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Aug 31

Summer Tops, Fall Tops, Winter Tops They are all Here!

tops, tunics, fall styles

It is the end of August and Summer is almost done for 2020! No this is not another doom and gloom prediction,  summer is almost at an end, but that doesn’t mean we have to stop everything and lock our doors. Things are just starting to loosen up a little with all the COVID restrictions, …

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Aug 29

Summer’s End is Near, New Fall Arrivals Are Here!

A beautiful Autumn Addition, fall sweaters,

New Fall Arrivals for 2020, and Summer is almost a Done Deal I don’t know how many of you are happy that this years Summer is almost at an end, but I’m sure that many of us are just happy that we are all still here.  Hopefully the next few months will see an easing …

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Jul 16

Eco Friendly Fashions, New Ways, Dress for Success

eco friendly skirts, saris to skirts, reused

We are learning new things all the time! With our limited ability to get out shopping, we are searching out new ways to keep ourselves looking good.  At the same time, we are learning that Mother Nature needed the break in our hectic schedules just to breathe.  As good citizens of the earth we can …

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May 11

Gloves and Face Masks are the New Look For Everyone!

In this day and age (did you ever think we would use that opening?)  we are somehow expecting things to get better. It’s not all about living in your PJ’s and Face Masks.   What can you do? But if you need face masks and haven’t taken up the challenge to make your own, there …

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Oct 26

Pizzazz Starts on the Inside and Works It’s Way Out!

Pizzazz starts right at the beginning of the day, and WOW, do I have a way to start! Everyone knows that feeling good starts from the moment you wake up to getting your day started on the right foot!  Well I’m here to tell you that looking good is a frame of mind that begins …

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Aug 03

Awesome Back to School Extravaganza Days are Here!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. Summer has been a wonderful time to relax, refresh and make some really great family memories.  Now it’s time for Back to School! Like everything else in life, that time comes quickly to an end …

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Jul 20

Have you got a Secret Upcoming Event to Share?

How many times have you been invited to a party or get together and it’s a total surprise to the “Guest of Honor”? I would imagine that this happens quite often.  Sending out invites though can pose a problem.  With “snail mail”delivered invites, it’s quite possible that the “guest” will be  finding that “surprise” invite …

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Jun 13

Be Bold Be Nice Be Wonderfully Comfortable Poolside!

Poolside adventures await everyone this summer! There isn’t a time during the summer months when you will be happy to be either poolside or lakeside!  When the temperatures start to reach their peak, you just know that water will quench the warmth .    If you are anything like me, hanging out in my bathing …

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Jun 04

Summertime Florals to Keep You Looking Great! Check them Out!

Summertime and the living is easy……or so they say.   One thing is certain, summertime brings out the best that there is in colors and florals.  Everyone is so happy to see sunshine and warmer weather.  It makes us all happier when we can get rid of the sweaters and overcoats and let our own …

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Apr 10

Springtime, Amazing Inner Fashions Just In Time for You!

Springtime just screams renew, renew, renew! If you are anything like me, spring is a great time to check out all those things that are in your lingerie drawer.  Are there things in there that would be better discarded?  Do you need something new for the year to come?  Spring is the time that I …

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