Tops and Tees for Everyone!

Tops and T-shirts are the items of the day when the sun comes up over the horizon and you just know it’s going to be a hot one.

Curvy gals need Tees that look great, feel great and add that little bit of casual, but nice, to our day. Who is going to argue with you when you just know you are as Loveable as your Tee-shirt claims you to be?
Available in four colors for your pleasure.

Vintage Pink “Loveable” T-shirt

Can you mirror the word “Sexy”? I’m sure you will in this short sleeved Tee Shirt. Paired with your favorite jeans or leggings, this casual fun Tee will have you looking your best for those summer parties or a get-together at your local watering hole. Casual and fun just for you! Available in two colors Granite (almost black) and Brown Sugar (a dark taupe shade) Both are really nice colors, pick your favorite.

Mirrored Image “Sexy” T-shirt

Hoodies are the rage and who could not use a little self esteem boost? Every time you see yourself mirroring the phrase “Believe in Yourself” I’m sure you will smile! After all looking snappy, fresh and young is a must do! Younger ladies as well as mature women will love this Hoodie paired with the newest rage in blue jeans. The two just go together so well.

Believe In Yourself Sleevless Hoodie

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it is also within where our true beauty shines. When you feel good, you look good and a smile on your face will make you seem irresistible. Just imagine this lovely Tee paired with your favorite trousers or jeans. You are ready for a party at the drop of a hat. Available only in Black, it has a little bit of length at the back and skims the hips in front. It’s a really nice high-low design.

Beauty Is How You Feel Inside T-shirt

Today everything has a brand or icon attached to it and so why not for the curvy lady too! She’s ready to stand tall and be her own ICON. There is no need for anyone to step into her shoes. Available in Black and White only, either one will go great with your casual jeans and/or leggings.

Be Your Own Icon Scoop Neck T-shirt

These ladies are all beauties as they model for us some really nice Tee’s for the curvy lady!

Intimates for Warm Summer Nights

Intimates for warm summer nights are sometimes hard to find.

We at Pizzazz Plus Fashions want something lovely for your curves. Intimates for warm summer nights need not be plain, baggy or without some sizzle. You can find something lovely, smoking hot and beautiful right here. In the items below you can see for yourself that just because you have those curves, doesn’t mean that you can’t find something special. This turquoise Bralette is a comfortable T-back style that will leave you feeling cool and beautiful at the same time.              (Available in 5 different colors)

Lace Bralette with T-Back

Do you prefer something with a little more cover? Let your curves enjoy the cool cotton Sleepshirt.  This can be worn on it’s own, or as a cover-up for those summer BBQ evenings, when the sun goes down and the cool sets in.  Elegantly cut and soft, this will become a favorite “Go To” piece after the sun goes down. (Only white)

Cotton Sleepshirt

This lovely two piece baby doll set with lace trimming and ruffles brings out the feminine side to every lady.  Pretty as a picture, I love the soft gray with the white trim.  Elegant and lovely,  this set will keep you cool as a cucumber on those sticky summer nights.(Available in 6 different colors)

Soft and Comfy Babydoll

Perfect for your best friend’s Bridal Shower, or for a lovely Birthday gift for You, the special lady in his life, this pink baby doll set is sure to make your summer nights memorable.  Made to fit curves, it is light and still offers support without being tight.  Every woman loves sexy, beautiful and exquisite lingerie. (this one only comes in pink)

Pretty In Pink Babydoll



Intimates for Summer nights have never been easier to find. Right here at your fingertips are just a few choices to showcase the beautiful pieces that are available. But don’t stop with just these pieces. Visit Hips and Curves for so much more. I know you will be pleased and excited to see all these lovely items.

Check out Hips and Curves Catalogue for more tops and bottoms that can be paired to make a “special” set for your summer intimate needs.



















***Disclaimer: Pizzazz Plus Fashion is an affiliate of Hips and Curves.  When you purchase from this website, a small residual is paid to Pizzazz Plus Fashion.

Comfy Pajamas for Summer Nights

There is nothing Better to a good night’s sleep, than being in Pajamas that are comfy, roomy and let you feel like you have almost nothing on at all.

Sleeping in the buff, is not an alternative that I would endorse. Especially in the summer months when you are more than likely to be overly warm to begin with. Unless you are changing your sheets every other day, it’s not a healthy alternative, in my humble opinion. So, I like to look for comfort in my sleepwear.

Cool Summer Sleepwear for those hot Summer days from

Summer Pajamas with Pizzazz!


With sizing up to a 3X you can rest assured that you will find some Pajamas or Nighties that will make you feel so comfortable! Shorts with either sleeveless tops are great for summer time sleeping. Or if you are like me, and need that little bit of extra, you can also get capris with a short sleeved top that will surely give you that extra little touch of comfort at night.

Pajamas made with natural fibers are comfortable to wear and sleep in.

PajamaMania uses mostly cotton, cotton blends and bamboo for the fibers in their nightclothes. You can also get a silk mix for your nighties. Only one style is offered in Rayon and all of these fibers are great for summer wear. Natural fibers breathe with your body, wicking away any moisture so that your sleep is uninterrupted. No, sleeping in nylon and feeling the perspiration running down your back. It won’t happen with these Pajamas I’m sure. Even with hot flashes and the like, that can keep you awake, these Pajamas will leave you feeling cool and comfortable. Natural fibers are a blessing for anyone who feels the extremes of hot and cold.  What more could you ask for?

comfy nighties for summer

Don’t these just look so comfortable?


comfy nighties for summer

Capris make another option with a little more covering.



I personally love Pajamas that are as comfortable in bed and out of bed too.  No need to run and get dressed right away.  You are covered and comfortable jus the way you are.


Tops and Blouses with Pizzazz

Full figured tops for summer are a must have and these designs are just  wonderful for your curvy, beautiful self.  Tops with pizzazz are a must have in Every Woman’s Wardrobe!

Sealed with a Kiss, is just that!  Ranging is sizes from 14 to 36, with colors and styles that are contemporary and up to date, there is something here for every body.  No need to go any further, there are beautiful, stylish and very modern clothing here just for you!

I particularly like the Jessa Chiffon Top, cut in a way that just skims your body, it will be a comfortable and very trendy top for summer. Whether you wear it for work or play, you will look really nice.  It can be dressed up or down as the need arises.  Going out for dinner after work?  Pack some nice accessories and you will transition from day to night wear without blinking twice.



pizzazz plus fashion

Perfect for Work or Play


Check out the reviews for this garment from those who have already purchased it.

All I can say, is, as a full figured lady, I’m impressed. Made of Jersey with soft flowing chiffon it’s a winner for sure. Asymmetrical at the hem, it draws your eyes to that flowing, breezy bottom.







Right now a lot of the summer fashions are on sale.

So just a caveat must be added here. Items that are discounted can only be returned for a store credit. Certain sizes are also not available anymore either. So shopping now is the way to go.  When you see how lovely these items are,  I’m sure that you will not be returning your items, but wanted to give you the heads up anyways.



Cross over Flattering Top


Just another style of top available from swak. I love that it comes in something other than the basic black. Again, you will find this on sale, so quantities may be limited. You snooze, you loose. And you really don’t want to miss out on these beauties.

As Crystal said,”Style is my middle name! And this is it! Oh how I love thee!” Just one of the reviews of this top, makes me believe that it is a winner.  Again, it can be dressed up or dressed down with accessories that will take it from Office wear to Evening.




Come on and check out Sealed with a Kiss “swak”, I am sure that you will find something really special just for you and your lovely curves.


About Pizzazz Plus Fashion

Pizzazz Plus Fashion was born out of a need to find some really nice things made for people who have a little more of everything.

Not everyone fits into the regular sizes of clothes and finding something attractive and practical at the same time can be difficult. NOT anymore! Right here you will find flattering clothes and accessories for the ample sized lady. Plus Sizes need not be dowdy or unattractive. Not only are they beautiful, but they are colorful, flattering and easy to wear. Mix and match or individual pieces to make you feel that you will be your best wherever and whenever you go out!

We will offer not only ready to wear, but also made to measure custom pieces. Let me know what you are after and we will make it happen. Have an idea in mind, let me know and let’s see what the final outcome will be!

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