Luxurious Silk PJ’s for the Woman Who Deserves The Best

Today’s woman deserves the best most Luxurious Silk PJ’s!

After a hard day at work, it’s really nice to change out of the power suit and into the most comfortable Silk Pajamas you ever dreamed of.  Right now, Lilysilk has women’s Luxurious Silk Pajamas on Sale at 30% off the regular price.  It’s the perfect time to shop! Luxurious Silk PJ’s for the Woman Who Deserves The Best.

What Makes Lilysilk Pajamas so special?

With the labels on today’s products, sometimes what you see is not necessarily what you will get.  At Lilysilk, all their products are made with 100% Mulberry silk.  Mulberry silk is carefully monitored.  Silk is spun from the cocoons of the Mulberry silkworms.  Because the process is so closely monitored, the silk being woven is stronger and more regular, resulting in the best silk fibers.


Pajamas come in all styles.  This beautiful set is available in 9 different colors.  I just happen to love the Violet color in this sample set.  I also love the crossover style of the top trimmed with contrast piping and with comfortably cut long bottoms.

What other styles are available?

Lilysilk pajamas come in a host of styles.  Camisole tops with either long or short pants are readily available. They all come  in several different colors.  Camisoles range in style as well.  There are three different styles to choose from.  Some offer more coverage, some less.  Each one is made of the same Mulberry silk!

Isn’t silk difficult to care for?

The short answer is no!  Silk requires some special care, but you don’t have to go out of your way to care for it. Lukewarm water and a short handwash cycle with a quality soft soap will keep your silk pajamas looking their best for years to come.  No bleach and no fabric softeners are required.   Another option is to dry clean your items.

Personally, I prefer to wash them myself.  When you think about all the chemicals used in dry cleaning, it’s not something I would do. This is my opinion only.  

Lilysilk items come beautifully boxed with care instructions for your garment.  Follow the recommended care with your purchase.





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  1. Very pretty silk pajamas selections! There was a time when I only wore silk pajamas. As I have gotten older, I found I needed the warmth of flannel, but I love the looks of silk.

    1. Stick with the flannel pj’s and a nice silk robe…I hear you Miss Mouse. Warmth is always a good thing.

  2. Filing this under Awesome Gift Ideas! I’ve never worn silk pajamas. Guess it’s about time!

    1. Dear Susan, yes it’s about time. Once you have a pair, you will be wearing them all the time. Silk is a wonderful fabric that breathes and at the same time keeps you warm when it’s cool out and cool when it’s warm. It’s a little indulgence that everyone should have at least once….

  3. These look great! I never had a silk pajama, and can imagine how great silk would feel during the summer months: cool and soft! I’m saving this for later.

    1. Silk is a natural fiber, so it’s cool in summer and warm in winter. That’s part of the whole idea of silk pajamas, they are for year round wear. Enjoy, I hope you indulge yourself just a little bit….

  4. Purple has always been my favorite color. The purple PJ’s at the top are my absolute favorite.

    1. I agree Pamela, the purple is wonderful. All the styles are available in that color, knock yourself out. Pick the style you like in the purple and go for it.

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