused on your health, you will do what you need to do in order to become more active and healthy.  It’s not the size that matters, rather how much you make the attempts to move and be active.  Size is not an indicator of health, being fully active is.  Your mindset when you are in your Activewear, makes you want to move your body!  That is the first step.  Then finding something you like to do is the next step. For me it will be a combination of Hula Hooping and Pickleball!

If you haven’t heard of Pickleball you can read all about it here on my review of the game!  It’s the next biggest fitness craze to hit the world and it is great for all ages and all stages of fitness.  A great beginner game that will make you enjoy racquet sports again.  Not nearly as hard as tennis or badminton, but lots of fun too!
If you want to get right into it, you can with this very affordable set of racquets and balls.  Get a few friends together and you are on your way to joining the Pickleball craze.

I dare say you will be so enthralled with this game and find new times to wear all those fabulous activewear pieces that you can order online. Kudos to you for starting on this venture. Come join me in a more active lifestyle.

Oct 29

When is the Right Time to Feel Your Best!

When is the right time to feel your best?  The PERFECT time is now!

Right now I am very angry.  You might want to know why and I will tell you.  My beautiful soon to be daughter in law was made to feel less than perfect while out shopping for a new dress!  I’m angry because a little piece of paper firmly attached to a dress with numbers all over it, made her feel lousy!  The sales lady instead of building her up, chose to tear her down!  How dare she? My newest DIL is perfect in my eyes, just the way she is!feel good, look good, body positive, no to body shaming,

Why do we let someone’s idea of Perfect make us unhappy with ourselves?

Whether the tag says size 10, 12 or 14 should make absolutely no difference to us, if we are feeling good!  By good I mean,  healthy and strong.  Where is that “clothing bible” that says we are only perfect if we are a certain size?  Why do we buy into that idea, that our bodies are less than perfect?

There are a thousand reasons why we are not all alike.  Each of us is uniquely perfect just the way we are.  Our genetics, our cultural heritage, and the way we take care of ourselves changes the way we look.  Each look is unique and perfect just as it is!  We are all works of art and our bodies are amazing in all that they accomplish in a single minute.  If we  stop and think about all the things our bodies do everyday, we would be astounded.   We just take lots of those everyday moments for granted.


Our bodies are predisposed to being like our parents and their parents before them.  Our genetic material that tells our bodies all about us, was written into our makeup.  We can’t get away from what is written in every cell of our bodies, nor should we!

Hair color, height, skin tones and everything about us is at the core of every cell in our bodies.  You can’t change that!  My pre-maturing grey hair has been a facet of many of the women in my past.  Just as my predisposition to being a little heavier than my sister-in-laws are, is also written in my present and my past.  It is my story and it’s also my history!

But, and here’s the big BUT!   I am healthy!  I have the ability to walk, run, swim and more!   I just took up Hula Hooping for fun and fitness! 

I have many friends that are fighting everyday to be slim.  When I say fighting, I mean fighting.  They won’t enjoy a cookie or a piece of chocolate to save their souls.  Yet when I look at them, I feel totally sad.  They are not happy either.  Every day is the same routine for them.  There is no joy in eating, drinking or being with others who enjoy those things.  They remove themselves from all social situations so that they don’t have to refuse anyone’s hospitality.  Or they are miserable because they can’t enjoy the treats and goodies.   In the process they also miss out on a lot of laughter and fun.  They in effect miss out on a lot of life!  DON’T LET THIS ATTITUDE BECOME PART OF YOU!   You are so much more!

Life is Perfect and Short!

Life is short!  Life is fleeting!  All of our days are numbered and no one will get out alive.  What a waste of time it is to miss out on the fine points in life, because a few extra calories will make you gain a pound.  I would not like to give everyone who has died from unrealistic weight expectations a dollar.  So many have died from the ravages of Anorexia, Bulimia, botched stomach resectioning surgeries and more.  We are constantly being bombarded by images of the “perfect” bodies in print media, TV, movies and more.   Even in the cartoons, the bad people are the ones that carry a little more weight on their bones or are disfigured in some way.  Why do we do that?

It’s Time to Take Back Our Lives and Embrace Ourselves

When all is said and done, it’s up to each one of us to embrace who we are.  All of our warts and wrinkles are what make us unique and loveable.  First though, we have to learn to love ourselves just as we are!  Don’t let anyone take away your sparkle!

I personally love books that get my mind into a great place and this book of poetry does that quite nicely.  We don’t need to be saved, we need to be our own saviour.  We need to learn to love ourselves as we are without hesitation.  No time to let negative thoughts enter our minds.  We should be body positive from the moment we get out of bed in the morning to the time we lay down again.

Learn to remind yourself often that you are unique, beautiful, exceptional and ONE OF A KIND!  There is nothing on a dress tag that can compare with that!  You are a Perfect YOU!

If you want to know more about my Hula Hooping venture, stay tuned……

If you want to join me, I highly recommend the Ruby Hoopers group and Hoops too!


Oct 19

Fall is in the Air, Fashion Up for Warmth Now

There is no doubt about it, Fall is in the air and now’s a great time to get those fashion items to keep you warm and toasty right through to 2018!

Fall fashion trends for women include lots of layering and colors galore.  It’s the time of year when nature puts on one really fantastic show of color before everything turns white (or shades thereof)!  Why not join in the celebration of these colors with your own!  The runways were running with red being a great color for this year’s trend.  Everyone has a shade of red that looks great on them including all my (personal) favorite redheads.  fall fashion trends women, fall winter fashion trends, Shades of RED, pizzazzplusfashion

No one is saying to wear only RED!

But if it happens to be one of your favorite colors than you are in luck this year!  You will have no trouble finding those blouses, skirts, scarves and more in varying shades of this rich color.

Here’s just a few examples for you:

Serious Layering can happen with these tops. Layering is the way to go during this transition month. You know that it’s really quite cool in the mornings and you just want to bundle up! Noon comes around and you are so warm that you can’t think straight anymore. So off comes one or two layers that you have on. When 5 o’clock comes around and the sun is slipping quickly in the sky, it’s time to bundle up again, and we happily do! No one wants that chill to grab them after a long day at the office.

Fashioning up for Fall is a lot of fun!

There are so many choices when it comes to fall and winter trends this year.  Besides Red, there is the option of some plaid!  Yes you heard me right  PLAID!  Any kind of PLAID!

There are so many choices when it comes to this fashion staple.  Plaids come in all colors and combinations.  If you are Scottish descent, you can even go for your own family’s tartan.  You will be a knock-out!  Skirts, scarves and jackets are fitting to be worn during the fall months.  This is one fall fashion for women that I particularly like.  It doesn’t take a lot of plaid to make a statement, but you can also go to town with it and not feel overdone. Plaids or tartans are a pattern that has lots of possibilities.  If you pull one of the colors out of the plaid you can accessorize with that color and make your outfit complete and stunning.

All Over Red for Fall Fashion or Just a touch?


46% Off Women Waterproof Pure Colour Snow Boots , fall fashions, trending women's fashions

Available in 4 colors, but the RED is just so cute!

Avenue for Women has some beautiful red tops and plaids too!  I saw one that was plaid without being checkered like most plaids are,  it was just a little plaid (sort of abstract)  with a twist!  And I love the blouse they have in a grey with the addition of a plaid border at the hemline.  Very versatile and really comfortable looking.  If red is not the color you want to use on your body, then how about a dash of it at your feet?  These beautiful waterproof booties are just so cute and wearable too!  Newchic has a whole line that will do you proud!  I love, love , love the red booties though and I think I just might have to indulge my senses with a pair or two!

Red for those of you who are a little intimidated by such a bold color, can be successfully used in accessories.  Dress in your standard colors of black, gray or navy and add just a splash of red and you will be trending this fall and winter!

You can read about all the fall and winter trends coming in my last article, “Introducing New Feminine Styles for Fall Fashion Success”

There are trends in fall fashion for women that are just fantastic and everyone has some of these items already.  The idea is to add only those pieces that will make what you already have, fresh!

Stay tuned, there is more to come………because after Fall comes that (love it or hate it) season of winter!  We will want to warm that season up too!

If you want to receive updates, let me know in your comments and I will happily send you the next installment of Olivia’s Fashion Finds!


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Oct 06

Cuddle Up Time, Attractive Fall Fashions to Warm You

Fall is fast approaching and if you are in the northern areas you may have already been touched by frost and (dare I say it) snow!  It’s time to Cuddle up, with attractive Fall Fashions to keep you snug as a bug in a rug!

Taking the time to change over your wardrobe from summer to fall has many people down in the dumps.  It’s hard to say goodbye to those warm and sunny days.  I have noticed that in just the last week, the days are getting shorter and shorter.  There is a chill in the air when I have that first cup of joe out on the balcony!  Slippers are replacing my flip flops and there is always a sweater close by.

Cuddle up it's fall, keep warm, cool weather, fall fashions, sweaters, end of summer,

So What’s a Gal Supposed to Do?

Well my first suggestion is to “get used to it”!  It’s not going to get warmer unless you are planning a trip down South!
My next suggestion is learn to layer your clothes again.  In summer we take as much off as is allowed, but in the fall we add!  It’s all part of the balance.  Layering is one of the best ways to keep yourself warm though.  Air gets trapped in between and is warmed up by your own body.  So the layer of air closest to you is always warm.  Here are some great ways to do just that.

Fall in your neck of the woods could be very chilly or just slowly work it’s way to winter.  If that’s the case for you, then you have so many options.  You might only need a vest to keep your body warmed, while your arms and legs will do great with only a sweater and pants.  If it gets really chilly, then hoodies or lightweight jackets that block out the wind, could be your answer!  If it gets really chilly, then you might just opt for a winter jacket and leave it open, until the wind bites you hard enough to zip it up.  I personally love hoodies and ponchos.  I find them easy to layer with either T-shirts and sweaters.  And it let’s me undo some layers for when I am indoors again.

When morning temperatures are in the 40’s and 50’s, but afternoons are still in the 60’s and 70’s you have to be able to change throughout the day easily.  When evening comes again and those temperatures drop again, it’s a snap to layer it all up again.

If it’s just a little cooler then….

If your fall isn’t too cool and you just need a little extra warmth, then a beautiful scarf might be all you need. These are great in that they also follow the trends this year to brighter colors (especially reds) and plaids. What a great and inexpensive way to update your wardrobe for the Fall of 2017!  I must confess, I love scarves and have a whole drawer just for that purpose.  Florals and plaids as well as plain colored ones fill my space.  I have used these scarves in the fall and winter months, because I just love to add that punch of color when everything else is drab around me.  It makes me happy!  It also brightens up my dark winter coat with a punch and doubles as a covering for my head if it should start to s n o w…..(sorry)

It’s a great time to start looking for those new pieces that will warm you up and make you happy at the same time.  We can’t change the weather, so we might as well embrace the changes and be prepared.

warm up to fall, cuddle up time, ponchos, fall weather dressingred for fall, fashionable cuddle clothes, keeping warm when it's cool outside

cuddle up, poncho, colorful warmth for the fall,

So many choices to keep you nice and toasty and help you cuddle up to Fall and Winter!

fall fashions, dressing to keep warm, cuddle time with clothes

Aug 30

Introducing New Feminine Styles for Fall Fashion Success

Everyone is getting on the Fall Fashion Style Bandwagon

That’s not a bad thing.  When the seasons change, it’s nice to look forward to something new in our wardrobes.   Fall Fashion Success comes in knowing what the  nerwest trends are going to be!  Then you can look at what you have in your wardrobe already and plan to add some “trendy, new and vibrant” pieces to enhance your “look”.

What is Current for 2017’s Fall Fashion Forecast?


Current  fall fashion styles seem to be heading in a much more feminine direction.  Ruffles that we saw in Summer are still here for Fall and add to that some bell bottoms on pants and sleeves and you are on your way. Let’s be clear, dressing in a feminine way will NOT make you appear less formidable.  In fact, if you own your femininity, you may even garner more praises than you ever thought possible.

Currently on the runways for all the fashion shows you will see a lot of colors, fabrics and glitter too!  It is almost like caution has be thrown to the wind and whatever makes you feel beautiful is A OKAY!

That in and of itself is great news for us women who are not on the runways, but still want to look up to date and fashionable too!


Fashion Trends are just that! They are trends and you can choose to follow some of them or all of them. What makes clothes fashionable is having a fit and look that makes you feel comfortable. If it’s trendy and you don’t like the trend, you will not exude the confidence to carry that trent off.  The fall fashion style trends I have been watching are easy to incorporate in anyone’s wardrobe.

Fall Fashion Trends That are Great and Easy to Follow:


  1. The colors Red, Burgundy and Brown
  2. Plaids and Florals
  3. Embroidery on blouses, jackets, coats and bags.
  4. The Midi length of skirts
  5. All shades of Denim (it will never go out of style)
  6. Ruffles and Bell shaped sleeves and skirts
  7. Palazzo style pants or wide legged trousers.
  8. Rich fabrics like velvets and silks.

When your wardrobe needs a bit of an update, adding one or more of these Fall Fashion trends will automatically give your whole wardrobe a boost.

These latest fashion styles for women are very wearable and can be easy on the pocketbook too!

Every woman should have the essentials in her wardrobe already.  These are the pieces that you will spend good money on, because they are so versatile that you will wear them over and over again.

Those essentials are:

  1.  A great pair of slacks or trousers in a solid color, black, brown, grey or navy for fall.
  2. A great skirt in this years length and this year it’s the midi, not too long and not too short.
  3. A knock out Jacket, again in a solid or plaid.
  4. A great pair of shoes, either heels or flats.

Now let’s see where we can find some of the fun additions to make our fall fashion styles complete.

I personally like to purchase my trousers/slacks from Additionelle.  They have sizes and styles that work really well for all my regular sized gals and some extra great styles for my more curvy friends.   The quality of the slacks is what I like the best.  They wash well and if you hang them to dry, they last forever(almost).  The little bit of spandex in the fabric makes them fit and hang really nice.

Not only great for slacks, but Additionelle also has some lovely tops, sweaters and dresses too. My faves though happen to be the slacks.

Blouses with flair for fall fashion styles and a touch of European charm I like to go to Poppoly and Ulla Popken or Melanie Lyne!  Looking for something with a touch of red or totally red should be no problem for the avante guard looks available here.


Your first class ticket to the ultimate style destination is here. Sign up and get 15% off your first purchase at!  She has the most awesome dresses and stylish fashionable clothes in the latest styles.  You really should check it out!  In particular, if you are in need of a great red dress, there is a beauty in her lineup.


These three vendors are really part of my favorites for current fashion styles for women.  All of the clothing is up to date, stylish and works well for the fashion forward woman who wants all things beautiful.  It is a fitting place to start adding those stylish pieces that will move your wardrobe and you into the new season.


You can also check out more advice on dressing for success and women in the workplace right here, just click on the blue words for more great ideas.




This post is part of a “Link Up” party.  Click on the link to see more Bloggers and their Blog Posts.

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Jul 17

You Need to Know: The Essential College CheckList

college clothing essentials, college essential checklist, back to college essentials

It’s mid-summer and you need to know that many kids are now preparing their wish list of items needed to make their first few weeks of college a success.

It is an exciting time of year especially for first time students that are heading away from home for their first year of college/university.  It will be a time of anxiousness for both students and parents as they watch their kids take their first steps into self -reliance.   It’s a bit intimidating, but for parents, it’s also a time of great pride.  After all they have put their best into their children to help them realize their dreams.  College and studying will bring them to the future that they will realize for themselves.essential college needs, college wish list, necessities for college life,

Preparing Your Wardrobe

College days are full of wonderful times, learning and playing, making new friends and lots of socializing too!  It’s important to feel comfortable in your skin while at the same time becoming part of a new student body.  The majority of kids will spend much of their time in jeans and T-shirts, while taking classes.  These are the uniform of the student body.  So let’s get some great jeans that fit well, make us feel comfortable and look great to boot!

Jeans for everyone!

Gone are the days of blue jeans being blue jeans.  “Blue-jeans” has become such a mis-nomer!  Blue jeans are now black, blue, red, white, and almost any color in between.  The common denominator is a good fit!   If your jeans fit well, then you will feel much more comfortable.  Jeans today are made from cotton and spandex mixes that allows for a better fit and comfort level.  There are even leggings that are made to look like jeans, that are called “Jeggings”.  A quick look at these and you would be hard pressed to sense that they are not in fact blue jeans proper.   This works well for any student who is in the plus size range.   The fit is nice and tight, but the comfort and the look of blue jeans is still there.


Hoodies are EVERYONE’S Favorite Must Have!

Hoodies are a college must have, it doesn’t matter where you have chosen to continue your education. Hoodies are an essential and standard clothing item in everyone’s wardrobe. Why? Well let’s face it, they are comfortable, easy to wear and they will keep you warm on those days when the weather is less than idyllic. College classes can sometimes go into the evening. What started out as a beautiful day can change quickly after an afternoon in a study hall. With a hoodie in your backpack, you can go out after class without having to stop at the dorm for something warmer to wear.

Hoodies are also a great way to show your school support. Football, basketball or another team logo can be blazoned across the chest area to let everyone know who your are cheering on.  In the case of new students, this is a great way to make some friends who are like minded, at the same time you are showing your support for your  new school home.

Essential Must Have Shoes to take you everywhere you want to go!

We have the jeans and we have the hoodie, now we need something for our feet that will take us everywhere and anywhere.  College campuses can be quite large in size.  One class may be at the southern end of the campus while some of your classes will be at the northern end.  You have to be able to get from point A to point B in comfort and ease.  There are enough things to worry about without having to worry about your feet!


There’s an old saying that goes like this: “If your feet hurt, everything hurts!” Let’s not make that mistake. A good pair of running shoes are essential for every student. Getting around campus is a job in itself, why not be comfortable while doing this? Good fitting shoes will make your day go by much easier. There is no sense in buying a pair of shoes that doesn’t fit right. You may even have thought of joining a campus running club to help with the “Freshman Fifteen”!*


Computer Bags and Totes  Essential College Tools

After the clothes and shoes have been looked after, there is still a need for a great way to make it from one class to the next efficiently.  Lugging your computer and notes around like you did in high school is just not cool.   A much better option is a handbag designed to carry your laptop and all your other needs or a rolling tote.  Just because you are studying doesn’t mean that you can’t make a statement!  Fashionable bags and totes just finish off your Essential College Wish List.  As everyone knows, you need your laptop and your cell phone!  These are MUST HAVES!  Adding a nice bag to hold those items makes you much more organized and ready to face any class that is coming up.

Mid Summer is a great time to get started on your College Wish List!  When the day arrives for you to say good bye to your family, you will be more than ready for a great first, second or third year!

Stay tuned for more College Essentials in the next few days.  Just for your information, in case you didn’t know  the “Freshman Fifteen”* is the expected weight gain that happens in the first year away at college.  Lots of parties and added calories make this everyone’s issue!  Join that running team to keep the Freshman Fifteen at bay.

Now that you have the college clothes list essentials, we will focus on our dorms in the next installment!  Sign up for the newsletter if you want to be kept in the college essentials loop!

Jun 30

Tassels and Fringes to Take You to the Max This Summer

Add some tassels and fringes to the plainest tops and sweaters and plain becomes a knock out!


We are seeing tassels and fringes on everything from shoes, boots and hats to everything in between. It’s the in between that I want  to show you!~

Summer evenings are always lots of fun, but when the sun goes down, it can become less than comfortable.  A nice wrap, or light sweater can be a crowd pleaser and keep you warm at the same time.  Goose bumps just don’t make a fashion statement.  It doesn’t matter how you try.  Light evening wraps on the other hand, make a statement that you don’t have to worry about.

tassels and fringes for fun, summer styles with fringes and tassels, fashion fun with tassels and fringes trim.

Such a pretty Summer Addition

These are called kimonos or wraps and each one of them is decked out with lovely tassels that finish off the edges and give the piece just a little pizzazz to boot!

Patterns and colors vary, but the fun and fancy of the tassels and fringe remain.  These cover-ups can be used in your wardrobe for those evening parties outdoors and or a cover up for your bathing suit.  Partying will have a new look when you are wearing these beautiful wraps that will make you smile every time you are wearing one of them.  Best part, they are so affordable that you will want more than one.

tassels and fringes for trims, summer fun with tassels and fringes, kimonos with fringes and tassels.

Light and fresh these kimonos are just an added layer that will keep you feeling fresh, covered without being stuffy and they will help you keep that evening chill off your shoulders and back.

Just for fun Friday June 30th is Fashion Friday and there are specials on the Kimonos for you to check out.  Don’t miss this great opportunity to fill in that blank spot in your summer wardrobe.


Make the Summer of 2017 a Fashion  experience that you will enjoy right through to the end of September and going into the fall.  Pack them away for those trips to the south when you need a cover up for your bathing suits. Tassels and Fringes always seem to make  holiday wear that much more special.


Cents of Style has so many wonderful items for your summer needs.  I love their print T-shirts with so many cute quotes and graphics.  Again affordable and comfortable to wear.  Bracelets and necklaces that speak what your heart may be saying and so much fun to wear.  The one that suits me best is a “beautiful mess” because most of the time that is just the way I feel.  I would share that with my BFF and my daughter and we’d have our own “beautiful mess” club.




Jun 06

How to Look Like You Mean Business on the Beach Swimsuits for Curvy Ladies!

Business on the Beach is serious and you want to look your best.

The summer months will soon be upon us all and trips to the beach will hopefully play an important part of that scenario.  If you want to look great on the beach and really get down to some serious Beach business then you have to check out some of the swimsuit options open to you! Curvy Ladies are becoming much more comfortable in their own skin, so let it show! Be beautiful in some of the styles of Swimsuits available through this vendor.

Swimsuits for Curvy Ladies that are both beautiful and functional come to my mind immediately.  I love to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time and I’m sure you do too! Baywatch styles are hot right now, so come and get yours!

Swimsuits for all has you covered! Or not! Bathing suits in sizes 4-34 are all available here and in a variety of styles and colors. Why not make a splash? Summer means that you want to do business on the Beach! I can’t think of a better way to do that, than to invest in a great swimsuit that flatters you completely.

What’s available at Suimsuits for All?

Bikinis, two pieces, Tankinis and one piece swimwear is all available right here. Working with Swimsuits for All is a pleasure because you can get the fit that you need for your particular body shape.  Are you curvier in the bust-line or the hips?  Are you comfortable with a bikini?  Or would a two piece feel better on you?  Either way, you will find something beautiful and flattering in whatever your comfort zone is.

These beautiful and colorful swimsuits will make it easy for you to get into water sports this summer.  Just take a quick look and see how fashionable and fun these bathing suits are!


Whether you are going to the local pool, your own backyard or to the beach, anyone of these swimsuits will have you looking absolutely fantastic. No need to worry about what other’s are thinking, because they all want to know where you got your fashion forward beach ready swimsuits for themselves.  Whether you choose a plain colored swimsuit or something with a pattern each is beautiful.  Have two or more swimsuits ready for the summer season that will be upon us shortly.  When the invitation comes to go for a swim, you will be ready.


What about after Swimming?

When it’s time to do something else a nice cover up will be a nice way to continue your holiday or time off.  You are out of the pool and now dried off a bit.  Slip on a Summer Cover Up and let the party continue.

Whether you change out of your swimsuit or not, a nice cover up will delight you and your family.  Many of these are cut generously so that comfort is the reigning theme.  Some have matching lace trims and soft edges.  They really are wonderful little additions that should not be missed.  Take them with you on your winter holidays to the south.  You know that you will be able to comfortably go all around the resorts when you have a cover up on.  They are not too much and they are less than too little.


Grab your family and go where ever you want to go.  A cover up just offers that little bit of discretion that makes you still feel like you are on holidays.  When you go out to dinner in the resorts, it is appropriate to wear some kind of cover up to your meals.  These are all beautiful and would make you feel completely at ease.  Why not take one or two along to match your mood while you are away?  I know for myself, I would be packing at least two of these stunning cover-ups.  There are days when I like a lot of color and then there are days when basic black works wonders for me.  It all depends on my mood that particular day.  With one or two of these in tow, you will be ready for any event that may come your way.
Swimsuits for All is the one place you need to go to find that Bathing Suit that will make you feel so comfortable and beautiful! I know you won’t be disappointed!

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May 17

The Best Part About Sleeping? Cozy Comfortable Sleepwear!

Cozy Comfortable Sleepwear is a must for everyone!  It makes sleeping a pleasure and you will feel rested and ready to face a new day.

At the whole idea is to make comfortable sleepwear available.  These bamboo womens sleepwear products are made so well.  I think they have done it right.   Everyone wants PJ’s that feel good and look pretty too!  The new line up of Pajamas do just that!  Bamboo womens sleepwear made from a jersey knit fabric is the answer.  Night Sweats be gone!   I could hardly wait to get my pair and try them on!
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Summer wicking Pajamas just for you!

It’s true, Sweet Summer dreams are just a click away and you can even win a pair!  Sign up for the newsletter to be entered into a draw for a pair of comfy, cozy and beautiful PJ’s made  by

So what’s so great about these Summertime Pajamas?

I’m so glad you asked.  After receiving a pair of Sleepyheads new pajamas to review,  I quickly opened the package and really took a good hard look at how they were made.  I am impressed with the details!  They are well stitched and generous in size.  Nothing has been overlooked in the fabrication of these Pajamas.   The Quality of the fabric and manufacturing is superb!  I received a pair of Blue Bamboo Capri pajamas for this review.  Oh are they pretty to look at!  The feel of the fabric is just like so, so soft. Bamboo sleepwear for women seems to be a new and emerging trend in pajamas and nightshirts/gown.  All are available from all of them make really nice gifts too.

When I took them out of the wrapper, the feel of the fabric just had me wanting to get out of my clothes and put these on.  So guess what?  I did just that.  These Bamboo jersey PJ’s are the cat’s meow, in my humble opinion.

Women’s Bamboo Sleepwear

These pajamas have such a nice feel to them and they have body in the fabric.  These are incredible, they feel and look light as a feather, yet hold their shape without any pulling or tugging.  The top is so sweet with it’s pleated front and lovely stitched little yoke.  I think I could live in these. Short sleeves just finish the top off nicely.   The capri length pant has a cute little bow in the front and better still it has pockets.  How many times am I searching for somewhere to put that tissue?  No problem here, there is a pocket on either side and deep enough to hold more than a tissue, too!

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort, it’s all about Comfort!

Sleepyheads is dedicated to bringing you sleepwear that you know you will want to wear.  The Bamboo jersey is so stretchy and the cut of the pajamas themselves is generous.  I love that this fabric is not only nice to the touch, but it hold it’s shape too.  Bamboo is a renewable resource making these pajamas not only the cutest things you have ever seen, but they are also “green”  even when they are blue or pink,  or other colors  and  patterns too!

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Green meaning that they are from a renewable natural source.  This is important when it comes to wearability, comfort and breath-ability too!  There is nothing worse than sleeping in pajamas that make you sweat or that leave you feeling colder than when you put on your PJ’s.  This bamboo jersey will breathe with you, so when it’s cold outside you will feel warm and when it’s warm outside you will feel nice and cool.  It’s one of  the best parts of wearing natural fibers.  Bamboo fibers naturally wick off any perspiration so that you are always comfortable no matter how hot it gets.  Summer Dreams are coming true, with these Bamboo Women’s PJ’s.

Easy to Wear, Easy for Care, Easy all Around

These pajamas are so stretchy that they feel like a second skin.  Machine washable and dryable on cold and low heat, they are easy care too.  I just think these Pajamas are Easy all around.  I personally think I could live in these pajamas they are so comfortable and carefree and that’s what I like the best.  But they are pretty too,  just as an added bonus!

Win a Pair for Yourself 

You will be entered into a draw for an amazing pair of Pajamas from, if you remember to sign up for our newsletter.  Just think this summer could be your most comfortable ever in a new pair of Bamboo jersey Pajamas!  I am willing to bet you won’t want to take them off either.

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You could win a pair of Summer Pajamas from and

Until May 31, 2017 you can get 25% off your order too!  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to sleep like a baby. These soothing sleeper sets will have you resting so comfortably that you will wonder what took you so long to try them out!  Here’s to wonderful nights in the best ever Pajamas made.  Just go to, you won’t regret it.  They have a wonderful selection of Pajamas, Robes and Accessories for every member of the home.  All of them made with the same quality and flair for the details.  Summer Dreams are made of these comfortable Women’s Bamboo Sleepwear and more.


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**Please note:  Olivia, from Pizzazz Plus Fashion has received a pair of pajamas for this review.  Also note, a small commission will be paid if you use any links within this Review at no cost to you.  Olivia is a member of the Share-a-sale Affiliate program. **

May 09

Fun, Fitness and Fashion, Bring on the Fitness Season

May and the spring season is the start of many people wanting to have fun, start some fitness routines and of course new fashions to help make it that much better.  It’s no surprise then,  that everyone seems to be in a better mood.

May is that month where there is a lot happening and everyone seems to be moving in some direction or other.  We can feel that the air is getting warmer and it just begs us to get outdoors and do something.  So what are the latest fashion trends for curvy women who are looking to get and stay fit?  And what are some of the latest fitness trends to help curvy women feel strong and well balanced?

fun, fitness, fashion trends for women, fabulous

Well,  let’s just say that there are some really great opportunities out there to work your body so that you remain healthy.  Curvy women were sometimes forgotten in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to work-out wear.  Not so any longer!


With the advent of Yoga as a really good way to exercise, there is also a growth in the fitness wear made for all that stretching and moving. Hula Hooping is another trend that is growing by leaps and bounds.  It will take you back to a time when you could move for hours without end. Of course, there is also water activities that are great for everyone, curvy ladies included.


Before you start your new exercise routines, you need some new duds to work out in.

Following some of the latest fashion trends for women, I offer you a great selection from some of the best athletic wear manufacturers, all available through Amazon.

Let’s go!

Colorful and stretchy capris will make you feel like you have a second skin on. Comfortable and really nice to wear, these capris will look good and help you feel comfortable in any exercise program you choose. Walking, yoga or even swimming can all be done wearing these lovely 3/4 Capri style pant.

Pair these Capri pants with a really snazzy athletic top that adds just a little pizzazz where you want it.  Comfortable and stylish this top is great for all your activities and with its little cutouts, it is modern and trendy too.

This one is a favorite of mine.  I love the colors that it comes in and you can’t beat the price.  Why not add one or two to your workout gear.  It is affordable, looks really nice and will make you feel beautiful inside and out.  The latest fashion trend of adding mesh to your look is part of the beauty of these tops.  It is an accent that just makes this a trendy beautiful and comfortable addition to your modern-day workout gear.

Breathability and airiness are important aspects when you are undertaking some new exercise routines. A splash of color doesn’t hurt either. I love tops that make me feel energized and these are no exception. Lightweight and comfortable for almost any activity, these tops will help encourage you to show your colors to the world.  This is one of the latest fashion trends for women who are looking to have fun, get fit and be fashionable too.

My New Great Exercises

My own new routines will include hula-hooping and swim walking.  Why you might ask?  Well, let’s just say that as a child I hula hooped for hours outdoors and enjoyed it a lot! Now that I am a certain age, running does not quite fit my lifestyle, but hula hooping does.  Does this make you want to try?  My friends at can get you started if you want to join me.  Ruby Hooping will help you get started on the right foot so to speak.

Swim walking is another part of my new fitness routine.  You see I am a curvy lady.  Curvy ladies don’t like to bounce around a lot.  But swimming and swim walking will be perfect for me.  My legs are not the strongest anymore, and walking in a pool will take the burden off of my knees while still giving me a great workout.  I may be curvy, but I am not out of shape, just my shape is different than yours. If you want to know more about swim walking you can check out this link. Mayo Clinic Swim Walking

I need to show you one more beautiful trendsetting top before I tell you more!  You need to check this one out!  It comes in solid colors as well as tie dye in several different colors too.  I love this latest fashion trend for its style as well as it’s colors and prints.  Knock me on my bottom, I need some of these for my workouts too!

Yoga is also becoming a part of my life.  Curvy gals need to stretch as much as our slimmer counterparts!  Yoga is the answer again because the movements are slow stretches that engage all your muscle groups without jarring you from one galaxy to the next. To see how to start a yoga exercise routine if you are curvy and have never done this before, this video link is a great start. Beginners Yoga for Curvy Women

You can bet that I will be looking fashionable and ready for fun and fitness in my new routines to keeping fit and healthy. I will be sporting the latest fashion trend for women who are eager to join the ranks of the fit and fabulous.


Most work-out clothes are machine washable, but, I prefer to hand wash mine.  Most of these outfits are made with some amount of spandex in them.  This stretchy fabric will last so much longer if you take the time to give them a good hand wash.  Then hang to dry after your fitness routine is done.

Come on back and tell me how you are doing with your new routines. Spring is rolling into summer.  I’d love to hear from you!   

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