How to Increase the Life of Your Favorite Summer Outfits

 Summer is coming to an end, but you can increase the time to wear your favorite summer Blouses and Tops with just a few additions to your wardrobe.

I have so many summer tops that I love and when the end of August and early September arrive, I am saddened to have to put those things that I had so much fun wearing, away.  With a few subtle additions though, I find that I can wear some of these right into October and beyond.


You asked and I’m answering…….

Many summer tops are sleeveless or have a capped short sleeve. When the weather begins to cool down, goosebumps are the next result.  Not very flattering most of the time either.  You will be playing a game of keeping the chill off of your body and feeling comfortable even after the sun has gone down.  If you easily add a form fitting T-shirt under your summer top, that extra layer will keep those goosebumps at bay.  A simple fix and you’ve extended the length of time that you are able to wear your favorite summer tops.

Check this out:


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These are beautiful tops that are definitely summer wear!  Simply add a layering shirt underneath and it’s changed!  You have extended the life of the top for another few months at least.

Layering shirts are available from Modli in a variety of sizes and colors.  The one I have chosen to feature is white. This color goes with everything and  because we are just going into the fall, it’s bright.  When deep winter is upon us, we can choose to darken the color of our layering shirt!   In December or January black or grey might work better.

layering blouse, added layer, warmth in layers

Neutral Layering Undershirt


Implementing this Simple trick will make your  wardrobe work better and longer.  This trick will keep you warm on those cooler days and nights.  You will be making your own fashion statement while getting a bigger bang for your buck.

It truly is a WIN-WIN situation.

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  1. Excellent suggestion about laying with a shirt underneath. I frequently add a cardigan sweater for a short sleeved blouse that I really like. I’ll have to consider adding a shirt underneath instead this fall.

    1. Putting a sweater on top is another answer but sometimes it doesn’t work as well as having a layer underneath. It’s just another option to help you make the most of some of your beautiful summery tops and blouses.

  2. Good tip to add layering to summer tops to extend their wear, I actually hadn’t thought of that!

    1. I’m glad I could help you see a way to extend the life and wearability of your wardrobe. It really is a simple answer and makes so much sense!

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