Off the Mainstream Outstanding Plus Size Fashion!

Mainstream,  Who Needs Mainstream!  I want to get off the Mainstream!

Frustration in Plus Size Fashion is nothing new.  Finding some of the more “unique” and beautiful things in Plus Sizes is almost impossible.  Not anymore.  If you are into alternative designs and want some really wonderful styles, then I think I might have found something just for you!

Have you heard about Punk Design?

Punk Design, Goth Revival, Steampunk LooksLet me introduce you to this wonderful and different Fashion Supplier!   This is the place to go for all your Steampunk, Goth and Punk designs.  You won’t be disappointed.  Beautiful in Black never had more meaning than now.  Crafted with the idea of getting you away from the “norm” of today’s fashions.  I’m sure that you will find some uniquely beautiful and very “different” styles right here!


While Punk, Steampunk and Goth are not for everyone, it is nice to know that even if you are Plus Size, there are styles that are available for us too!

I love these styles and they certainly have a place in my wardrobe!  Heads will turn and everyone will be eyeing you in these lovely styles.

Going to a party dressed in something this beautiful will make you feel your best and look amazing.  Punk and Steampunk never looked so good!  Available in sizes from XS (extra small) to 3XL and it is so feminine and beautifully adorned to suit this style!  Heads will turn for sure!

Off the Mainstream Styles, Plus Sized Fashion, Where to get Plus Sized Fashions


Details, details and more details make these styles so interesting and fun to wear.  They are so interesting with their combinations of lace and flirty netting, ribbons and ruffles are not spared.  Truly feminine in an intriguing way, all of these styles just make me smile.  I like the details and the way they are presented in these timely and lovely fashions.

Cosplay and mirroring your favorite styles in this genre was  never more beautiful or easy!  For men and women who appreciate this style, Punk Design has you covered!

You must check out all the accessories too!  Little fascinator hats, top hats, steampunk gloves, and geared accessories are all right here!

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  1. this is very perfect, i like the steampunk look!

  2. Olivia, these are wonderful suggestions. They’re stylish and how nice to see them in larger sizes that tend to serve most of us! You’ve really put together a great selection on your site.

    1. Thank you Barbara, there is more coming…….I think the fashion industry is finally realizing that Larger, curvy ladies also spend money on clothes. I really like these designs though, and I would not consider myself into the “punk” movement. Share with your friends, thanks!

  3. I’ve come to really like the steampunk look!

    1. It has it’s own charm that is certain. Not for everyone, but individual pieces could find their way into a mainstream wardrobe as well. Thanks Sylvia, share it with others who would enjoy it. I appreciate your visit.

  4. It looks like a wonderful shop for those who love the punk designs. Not something I feel comfortable wearing, but I know my children have friends who love the style. I’ll have to share it with them.

    1. The style is not for everyone that is true, but they really have some interesting items that could be used in a mainstream wardrobe too! Black happens to be one of my favorite colors and with steampunk and goth, it is a staple. Please feel free to share this with anyone you feel would enjoy it! Many thanks for your visit and your comments.

  5. Isn’t steam pu k fun? I love it in some home decor items!

    1. I love it too, there are so many things that make this style so interesting to me. I have been keeping my old watches to take apart one day and make something fantastic from. Maybe I should embellish something to wear too!

  6. This is definitely prefect for my niece! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Please feel free to share this with her. I love this company for having all sizes available from regular sizing right through to the Plus Sizes that are so hard to find!

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