Gloves and Face Masks are the New Look For Everyone!

In this day and age (did you ever think we would use that opening?)  we are somehow expecting things to get better.

It’s not all about living in your PJ’s and Face Masks.


What can you do?

But if you need face masks and haven’t taken up the challenge to make your own, there are great face masks available out there.  Kiyonna makes a three layered cotton face mask that is reusable, reversible and best of all breathable.  Many commercial face masks are so uncomfortable!  I’ve seen people take them off their faces less than 5 minutes after having put them on. That is NOT good.

That is not why and how we are supposed to do it.  When you go out publicly the face mask is the first layer of protection you need to keep you safe!  The air we breath has to be filtered.   We don’t want to give this nasty virus a chance with our health.  Putting on a face mask that is comfortable is the first step.

This one made by Kiyonna fits that bill perfectly!

Is a Face Mask enough?

Now just because you go out with a face mask does not mean that you are totally safe.  You still need to take other precautions as well.  In public places surgical gloves are also a great idea and will keep you hands from picking up germs on surfaces that the public has had access to as well.

When you are finished shopping and you get back into your own home, remove those gloves and dispose of them properly.  You should not remove your gloves until you are in your car or home.  Use care to remove them properly and dispose of them properly too!  Watch this video and see how easy it is to safely remove those gloves from your hands!  No worries about contamination if you do it right!

Glove removal is easy when you follow the video!  

If you feel you need an extra layer of protection (you are caring for elderly or infirm) then have some hand sanitizer in your car or inside your handbag.  Better still wash your hands well after being out in the public!


Together we will make it through this trying time and find ourselves in our PJ’s just when it’s time to go to sleep again.

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