Outstanding Cardigans To Make Autumn and You Beautiful

One of the most beautiful times of the year is almost here! Autumn and the weather is crisp and cool. Evenings just require a Light Cardigan to make the season and you outstandingly beautiful.

cooler evenings, cardigans, light sweaters

Cooler Evenings are a sure sign that it’s Autumn

Daytime and the sunshine is still warm enough that you will be comfortable.  But evening comes on rather suddenly now, and once that sun has dropped in the sky, so does the temperature.  It’s then that you will appreciate a nice cardigan to keep you toasty warm. Don’t give up on summer altogether, but be prepared for those cooler evenings.


Eggshell JumperEggshell JumperCharcoal Zip FrontCharcoal Zip FrontCaramel Kisses CardiganCaramel Kisses CardiganCobalt Aztec CardiganCobalt Aztec CardiganLacy Ladder CardiganLacy Ladder CardiganLeopard Lover CardiganLeopard Lover CardiganAztec weave CardiganAztec weave Cardigan

Each of these cardigans have been picked with you in mind.

It’s not winter yet, so a heavy sweater is not necessary.  September and October though are noticeably cooler in the evenings.  Summer has definitely made it’s exit.  The daylight hours are shorter and evening seems to fall almost within minutes of the sun dropping in the sky.  Even now with air-conditioning in the offices, it is really nice to have a light sweater just to get the chill off of your shoulders.

I love sweaters even in the summer months at night.

Depending on where you live, a light summer/autumn sweater is a wonderful boost to your wardrobe.   These can be worn with dressy clothes and doubles as stand-by with your jeans on the weekend. They are very versatile and easy to wear.


Does your wardrobe need a boost?

Try adding any one of these cardigans and I’m sure you will find a whole new array of outfits to match your lifestyle.


City Chic Online

If you don’t find anything you like that I have highlighted for you, please feel free to check out their other lines. There are beautiful items made especially for the Beautiful Curvy You!

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  1. I definitely like sweaters and this time of year.

    1. Me too Dawn Rae, I love the season and I love sweaters too. I have a favorite of mine that I will wear over and over and over again. I must say, that I’m tempted to get a new one…

  2. I do both hoodies and cardigans but the later tend to be pieces I save for when I’m leaving the house. In either case, they cannot be pull over because then I cannot get out of them fast enough. I know I’m not the only woman of my age with this issue, LOL…

    1. Will be doing a hoodie feature soon. Thanks for reminding me. I like hoodies too. Quite often I find myself in the rain and those hoodies are a life saver.

  3. It hardly ever gets cold enough here for me to need a sweater, but when I do, one of those long ones might be handy.

    1. Barbara, you are one of the lucky ones I guess…..it never gets cold? Right you’re in California, correct? Oh well, the rest of us definitely get chilled sometimes. But the long ones are really nice too.

  4. Beautiful sweaters! I rarely wear a coat. I much prefer sweaters.

    1. I’m with you Miss Cynthia, I wear a sweater sometimes in the summer months because the air conditioning is cranked up so high I get a chill. Thank you for your comments.

  5. I prefer hoodies myself. Never liked sweaters.

    1. Hi Sandy, hoodies will be on the menu as well. Stay tuned, they will be coming soon1 Thanks for stopping in.

  6. I’m a hoodie gal myself, unless I can find just the perfect cardigan. You have some beautiful choices here, perfect for fall evenings!

    1. Hoodies are going to be featured soon too Susan…don’t worry, I know a lot of gals who just live for their hoodies. I can’t leave you out of the loop. Will be doing it soon.

  7. Nice selection of sweaters. I agree that this time of year brings on a need for a lightweight sweater. I’ve often experienced that ‘office air conditioning’ problem this time of year. The air is still running, but the outside temperatures are less than they were resulting in the air conditioning being ‘too chilled’. A sweater is the perfect solution.

    1. Dear Ms. Pat Austin, I agree, it’s at this time of year that people get those first colds of the season, because the air conditioning is still running high and it really isn’t that warm outside either. I always bring a sweater with me, especially in September and October.

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