Fabulously Easy Fashion Advice for Women 50 Plus

Women 50+ are still a formidable group in the workforce!

Having said that, if you are still in the workforce, having some knowledge of dressing for work will help you stay in control of your wardrobe. If you are re-entering the workforce after raising your children, these tips will help you too! Our focus here will be Out in the Workplace!

It is far too easy to buy something new every week or so, to augment what you already have. With a plan,  you can keep your wardrobe current, trendy and fashionable without breaking the bank.  After all, that’s why you are working, so that hopefully you can make some gains.

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Fashion Tips for Women 50+

Key Pieces are Life Savers

You don’t need a closet that has unlimited space to dress well for work.  What you need are key pieces that will do for more than one function.  With that in mind, I will show you how to plan your work wardrobe with only a few pieces.

You will need to have,  or purchase 2 pairs of great fitting slacks, one black and the other your choice of navy, gray or brown.  These are key pieces, so spend your money on good fitting quality slacks.   Many women are opting for a good wool worsted pant.  They are great for keeping their shape and they wear well.  Like a man’s suit, the wearability of these slacks is of utmost importance.

What other Key Pieces do I need?

You should also have 2 Skirts in your wardrobe.  Again one in Black and the other can be whatever color (navy, brown or gray) you happen to like best.  When it is for work, then I would suggest you stay with colors that are easy to match with blouses that you might have. Solid colors are best for your skirts. They are much more business like and have the highest wearability.

Fashionable Uppers

This is where you can go a little wild, if that is your style.  You can spend less on blouses and toppers so that you can stay current with whatever fashion trends there happen to be.  I would like to suggest that you have one good button front blouse, either in white or off-white.  Those will be worn when there is a yearly review or some other “important” engagement at your office. It can be styled like a man’s shirt or have some other type of collar.  I would like to suggest that you have at least 5 Blouses  (the formal blouse being one of the five).  The other 4 blouses can be different colors, and different styles.  Some may even be patterned or multi-colored.

Along with 5 blouses I would also like to see you have 4 casual type toppers.  Nice T-shirts, or shells. Do not wear T-shirts with quotes blazoned across the chest.  That is not acceptable for work.  A T-shirt that has some kind of embellishment would be appropriate. Observe what  your co-workers wear, if you are not sure, don’t buy it.

So how many looks can I get with these pieces?

Good Question!  Every day that you go to work,  you will wear one bottom and one top.  So with these key pieces,  you have the ability to make a different outfit for every day of the month.  One pair of slacks with a different top each day makes 9 different outfits.  You have two paisr of slacks and 2 skirts, so that adds up to 36 outfits with just those pieces.  Because they are all basic pieces, the addition of a jacket or a sweater, a scarf or some jewelry, your outfits,  or “different” looks will increase too.


When you have decided which two pieces will make up today’s outfit, there are so many accessories that can be added to change the look yet again.


I mentioned a scarf and that certainly will add another  dimension to your clothing.  I also mentioned a jacket or sweater and again that will change up your look for very little investment. If you don’t want to purchase any more physical clothing, then change up your look with jewelry.  It doesn’t have to be expensive but should make a statement.

  • They can be inexpensive
  • They will be following the current trends in patterns and colors
  • They are small enough to fit in one drawer
  • They can change with the seasons.

It’s amazing, All of the Tips listed here could be used for anyone who is in the workforce, not just 50+!

As a matter of fact, these tips would be excellent for someone who is just starting out in the workforce.  Who hasn’t yet figured out their own personal style, but still want to look professional.  A new college graduate could use any of these tips as well.


Stay tuned for more tips on Dressing for Success!  Olivia’s Fashion Tips for Women will be back with more good advice.  Sign up for the Newsletter and be the first to know what’s new!


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  1. Excellent advice! I have found that even if I own a lot of clothes, I still tend to reach for the same skirt or slacks most often. Fortunately, my job allows me to dress casually for comfort, but I certainly see the real value of your advice regardless.

    1. Thank you Miss Cynthia, I’m glad you found the advice of value. Isn’t it funny how we gravitate to those pieces that we really love? I appreciate your visit and comment. Thank you!

  2. I love the look of infinity scarves. For some reason I can’t seem to get them to look right when I wear them. It makes me crazy. But I keep trying.

    1. Keep playing with it Dawn, all of a sudden it will be just the way it should be. There really is no secret to getting them right.

  3. Such great advice!

    1. Thanks Maya for your visit and comment.

  4. Great advice! It’s easy to pick up things just because they are on sale or because we suddenly have an occasion we weren’t ready for. Advance planning can help us put together a wardrobe that will offer the most value for money spent. I rarely need to dress for work anymore. I don’t even own a skirt or dress that still fits. Fortunately, I no longer need them. I can get by in pants for even most weddings and funerals where I live.

    1. Thank you Barbara for your visit and comments. I agree with you that it really depends on your lifestyle and where you live. Having closets full of clothes for no reason really doesn’t make sense and a little planning goes a long way. It will save a lot of money too.

  5. Great tips here…I am an over 50 fashion blogger, and I am always so happy to see others blogging in this niche!

    Have a great holiday!1


    Fashion and Travel

    1. Thank you Valerie. Glad to see you here. Yes, I am blogging for those over 50 and the Plus Sized. Not big niches, but important for a lot of people. Fashion has ignored us for a long time.

  6. Starting with a basic wardrobe in neutral colors, then adding accessories, is a terrific way to increase your wardrobe without buying too many different outfits.

    1. It sure works well for a lot of people. When you are working you need to look professional but breaking the bank to do it isn’t a great idea. Basics and then build up from there is the way to go. Thanks for your visit Pat.

  7. This is excellent advice! When you take it down to the numbers and the basics, the ability to affordably dress for success isn’t so overwhelming.

    1. Thank you Susan, of course, I’m only talking about “working” clothes, my closet has much more in it, but they are for fun….Thanks for your visit.

  8. I love the idea of scarves but I’m not sure if I just don’t pull them off well or don’t really like wearing them but I just can’t get into it!

    1. I understand Jill, not everyone can be comfortable wearing scarves. I personally love them. With a few really nice scarves, my wardrobe increases in size immensely. You can use jewelry to make each outfit look different too. Thanks for your visit.

  9. I’m retired so don’t need to go beyond jeans and t-shirts very often but this is a great article. I love keeping things simple.

    1. Even when you are retired, you do need one or two outfits that are for possible business-like occasions. I’ve attended awards nights, and meet the author events, where blue jeans just don’t seem appropriate to me. So I would keep a couple of outfits for those occasions. Thanks for your kind words.

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