Beautiful Fashion Styles for Active Plus Sized Women

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                           Fashion Clothing for Plus Sized Active Women

We are headed towards the New Year and many Plus Sized Women are making resolutions to become more active.

That is not a bad thing! Active Plus Sized Women love to be active as much as their counterparts, but finding those pieces of clothing that will make you look and feel beautiful during the activities can be daunting.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  I have searched for you and found some really nice pieces to take you to your ultimate goal of being active and Plus Size without giving up your flare for fashion.

Activewear for Plus Size women may seem like a misnomer. I assure you that it is not. There are many women who are Plus size that take part in many activities. Aquafit, tennis, power walking, hooping, skating and many more activities. Recently the meditative types of activities have also been added to the Plus Sized ladies activities. Yoga classes of all kinds are frequented by many women of plus size. What is difficult is finding the right outfits to wear during these activities.

Basics for Activewear

Let’s understand that activewear for the Plus Size woman must have certain qualities that make these outfits comfortable for the Lady who carries a few more curves than most.  One of these basic needs is a good cut!  I have purchased leggings and capris in the past that are labeled Plus Size, but they are NOT cut for a Plus Size Woman.  Most leggings and Capris are not cut deep enough into the crotch.  So what ends up happening is that the leggings or capris start to pull down when you are bending or stretching.  When you feel like you are losing your pants. You are forever yanking at them and that is not comfortable at all. So the first basic is to make sure the crotch length suits you well.


4-way stretch fabrics are the best for activewear.  The fabric should be made of cotton or today we have bamboo fabrics as well with some lycra woven into the fabrics for the stretch. Stay away from 100% polyesters as they will not wick away moisture when you are working out.  Look for natural fabrics like cotton and rayons or bamboo so that wicking and breathability is enhanced.  100% polyesters are great for swimsuits where you don’t want water to be wicked, but for yoga, or any other activity look for something with a natural fiber.


Whenever Plus sized women decide to become more active, they should make sure that they are well supported in the bust.  A good fitting sports bra is a must have.  No one needs or wants a bustline that is bouncing up and down.

Support for the breasts is important. Not only will a good support bra make it more comfortable to move, but it will also protect your breasts from jarring motions that could cause pain.  If you are in pain there is no way that you will continue in your active way of life.  It just isn’t worth the aggravation and the pain.  So don’t set yourself up for failure, set yourself up for success.  You are worth it.


Over your leggings and bra, you can wear anything that makes you comfortable.  T-shirts and other toppers that are a little more fancy can be added to your ensemble to suit your style.  There are many styles available from figure forming tanks tops to more generous blouse type of toppers.  This is where you can let your imagination and your own color choices dictate your overall look!

These toppers would be perfect for any exercise program you would undertake. They offer great comfort and they look really nice too. Your own sense of style will be your guide when it comes to the toppers you choose. The most important part is to be comfortable with the fit. Unless you are taking part in an aqua-type program, any of these toppers will work for you.


I have just shown you a small sampling of what is available for Curvy Plus Sized Women through Amazon. If you are looking for something more specific in the line of “Activewear” I would suggest that you check out my other article on Activewear for Plus Sizes.

Lola Getts Activewear is made especially for Plus Size and you just might want to check out all the lovely capris and leggings cut especially for curvy women.

Happy Activity Days to you! Get Active, Be Beautiful!


**Olivia receives a small commission for sales from Amazon and Lola Getts!  These commissions help to keep Pizzazzplusfashion on-line.

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  1. I am definitely planning on being more physically active this coming year. And I definitely need more work out outfits. These are awesome choices.

    1. Me Too Dawn Rae! I want to do some traveling this year…so I better get into shape! There are some pretty exercise outfits available and they are so easy to take care of as well.

  2. There are some lovely toppers there. I like the TWINTH women’s short sleeve crew neck.

    1. There are so many beautiful things out there for plus size women, you just have to know where to look!

  3. Some of the most active women I know would be categorized as plus size. Making and wearing clothes that fit properly and comfortably is essential for everyone. Btw, the Glamourize bra you have featured is the bra I wear most often. It offers fabulous support. The only downside is that I can’t wear v-neck tops with it which is the only reason it is not the only bra I own.

    1. I so agree with you Miss Cynthia, plus sizes today are completely different than they were a few years ago. I miss the days of “Standard Sizing” which went the way of the dinosaurs when trade was opened up with China years ago. Glad to hear that bra is a really good choice. I have one from Additionelle that I happen to love and is so comfortable. Happy New year to you and yours.

  4. I need to get some active wear for the exercise & walking program I FULLY intend to begin with the New Year! 🙂

    1. Me too Pat, I need to get my act in gear. I have a wedding coming up and some toning is required. Happy New Year to you.

  5. These are all great picks! Great active wear is so important!

    1. Thank you for your visit Samantha. I agree without comfortable clothing when you are exercising, you are shooting yourself in the foot. Being uncomfortable makes you want to stop what you should be doing.

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