Have you got a Secret Upcoming Event to Share?

How many times have you been invited to a party or get together and it’s a total surprise to the “Guest of Honor”?

I would imagine that this happens quite often.  Sending out invites though can pose a problem.  With “snail mail”delivered invites, it’s quite possible that the “guest” will be  finding that “surprise” invite in their mailbox.  What is a person to do?  You want all your efforts to succeed in surprising the Guest of Honor!   Event planning of this kind requires some innovative ways to do the invitations and more.

Well, I have a great solution!

Send the invite by e-mail with all the particulars.   Make an invite as exceptionally beautiful as is fitting for your little (or big) event.   The Guest of Honor will never know who received an invite until the day of the “do”. Imagine the look on their face when they are surprised by the crowd that has gathered for the party.  Some secrets are wonderful when the surprise happens!
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Keeping secrets over a milestone birthday, wedding anniversary or any other extra special affair can be nerve wracking.  Writing out all those invites can send you into a state of panic.  Writer’s cramp is no fun at anytime.

Then there are the replies, either positive or negative that have to be kept track of.  What seemed like a really good idea for a party, all of a sudden has become a nightmare. Unless you like to stress, there is a better wayPaperless Post makes stress a thing of the past.

Try It, You’ll like it!


Paperless Post is an economical, earth friendly, and easy way to keep track of all the important issues.

  • No more pulling out your hair wondering who has received the invite and who is coming to your celebrations.
  • No need for paper lists of guests and what their response was.
  • No more worrying about having missed sending an invite to Aunt Gladys or Uncle John.  Everything is right there on a page for you to see.

Paperless Post let’s you send out invitations for birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Gender Reveal parties and so much more.  This is Event Planning on steroids!

Invitations are just the beginning of what you can do with an account at Paperless Post.  It is so easy to use and personalize to your liking and taste.  Forget the old way of doing things and get on board with the Digital Way.

Flyers, Announcements,  Holiday Greetings and so much more are at your fingertips.

Are you opening a new shop?  Do you want everyone to know about what is happening and when it is happening?  No problem.  Send out a flyer to your email list with all of the pertinent information.  Make is beautiful and memorable by using your own Headers, Graphics and more.

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Modern Day Events and Invites

In this day and age, time and less stress are the way to do things.  We already have enough to keep track of in our own lives, so make the most out of any celebration by letting Paperless Post take care of the nitty gritty stuff.  There is plenty of other things that need to be done for a party of any kind, so let’s go do that fun stuff and leave the invites, notices and all the other “paperwork” where it belongs.  Electronically send those invites and keep track of all the guests that will come and make a memorable evening even better.




**Olivia was given some coins from Paperless Post in exchange for this post.  

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