Jun 06

How to Look Like You Mean Business on the Beach Swimsuits for Curvy Ladies!

Business on the Beach is serious and you want to look your best.

The summer months will soon be upon us all and trips to the beach will hopefully play an important part of that scenario.  If you want to look great on the beach and really get down to some serious Beach business then you have to check out some of the swimsuit options open to you! Curvy Ladies are becoming much more comfortable in their own skin, so let it show! Be beautiful in some of the styles of Swimsuits available through this vendor.

Swimsuits for Curvy Ladies that are both beautiful and functional come to my mind immediately.  I love to feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time and I’m sure you do too! Baywatch styles are hot right now, so come and get yours!

Swimsuits for all has you covered! Or not! Bathing suits in sizes 4-34 are all available here and in a variety of styles and colors. Why not make a splash? Summer means that you want to do business on the Beach! I can’t think of a better way to do that, than to invest in a great swimsuit that flatters you completely.

What’s available at Suimsuits for All?

Bikinis, two pieces, Tankinis and one piece swimwear is all available right here. Working with Swimsuits for All is a pleasure because you can get the fit that you need for your particular body shape.  Are you curvier in the bust-line or the hips?  Are you comfortable with a bikini?  Or would a two piece feel better on you?  Either way, you will find something beautiful and flattering in whatever your comfort zone is.

These beautiful and colorful swimsuits will make it easy for you to get into water sports this summer.  Just take a quick look and see how fashionable and fun these bathing suits are!


Whether you are going to the local pool, your own backyard or to the beach, anyone of these swimsuits will have you looking absolutely fantastic. No need to worry about what other’s are thinking, because they all want to know where you got your fashion forward beach ready swimsuits for themselves.  Whether you choose a plain colored swimsuit or something with a pattern each is beautiful.  Have two or more swimsuits ready for the summer season that will be upon us shortly.  When the invitation comes to go for a swim, you will be ready.


What about after Swimming?

When it’s time to do something else a nice cover up will be a nice way to continue your holiday or time off.  You are out of the pool and now dried off a bit.  Slip on a Summer Cover Up and let the party continue.

Whether you change out of your swimsuit or not, a nice cover up will delight you and your family.  Many of these are cut generously so that comfort is the reigning theme.  Some have matching lace trims and soft edges.  They really are wonderful little additions that should not be missed.  Take them with you on your winter holidays to the south.  You know that you will be able to comfortably go all around the resorts when you have a cover up on.  They are not too much and they are less than too little.


Grab your family and go where ever you want to go.  A cover up just offers that little bit of discretion that makes you still feel like you are on holidays.  When you go out to dinner in the resorts, it is appropriate to wear some kind of cover up to your meals.  These are all beautiful and would make you feel completely at ease.  Why not take one or two along to match your mood while you are away?  I know for myself, I would be packing at least two of these stunning cover-ups.  There are days when I like a lot of color and then there are days when basic black works wonders for me.  It all depends on my mood that particular day.  With one or two of these in tow, you will be ready for any event that may come your way.
Swimsuits for All is the one place you need to go to find that Bathing Suit that will make you feel so comfortable and beautiful! I know you won’t be disappointed!

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May 17

The Best Part About Sleeping? Cozy Comfortable Sleepwear!

Cozy Comfortable Sleepwear is a must for everyone!  It makes sleeping a pleasure and you will feel rested and ready to face a new day.

At Sleepyhead.com the whole idea is to make comfortable sleepwear available.  These bamboo womens sleepwear products are made so well.  I think they have done it right.   Everyone wants PJ’s that feel good and look pretty too!  The new line up of Pajamas do just that!  Bamboo womens sleepwear made from a jersey knit fabric is the answer.  Night Sweats be gone!   I could hardly wait to get my pair and try them on!
728x90 Spring/Summer Banners


womens bamboo sleepwear, summer wicking pajamas, cool pajamas, cool pj's,

Summer wicking Pajamas just for you!

It’s true, Sweet Summer dreams are just a click away and you can even win a pair!  Sign up for the newsletter to be entered into a draw for a pair of comfy, cozy and beautiful PJ’s made  by Sleepyheads.com.

So what’s so great about these Summertime Pajamas?

I’m so glad you asked.  After receiving a pair of Sleepyheads new pajamas to review,  I quickly opened the package and really took a good hard look at how they were made.  I am impressed with the details!  They are well stitched and generous in size.  Nothing has been overlooked in the fabrication of these Pajamas.   The Quality of the fabric and manufacturing is superb!  I received a pair of Blue Bamboo Capri pajamas for this review.  Oh are they pretty to look at!  The feel of the fabric is just like so, so soft. Bamboo sleepwear for women seems to be a new and emerging trend in pajamas and nightshirts/gown.  All are available from Sleepyheads.com.and all of them make really nice gifts too.

When I took them out of the wrapper, the feel of the fabric just had me wanting to get out of my clothes and put these on.  So guess what?  I did just that.  These Bamboo jersey PJ’s are the cat’s meow, in my humble opinion.

Women’s Bamboo Sleepwear

These pajamas have such a nice feel to them and they have body in the fabric.  These are incredible, they feel and look light as a feather, yet hold their shape without any pulling or tugging.  The top is so sweet with it’s pleated front and lovely stitched little yoke.  I think I could live in these. Short sleeves just finish the top off nicely.   The capri length pant has a cute little bow in the front and better still it has pockets.  How many times am I searching for somewhere to put that tissue?  No problem here, there is a pocket on either side and deep enough to hold more than a tissue, too!

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort, it’s all about Comfort!

Sleepyheads is dedicated to bringing you sleepwear that you know you will want to wear.  The Bamboo jersey is so stretchy and the cut of the pajamas themselves is generous.  I love that this fabric is not only nice to the touch, but it hold it’s shape too.  Bamboo is a renewable resource making these pajamas not only the cutest things you have ever seen, but they are also “green”  even when they are blue or pink,  or other colors  and  patterns too!

bamboo jersey pajamas, wicking pajamas, summer pajamas, capri pajamas, comfortable sleepwear, womens bamboo sleepwear



Green meaning that they are from a renewable natural source.  This is important when it comes to wearability, comfort and breath-ability too!  There is nothing worse than sleeping in pajamas that make you sweat or that leave you feeling colder than when you put on your PJ’s.  This bamboo jersey will breathe with you, so when it’s cold outside you will feel warm and when it’s warm outside you will feel nice and cool.  It’s one of  the best parts of wearing natural fibers.  Bamboo fibers naturally wick off any perspiration so that you are always comfortable no matter how hot it gets.  Summer Dreams are coming true, with these Bamboo Women’s PJ’s.

Easy to Wear, Easy for Care, Easy all Around

These pajamas are so stretchy that they feel like a second skin.  Machine washable and dryable on cold and low heat, they are easy care too.  I just think these Pajamas are Easy all around.  I personally think I could live in these pajamas they are so comfortable and carefree and that’s what I like the best.  But they are pretty too,  just as an added bonus!

Win a Pair for Yourself 

You will be entered into a draw for an amazing pair of Pajamas from Sleepyheads.com, if you remember to sign up for our newsletter.  Just think this summer could be your most comfortable ever in a new pair of Bamboo jersey Pajamas!  I am willing to bet you won’t want to take them off either.

bamboo womens sleepwear, summer pajamas, cool wicking summer capri pajamas,

You could win a pair of Summer Pajamas from Sleepyheads.com and Pizzazzplusfashion.com

Until May 31, 2017 you can get 25% off your order too!  Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to sleep like a baby. These soothing sleeper sets will have you resting so comfortably that you will wonder what took you so long to try them out!  Here’s to wonderful nights in the best ever Pajamas made.  Just go to Sleepyheads.com, you won’t regret it.  They have a wonderful selection of Pajamas, Robes and Accessories for every member of the home.  All of them made with the same quality and flair for the details.  Summer Dreams are made of these comfortable Women’s Bamboo Sleepwear and more.


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**Please note:  Olivia, from Pizzazz Plus Fashion has received a pair of Sleepyheads.com pajamas for this review.  Also note, a small commission will be paid if you use any links within this Review at no cost to you.  Olivia is a member of the Share-a-sale Affiliate program. **

May 09

Fun, Fitness and Fashion, Bring on the Fitness Season

May and the spring season is the start of many people wanting to have fun, start some fitness routines and of course new fashions to help make it that much better.  It’s no surprise then,  that everyone seems to be in a better mood.

May is that month where there is a lot happening and everyone seems to be moving in some direction or other.  We can feel that the air is getting warmer and it just begs us to get outdoors and do something.  So what are the latest fashion trends for curvy women who are looking to get and stay fit?  And what are some of the latest fitness trends to help curvy women feel strong and well balanced?

fun, fitness, fashion trends for women, fabulous

Well,  let’s just say that there are some really great opportunities out there to work your body so that you remain healthy.  Curvy women were sometimes forgotten in the fashion industry, especially when it comes to work-out wear.  Not so any longer!


With the advent of Yoga as a really good way to exercise, there is also a growth in the fitness wear made for all that stretching and moving. Hula Hooping is another trend that is growing by leaps and bounds.  It will take you back to a time when you could move for hours without end. Of course, there is also water activities that are great for everyone, curvy ladies included.


Before you start your new exercise routines, you need some new duds to work out in.

Following some of the latest fashion trends for women, I offer you a great selection from some of the best athletic wear manufacturers, all available through Amazon.

Let’s go!

Colorful and stretchy capris will make you feel like you have a second skin on. Comfortable and really nice to wear, these capris will look good and help you feel comfortable in any exercise program you choose. Walking, yoga or even swimming can all be done wearing these lovely 3/4 Capri style pant.

Pair these Capri pants with a really snazzy athletic top that adds just a little pizzazz where you want it.  Comfortable and stylish this top is great for all your activities and with its little cutouts, it is modern and trendy too.

This one is a favorite of mine.  I love the colors that it comes in and you can’t beat the price.  Why not add one or two to your workout gear.  It is affordable, looks really nice and will make you feel beautiful inside and out.  The latest fashion trend of adding mesh to your look is part of the beauty of these tops.  It is an accent that just makes this a trendy beautiful and comfortable addition to your modern-day workout gear.

Breathability and airiness are important aspects when you are undertaking some new exercise routines. A splash of color doesn’t hurt either. I love tops that make me feel energized and these are no exception. Lightweight and comfortable for almost any activity, these tops will help encourage you to show your colors to the world.  This is one of the latest fashion trends for women who are looking to have fun, get fit and be fashionable too.

My New Great Exercises

My own new routines will include hula-hooping and swim walking.  Why you might ask?  Well, let’s just say that as a child I hula hooped for hours outdoors and enjoyed it a lot! Now that I am a certain age, running does not quite fit my lifestyle, but hula hooping does.  Does this make you want to try?  My friends at RubyHooping.com can get you started if you want to join me.  Ruby Hooping will help you get started on the right foot so to speak.

Swim walking is another part of my new fitness routine.  You see I am a curvy lady.  Curvy ladies don’t like to bounce around a lot.  But swimming and swim walking will be perfect for me.  My legs are not the strongest anymore, and walking in a pool will take the burden off of my knees while still giving me a great workout.  I may be curvy, but I am not out of shape, just my shape is different than yours. If you want to know more about swim walking you can check out this link. Mayo Clinic Swim Walking

I need to show you one more beautiful trendsetting top before I tell you more!  You need to check this one out!  It comes in solid colors as well as tie dye in several different colors too.  I love this latest fashion trend for its style as well as it’s colors and prints.  Knock me on my bottom, I need some of these for my workouts too!

Yoga is also becoming a part of my life.  Curvy gals need to stretch as much as our slimmer counterparts!  Yoga is the answer again because the movements are slow stretches that engage all your muscle groups without jarring you from one galaxy to the next. To see how to start a yoga exercise routine if you are curvy and have never done this before, this video link is a great start. Beginners Yoga for Curvy Women

You can bet that I will be looking fashionable and ready for fun and fitness in my new routines to keeping fit and healthy. I will be sporting the latest fashion trend for women who are eager to join the ranks of the fit and fabulous.


Most work-out clothes are machine washable, but, I prefer to hand wash mine.  Most of these outfits are made with some amount of spandex in them.  This stretchy fabric will last so much longer if you take the time to give them a good hand wash.  Then hang to dry after your fitness routine is done.

Come on back and tell me how you are doing with your new routines. Spring is rolling into summer.  I’d love to hear from you!   

Apr 23

The Best Out of the World Full Figure Swimsuits

Everyone who has a full figure thinks that Swimming and Full Figures do not go together!

I’m here to tell you that you are so wrong.  Full Figure women love swimming and will love having a Swimsuit that is comfortable, looks really nice and is at the same time is stylish.

full figure swimsuits, full figure swim dresses, full figure women's beach wear

Plus Size Fun in the Sun

Activity for everyone is important and Full Figure women need activity too.  Sometimes the reason that women become fuller figured is that there are certain activities that are difficult to do.  Or maybe they have other issues with their health that does not allow them to do other activities.

Swimsuits are colorful, have support for the bustline and coverage too. What more could you ask for? Each of these suits is absolutely beautiful.

Right now we are just getting into the late spring and early summer. Depending on where you live, you might already be in a pool somewhere getting wet and enjoying the water activities.  Or maybe you are heading south for some pre-summer sun.  Be ready for some water activities and jump right in.

What if you have other problems?

Now I’m going to bring up a problem that I have with swimming and my Full Figured self.  Not too many people will admit this, but I am a realist and I want to be able to go swimming without worrying about my “little problems”.

When I get out of the water, I find that I don’t like that my thighs tend to rub together.  This is probably me, being a little too sensitive to the fact that I have a little more weight on my legs than I would like to have.  But guess what?

I’m here to give you an easy rescue plan!

There are many women today that prefer to dress more modestly when they go swimming.  They either opt for a Swim Dress or they will go swimming in athletic wear that was originally intended for yoga or some other form of exercise classes.

Yoga wear can easily double as swimwear.  It is so much more comfortable to get out of the pool and not have your legs rubbing together.  It also looks really nice with some of the tops being very colorful and bright.

If it is your intention to lose weight by swimming, then this is a perfect way to do it,  When you start to see results, you can slip back to the bathing suit or swim dress idea.  Or continue to wear yoga style activewear.

Most of the time, there is no hard and fast rule about what is appropriate swimwear.  So whatever you are comfortable in,  will work quite nicely.

The most important thing is that you are getting out and doing some kind of activity.  It will make you feel better just to move those muscles.

Swimming or walking in a pool is my preferred fitness routine.  It is easy to do and works well on the arms and legs.  The joints are not overworked with pounding on the pavement, yet still get a great workout.

My other idea of a great workout is indeed Yoga.  Stretching and holding a position for a counted period is a great workout as well.  Not strenuous on the joints and if you can’t do the poses today, keep trying.  All of a sudden, your flexibility is much better.   Thank yoga for that.  Many women are too shy to join a yoga class.  They are uncomfortable with their Full Figures.  I tell you, that is a stumbling block you put in your own way.

If you don’t want to join a group of like minded women (of all sizes), then you have the option of doing yoga routines at home as well.  Pop in a DVD that will walk you through the poses and when you are comfortable, do join a group. The group not only is a social time, but they will also encourage you to try a little harder. We sometimes can use that extra encouragement.

The Bottom Line is, it does not matter what size you are, so long as you are healthy and can get around.  If you have issues with mobility due to arthritis or other illnesses, then find something that will work for you.

I like the Full Figure Swimsuits that I have chosen to share with you here, but I also like and use the yoga capris for swimming as well.

My mantra is to move my body.  I don’t want to work it till I fall over, but I do want to make it work better.

Apr 23

Extra Special Mother’s Day Gifts That She Will Love

Mother’s Day is coming and I have some extra special gifts that she will just fall in love with.

Who doesn’t like to surprise their mom with a special gift, especially on Mother’s Day?

I know it would take me forever to find that one gift that I knew would put a smile on her face and have her smiling all day long.  Flowers and chocolates are great but how about giving her something that she will use and get enjoyment out of the gift every time she uses it.  special gift for mother's day, make mom special,happy mother's day gifts

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Who hasn’t wanted to get Mom that unique Mother’s Day gift that she will be talking about for a long, long time?  I can remember shopping for days looking for that one special gift that I just knew was out there, but wasn’t really sure what “it”  was.

Today, I have no problem finding those special gifts and I will share my finds with you.  I bet that any one of these gifts will be ones that she will enjoy and use for many months or years to come.

So let’s get right down to those special things!

First, comes some special sleepwear.  She will never believe how wonderful it is to sleep in silk!  If Dad needs some ideas for Mom this would be the perfect place for him.  If you all want Mom to sleep well get together and make her ideal sleep the gift you give for Mother’s Day.
Silk Pajamas Sale $79

Ellesilk has beautiful sleepwear.  She will never believe how lovely having some beautiful sleepwear would be. It’s a small indulgence for a mom who does so much for her family.

If Pajamas aren’t your style, you can always get her a lovely set of silk pillowcases.  Silk pillowcases are so soft against your skin, that she will just love the feel of the silk against her face.  Hypoallergenic and cool in the warm weather, it’s just a great combination.

The second choice  would be something that will make her smile and smell really nice too.

Mom’s love things that are pretty, smell really nice and show how much you love her.  Candles are a great gift idea.  and these candles by Karen Michelle are extra special indeed.  Great scents like mint chocolate, vanilla, coconut and some more exotic scents, I’m sure you will find one or two she will love for sure. Karen Michelle  Destiny Candles come in several different scents and sizes.
Destiny Candle By KM Party FAvor


Do you have a Mom who loves to make things?

If so, then choice Number Three is something that she will love without question.  Grow and Make have so many different sets of Make it Yourself kits that I’m sure there is one or two that your Mom will just fall in love with.
Grow and Make

Mom can try making anything from bath salts to essential oils and homemade soaps.  All kinds of preserves, jams, wine even.  She will enjoy having everything she needs to make something that she will really enjoy.   She’ll learn a new craft and have a sense of accomplishment too.

Choice Number 4 is to shop at VIPme.

You can find everything for your mom, from jewelry to handbags and lots of really pretty blouses or tops.
Shop VIPme.com for the latest fashions up to 95% off

Moms always love to have something new in the accessory department and there are so many really pretty things at VIP me!  There are 45 pages of jewelry that Mom would love for sure.  All of them are very affordable and beautiful.  Earrings, necklaces and some sets with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are available.  Pick her favorite color and I’m sure you will come up with a special gift just for her.

Mom's are very special people and they deserve something really nice for Mother's Day.  I think she will love just about anything from these suggestions.  You know your mom better than anyone else.  You know what she likes to do or her favorite colors.  With these suggestions, I would guarantee that you will find that one special gift that will let your mom know just how much she means to you.



Apr 05

Spring has Arrived and So Has All Things Beautiful For You

Spring has Officially Arrived!  Along with spring, there are all kinds of beautiful things for your wardrobe that will make you Beautiful.

Who isn’t happy to see the daylight hours become longer and brighter?  I can honestly say that I am so happy to see the end of March and April coming in like a beautiful new beginning.

Besides the beautiful flowers that are making their presence known, there seems to be a need to show our joy at the change in season with what we put on our bodies too.

Beautiful Dresses

Spring time just calls us to wear something fresh, and dressy.  These Plus Size ladies dresses might just fill your needs.  I love to show a little leg after a winter of long trousers and dark drab clothing.  When the sun is shining, lovely colored dresses are a must have.


Avenue Plus Size Black Floral Crochet Sheath Avenue Plus Size Black Floral Crochet Sheath

Plus size knit sheath dress. Scooped neckline. Short sleeves. Black, crochet floral overlay. Fully lined. Hidden back zip closure. Polyester. Machine wash. Imported. Approx. 42 inches long in the back. Dresses may not be returned if the original tags are removed

Beautiful white and lacey.  This dress is a winner for sure and will look wonderful at your family gathering for Easter or Mother’s Day.  Both are coming up real soon.  Make your fashion statement now with this lovely dress, and if you want to add some color, it’s as easy as changing the belt to a colored one.  Match it with your shoes and handbag and you will be a Beautiful Sight for sure.

Avenue Plus Size White Chevron Crochet Maxi Dress Avenue Plus Size White Chevron Crochet Maxi Dress

Plus size crochet dress. Hits above the ankle. V-neckline. Cap sleeves. Matching fabric sash at waist. Crochet overlay with chevron pattern all over. Lined. Polyester. Machine wash. Made in USA. Approx. 52 inches long. Dresses may not be returned if the original tags are removed

Who doesn’t like the Asymmetrical look?  I know I love it.  Many of my plus sized women friends also love the uneven hemline.  It adds just a little touch of the unexpected.  A nice little touch for sure.

Avenue Plus Size Asymmetrical Panel Dress Avenue Plus Size Asymmetrical Panel Dress

Plus size knit dress. Asymmetrical hemline is longer at one side. Pairs with style 392360460. V-neckline. Sleeveless. Fabric panel at the front adds dimension. Rayon/spandex. Machine wash. Imported. Approx. 44 inches long at the longest point. Dresses may not be returned if the original tags are removed

Color Blocking is another Plus Sized feature that I really enjoy.  Everyone’s eyes are drawn to you instead of the dress per se.  I prefer being the center of attention and these color block dresses do just that.

Avenue Plus Size Diagonal Colorblock Sheath Dress Avenue Plus Size Diagonal Colorblock Sheath Dress

Plus size knit sheath dress. Scoop neckline. Sleeveless. Wine, black and white diagonal color block waves all over. Polyester/rayon/spandex. Machine wash. Imported. Approx. 40 1/2 inches long. Dresses may not be returned if the original tags are removed

Here’s another color block that at first glance makes you think there is a little jacket happening with this dress.  It is an illusion, but a very nice and acceptable illusion.  I love red and red with black accents just makes my little heart flutter a bit.

Avenue Plus Size Piped Colorblock Sheath Avenue Plus Size Piped Colorblock Sheath

Plus size knit sheath dress. Scooped neckline. Elbow-length sleeves. Colorblock bodice with empire waist. Piped trim. Polyester/spandex. Machine wash. Made in USA of Imported fabric. Approx. 40 inches long. Dresses may not be returned if the original tags are removed

Now here’s a lovely dressy little number.  Jewels at the neckline make wearing this dress easy and effortless.  No need for a lot of embellishments, the neckline and tulip hemline are enough to draw your attention both up and down.  Easy to take in everything in between too!  Spring women’s dresses never looked so good.

Avenue Plus Size Embellished Tulip Hem Dress Avenue Plus Size Embellished Tulip Hem Dress

Plus size knit dress. Scooped neckline with rhinestone trim yoke. Three-quarter bell sleeves. Criss cross tulip hem at the front. Polyester/spandex exclusive of trim. Hand wash. Made in USA of Imported fabric. Approx. 40 inches long at the back. Dresses may not be returned if the original tags are removed

Spring fashion is full of flounces and ruffles, and you can have some too.  This dress has a lovely cowl neckline and the sleeves are just beautiful at the 3/4 length.  I love the cut of this dress with its flouncy skirt, it is feminine and beautiful at the same time.

Avenue Plus Size Belted Cowlneck Sweater Knit Dress Avenue Plus Size Belted Cowlneck Sweater Knit Dress

Plus size sweater knit dress. Cowl neckline. Three-quarter sleeves. Stretch belt at the waist with faux leather trim and geometric metal buckle. Acrlyic. Machine wash. Imported. Approx. 40 inches long. Dresses may not be returned if the original tags are removed

Avenue has some really nice dresses for springtime and any event that you might be attending.  Easter will be wonderful with any of these dresses making your spring debut outstanding.  If you don’t do anything special for Easter, you could always be prepared for Mother’s Day that is coming up right behind Easter.  Plus Size Women’s Dresses are a wonderful way to celebrate the return of Spring.


You might want to check out some other  Spring Arrivals right here:

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Women’s Spring Wardrobe Transitions…….

Mar 24

Flaunt Your Style, Just for You, Amazing Fashions!

Spring has sprung and now it’s time to flaunt your style! You have this covered with some beautiful clothes from Kiyonna.

Stylish Plus Size Dresses and Separates, Flaunt your style, Plus Sized Women's WearI love the styles available at Kiyonna.  They are fresh and up to date and strikingly beautiful.  Everything that is available is of the highest quality and made for your beautiful curvy body.  I love the cutouts for spring wear.  So soft and so sexy, made just for you!

You and I both know that it’s that time of year when the invites to weddings and other special functions are happening.  Why not be ready for that invitation you know is coming in the mail.  Having a nice dress ready to go is one way to make sure you say “yes” to that invite.

Get Ready for Easter, Weddings, and Mother’s Day, they are all happening sooner than you think!

I love dressing up and these styles are all so beautiful and graceful too.  Sexy and stunning at the same time.

When you know you look good, there is no way that you are staying at home.  It's time to get out there and flaunt your good looks for the whole world to see.

Beauty is so much more than your dress size.  With Kiyonna Styles you won't have any problem finding that special dress you know you need.

With these styles here, there is never any reason to say no to any invitation that could be coming your way.  You will be smashing and stunning all at the same time.

Lacy numbers will have you feeling so feminine and wonderful at any outing.  Going to a wedding or theater in this beauty will make you the head turner for sure.

Need a simple wedding dress, then look no further than the off white little number. Simple and stunning all at the same time.  Affordable too.  Make the most of this dress even afterward by adding a little color to it and wear it again and again.  It is beautiful.

Boho is back!

Flouncy numbers are all the rage again too.  So why not get the peasant look with a midi dress that says "boho" all over.

Red and Navy make a statement too.  Wrap dresses are a must-have in any woman's wardrobe, but either of these ones, in particular, is stunning.

I have to be careful because I am very drawn to red.  If you looked in my wardrobe you would find many pieces in red, burgundy, light red, dark red.  Let's just say it happens to be my favorite color.  With the ruffles running along this hemline, I can see this one becoming your favorites too!

Kiyonna isn't just for dresses though.  They have a host of offerings for anyone who is size 10 to 32 and everything in between.  This will take you to their evening wear, but please, do search around the site, because there are so many lovely things to see.

Sign up for My Newsletter

I will do another posting for you on some of Kiyonna's other styles that I'm sure you will enjoy just as much as these ones.  Don't be a stranger, sign up for my email updates and be the first ones to know what's new and exciting.  I'll only bring you beautiful Plus Sized Clothing from reputable companies.

Spring is a great time to Flaunt your style and Kiyonna helps make that easy for you and me.

Mar 15

Womens Spring Wardrobe: Transitions for Stylish Spring Clothes

Stylish Spring Clothes and updating your Women’s Spring Wardrobe doesn’t have to be difficult.

Many times women are at a loss when it comes to transitioning their wardrobe from Winter to Spring.  Everyone loves the change in the seasons and we love to show that change in how we dress.  But, and here’s the big BUT, you don’t have to change everything in your wardrobe!  The Basics of your Spring wardrobe will remain much the same as your winter wear.  Here’s the Big Difference!  Colors,  patterns, and florals will bring your winter wardrobe into the spring without breaking the bank.

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A few well-inserted pieces will get you through from winter to spring like a fashion professional.

So What do I need?

Spring is that season that seems to take forever to arrive.  Once it has arrived it can quickly take a U-turn and make it look like winter again.  So you’re never really sure what Mother Nature will have in store for you from one day to the next.

That to me is the biggest problem with Spring Wardrobe changes.  It’s too early to pull all the warm stuff out of your closet! And yet, it’s the time when we really want to be lightening up our looks.

So What is a fashionable gal supposed to do?

First of all, don’t panic!  Updating your spring wardrobe is as easy as adding a few pieces that follow the fashion trends for this year.

Your lovely basic black, gray and navy colored pants or trousers are still able to be worn.  Just add a spring blouse, sweater or blazer and you have a whole new look.  Below are some wonderful spring updates that will easily transform your basic spring wardrobe.  All the fashion magazines are showing colorful prints, solids with a flair for color and feminine fabrics.  Cold shoulder or cut out shoulders are still the rage, along with baring one shoulder too.   Asymmetric hemlines are still popular too.  The runways were full of ruffles and ornamentation for blouses.  With one or two of these, your spring wardrobe renewal is on the way.  Check out some of the beautiful blouses below.


Plus Size Sweet Crochet Spliced Blouse Plus Size Sweet Crochet Spliced Blouse

Plus Size Sweet Crochet Spliced Blouse

This blouse is available in a variety of colors, so you can choose the one you like the best. It’s a Great Value for your wardrobe update.

Plus Size Ornate Printed Blouse Plus Size Ornate Printed Blouse

Plus Size Ornate Printed Blouse

Prints are all the rage, so for your consideration, I have included this blouse with a lovely overall design to make that update to your wardrobe easier and fun too.

L&L Flowing Chiffon Off The Shoulder Top L&L Flowing Chiffon Off The Shoulder Top

Off the shoulder cut, translucent material, trendy print, this plus size Love & Legend top has got it all. Wear it with a pair of jeans for a grungy look or a pencil skirt for a night out. 28-inch length.

Feminine and flowing are two of the spring looks you want to include in your wardrobe update. This one provides that and more, the off the shoulder or “cold shoulder” look is still very strong for spring. Don’t miss out on this truly soft and very feminine look.

Printed Chiffon Asymmetric Plus Size Blouse Printed Chiffon Asymmetric Plus Size Blouse

Printed Chiffon Asymmetric Plus Size Blouse

Asymmetric hemlines never looked better and they are not going away anytime soon. I personally love the look of the uneven hemlines. Very flattering for all figure types you need at least one of these in your spring update.

Michel Studio Three Quarter Sleeve Embroidered Blouse Michel Studio Three Quarter Sleeve Embroidered Blouse

A light and feminine look. This plus size embroidered blouse from the Michel Studio collection has a scoop neckline, a square shape, et embroidery on the hems and at the necklines. It also features flared three quarter sleeves. 28 each length.


Lovely embroidery on a square necked blouse is a nice change. I love 3/4 sleeves because they offer coverage and are not as bulky as a full long sleeve. This is one very versatile blouse.  Ruffles at the sleeve are also a big fashion statement for 2017.  You will feel so fashion forward in this lovely blouse.

Stay tuned for more Spring Wardrobe Updates!

The next installation of spring wardrobe updates will include some really pretty sweaters and blazers to get you through those spring days that are a little cooler than you’d expect.  If you’d like to be the first to know about those items, you can sign up for the newsletter and you will be the first to know all about my favorites and hopefully will see that one piece that just needs to be added to your wardrobe to make it complete.





Mar 07

Oh Joy, Spring is Here! It’s Time to Dress Yourself Happy!

Everyone is Happy, Spring is finally right around the corner and it’s high time to dress in a spirit of joy!

Everyone is feeling so much lighter now that Winter Coats are being put away!  Hopefully, where ever you live, the weather has been showing signs of warming up!  Today where I live it’s definitely getting warmer.  The rain has removed the last traces of the snows that marked the 2016/2017 winter season.  I can’t say that I’m sad that winter is finally over.  I prefer the other three seasons to the one that just past.

spring dresses for women, floral spring dresses women, floral spring dresses

Spring dresses are just so wonderful to get into after a long hard winter. Spring florals in women’s dresses are light, bright and have that amazing ability to lift your spirits.

I love  Sidewalk sales!  Perfect timing for that seasonal changeover. Time to take out all the heavy dark clothing and replace them with some new light and bright dresses that will make everyone feel spring is in the air.

Stylish Plus Size Dresses and Separates


Spring styling is always just a click away when you take advantage of the semi-annual sale at Kiyonna!


Need a new dress that reflects the change in the seasons? Now is the time to grab that new outfit. Take full advantage of this sale as it’s only on for a short time.


This semi-annual sidewalk sale is only on till March 13th, 2017.   Bet you can find that lovely dress for St. Patrick’s day!  Or rather, do you have a special date for Easter this year?  Easter will be Sunday,  April 16th this year.  Surely it’s a great time to think about what you might want to wear for this special occasion.


Check out just a few of the dresses I have showcased for you!

There are so many more available, you need to go and look for yourself!  Click on the links and they will take you to a Spring Sidewalk Sale that you can’t afford to miss.






For the next week,  these dresses and much more,  are all value priced at $60.00 USD. Don't miss your opportunity to buy a dress at a fraction of the original cost.

I have just showcased a few for you. There are more available. Just use the link here to explore what spring has for you!

Kiyonna is a great place for all your plus size needs!  Olivia loves Kiyonna, and so will you!


You can also check out other "Spring Related" posts right hereon this blog !


Mar 03

10 Ways to Boost Your Classic Spring Wardrobe

Winter is giving way to Spring and if you are anything like me, your wardrobe needs a bit of a boost!

Everyone is tired of the Winter months and having to layer clothes in order to fight the elements. Guess What? Spring is almost here and everyone is sighing in relief! The problem is with Spring, there are still days that are really cold and you need those players to get you through until all of the days are well above that freezing marker..

Don’t fret it is already the beginning of March and the days are starting to show signs of revival. Now it’s time for our wardrobes to do the same. Get all the heavy woolens dry cleaned and ready to rotate out of the closet!.

It’s high time to check out what you still have that is workable for spring and to add those pieces that will bring your wardrobe into the spring season without any problems.

basic spring wardrobe, spring wardrobe women, women's spring wardrobe

Where do I like to shop for those items to add new life to my basic Spring Wardrobe?

Avenue has all those items that you want to add to your basic spring wardrobe. Just adding a few new pieces will make you spring wardrobe pop with life again after a long hard winter.


How about I show you some of my favorites to brighten up my “darker” winter outfits? These additions will take those winter drabs into spring easily and beautifully too!

Avenue Kelly Elastic Criss Cross Shootie

The Kelly elastic shootie from our Cloudwalkers Collection features an easy slip-on design, cushioned insole for additional comfort. From our Cloudwalkers Collection. Wide width shootie. Faux leather. Ankle-height with stretch criss cross goring panels at the front. Slip-on style. Cushioned insole; non-slip outsole. Man made materials. Imported. Approx. 3 1/4 inch stacked heel.

Avenue Kelly Elastic Criss Cross Shootie

Avenue Plus Size Striped Flyaway Cardigan

Plus size cardigan. Open, flyaway front with solid, ribbed trim. Long sleeves. Striped all over. Nylon/wool/acrylic. Hand wash. Imported. Approx. 27 1/2 inches long.

Avenue Plus Size Striped Flyaway Cardigan


Avenue Plus Size Ikat Kimono

Plus size woven kimono. Sheer. Cascading, open front. Three-quarter bell style sleeves. Black and white ikat print allover. Polyester. Machine wash. Made in USA. Approx. 33 inches long at the longest point.

Avenue Plus Size Ikat Kimono

Avenue Plus Size Jacquard Hooded Duster Cardigan

Plus size knit cardigan. Long, duster length. Hooded. Open front. Long sleeves. Jacquard print allover. Viscose/acrylic. Machine wash. Imported. Approx. 39 inches long.

Avenue Plus Size Jacquard Hooded Duster Cardigan

Avenue Plus Size Delux Stretch Straight Leg Jean (Dark Wash)

The new Delux Stretch now comes in a more sophisticated and sexy dark wash. The softer fabric with added stretch maintains the ultimate level of comfort and the straight leg design looks great with any heels. Classic straight leg jean. Fitted through the hip and thigh; straight from knee to ankle. Sits at natural waistline. Front scoop and coin pockets. Back patch pockets. Button and zip closure. Dark wash. Cotton/polyester/spandex. Machine wash. Imported. Approx. inseams: 32 inch (av.); 29 inch (pet); 35 inch (tall).

Avenue Plus Size Delux Stretch Straight Leg Jean (Dark Wash)

Avenue Plus Size Hooded Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

Combine edgy moto style with the comforts of a hoodie for a look that’s both trendy and functional. Plus size faux leather jacket. Hooded. Faux leather shell, sweatshirt hood and placket lining. Mandarin collar with double snap closure. Double zipper front closure with textured pull. Zipper pocket at the bust and hips. Lined. Shell: Polyester. Lining: Rayon. Machine wash. Imported. Approx. 24 inches long.

Avenue Plus Size Hooded Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

I love jackets and sweaters that will do double duty! Not only do they give you a sense of warmth for those cooler spring days that are still ahead, but they add that burst of color that everyone wants so badly!

A new pair of Dark Jeans for a tailored yet casual look is always welcome in the new Spring Wardrobe ideas. Who has too many pairs of comfortable and neat looking jeans? Not I, that’s for sure. Add that little bootie at the top and you have a smashing new feel for your Women’s Spring Wardrobe additions.

Is there more?

You bet there is! Updating your spring wardrobe is easy when the choices are so varied. I didn’t want to make all your decisions for you, so I left you some wiggle room. At the start I promised you 10 ways to update your spring wardrobe, I’ve given you six of my favorites. Now it’s your turn to click on the link below and find the last 4 pieces that will finish off your classic spring wardrobe revival. I know you will find something to tickle your fancy.



There is even a whole new array of personal lingerie if your inner fashions need some help. Pretty bras, panties and other fine lingerie in all styles and colors. You really should take a good look see.

Happy Spring Wardrobe Updates, I will be back with more for you as it gets warmer.

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