Extra Special Mother’s Day Gifts That She Will Love

Mother’s Day is coming and I have some extra special gifts that she will just fall in love with.

Who doesn’t like to surprise their mom with a special gift, especially on Mother’s Day?

I know it would take me forever to find that one gift that I knew would put a smile on her face and have her smiling all day long.  Flowers and chocolates are great but how about giving her something that she will use and get enjoyment out of the gift every time she uses it.  special gift for mother's day, make mom special,happy mother's day gifts

Unique Mother’s Day Gifts

Who hasn’t wanted to get Mom that unique Mother’s Day gift that she will be talking about for a long, long time?  I can remember shopping for days looking for that one special gift that I just knew was out there, but wasn’t really sure what “it”  was.

Today, I have no problem finding those special gifts and I will share my finds with you.  I bet that any one of these gifts will be ones that she will enjoy and use for many months or years to come.

So let’s get right down to those special things!

First, comes some special sleepwear.  She will never believe how wonderful it is to sleep in silk!  If Dad needs some ideas for Mom this would be the perfect place for him.  If you all want Mom to sleep well get together and make her ideal sleep the gift you give for Mother’s Day.
Silk Pajamas Sale $79

Ellesilk has beautiful sleepwear.  She will never believe how lovely having some beautiful sleepwear would be. It’s a small indulgence for a mom who does so much for her family.

If Pajamas aren’t your style, you can always get her a lovely set of silk pillowcases.  Silk pillowcases are so soft against your skin, that she will just love the feel of the silk against her face.  Hypoallergenic and cool in the warm weather, it’s just a great combination.

The second choice  would be something that will make her smile and smell really nice too.

Mom’s love things that are pretty, smell really nice and show how much you love her.  Candles are a great gift idea.  and these candles by Karen Michelle are extra special indeed.  Great scents like mint chocolate, vanilla, coconut and some more exotic scents, I’m sure you will find one or two she will love for sure. Karen Michelle  Destiny Candles come in several different scents and sizes.
Destiny Candle By KM Party FAvor


Do you have a Mom who loves to make things?

If so, then choice Number Three is something that she will love without question.  Grow and Make have so many different sets of Make it Yourself kits that I’m sure there is one or two that your Mom will just fall in love with.
Grow and Make

Mom can try making anything from bath salts to essential oils and homemade soaps.  All kinds of preserves, jams, wine even.  She will enjoy having everything she needs to make something that she will really enjoy.   She’ll learn a new craft and have a sense of accomplishment too.

Choice Number 4 is to shop at VIPme.

You can find everything for your mom, from jewelry to handbags and lots of really pretty blouses or tops.
Shop VIPme.com for the latest fashions up to 95% off

Moms always love to have something new in the accessory department and there are so many really pretty things at VIP me!  There are 45 pages of jewelry that Mom would love for sure.  All of them are very affordable and beautiful.  Earrings, necklaces and some sets with earrings, necklaces, and bracelets are available.  Pick her favorite color and I’m sure you will come up with a special gift just for her.

Mom's are very special people and they deserve something really nice for Mother's Day.  I think she will love just about anything from these suggestions.  You know your mom better than anyone else.  You know what she likes to do or her favorite colors.  With these suggestions, I would guarantee that you will find that one special gift that will let your mom know just how much she means to you.



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