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We are learning new things all the time!

With our limited ability to get out shopping, we are searching out new ways to keep ourselves looking good.  At the same time, we are learning that Mother Nature needed the break in our hectic schedules just to breathe.  As good citizens of the earth we can help her do just that.

During the early parts of the new millenium, we started to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

This is a very good thing indeed.  Waste has been a problem for many years and we are finally starting to understand there are ways to leave a smaller foot print on our earth.

To that end, Darn Good Yarn, has been innovative and a leader in recycling fabrics that would otherwise go into landfills.  Not only are they making the recycling of fabric a priority, but they are also empowering women from third world countries by providing ways to make their lives easier.

Women in the third world are sewing saris into new clothing for wear in our western society.  They trade their saris for useful household articles and the saris that are only worn once are made into new fashions.  It’s a win-win situation.  Just look at the beautiful colors:

Those saris that were not being used, are now made into skirts that fit all kinds of body types and look ultra feminine, wearable and colorful too!

Personally I have 5 of these skirts and I know that I can wear them just about anywhere I go.  I feel pretty and know that I am making a difference in the lives of so many women.  In this video you will see for yourself the difference you can make to help people from around the world.

Isn't it a great idea to be part of the change that Mother Nature needs now?

Do you want to see some of the beautiful color combinations?

As I told you earlier, I have 5 of these lovely skirts that have been reworked from saris that were headed to the landfills.  I know that the fabric is still of great use and value.  The fact that the remaking of these saris into skirts,  to help women in poorer parts of the world live a better life, just makes these skirts even more enjoyable to wear.

The colors are easily matched or contrasted with T-shirts or blouses of just about any color in the rainbow.  I am sure you will find that these skirts will be a much enjoyed addition to your wardrobe.  Summer months are even cooler with these skirts too!


eco friendly skirts, saris to skirts, reused

These are just some of the pretty colors that your sari skirts could be.......

Each skirt is different and reversible, so that when you have one skirt, you really have two.  Now that's what I call user friendly.  Each skirt has a bold pattern on one side and a more subtle pattern on the other and the colors generally are somewhat coordinated, or sometimes they are completely different and unique on each side.  You just never know what you will get!  It's a surprise package that I'm sure you will enjoy!

Sari-skirts can be worn just about anywhere at anytime!  You can dress them up or dress them down as you wish.  There is no hard fast rule about how to wear these lovely creations.

The Bottom Line is:

You can look really good and help women in third world countries live better lives in one click!  Now that's what I call getting some real bang for your shopping buck!

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  1. These are so very colorful. I’m sure they would help beat the summer heat as well. Thanks for sharing this wonderful way to help build up women with us.

    1. I love them and have several myself. The colors are extraordinary and fit into my wardrobe without any problems. So many different tops go with these skirts that you can have a different look as often as you change your shirt/blouse. Thank you for your comments and visit….

    2. Thank you Linda for your visit, I hope you come back again. BTW, those skirts in summer are the greatest. Plus you get to dress up just a bit! I love them.

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