Awesome Bridal Parties That Style to the Max

Bridal Parties that just bring style to the Max are one of a Bride’s biggest headaches.

Not anymore. We are going to help you Bring Style to the Max. No tears, no tearing out your hair or any of those other ways you relieve stress.  We are here to help you find those dresses that will make each and everyone of your Gal Pals look awesome and feel wonderful.

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Wedding Memories


Wedding Parties can be the best and the worst part of planning a your special affair.   If you decide to only have one bridesmaid and yourself (the bride), you can relax a bit.  You and your bridesmaid can go out and buy a dress in whatever color and style you want.  It all works well.

That’s the scenerio with just one Bridesmaid/Maid of Honor.   What happens, when you have 3 or 4 or more girls in your wedding party. Add, that not all the girls are a size 10 or 12. Maybe, one of your gal pals is pregnant and still wants to be a part of the wedding party! Then the problem of size differences becomes a focal point.  You need to find something that will:

  1.  Look good on all the gals.
  2.  Be complimentary to all the different figures
  3.  Be available in your color choices
  4.  Be in styles that your gal pals will love. 

Don’t Despair! There is help and it’s right here!

 Henkaa can deliver Bridesmaid dresses that are beautiful, but also fit to flatter every single gal in the group.  Henkaa  also delivers beautiful dresses that come in a rainbow of colors and are transformable to suit many different looks with one dress.

This dress on the left is one that can be worn three or more different ways.  Many brides today are opting to keep the girls in the same color, but letting them decide on the style and length.  It’s just one way in which the bride will be assured that her bridesmaids will have some say in what they will be wearing.

Your Gal Pals may even like the idea of choosing a style that they know suits them best.    The bridal party still looks complete, following the color theme but letting the gals have a little individuality in style.  It’s a win-win situation for the bride and the bridesmaids.

Every one is happy with the results and nothing has been compromised.  Add beautiful flowers and the whole bridal party will Rock their styles with ease.  Your girls can be any size and they will find a dress here to make them feel wonderfully feminine.



So Why Check Out Henkaa?

Henkaa understands that not every girl fits into the mold of a size 14. There are many girls who are a size 16-18 or more.  There is no reason to exclude them from your Bridal Party, if you want them there. There will be no need to “special order” anything either.  After all, making your friends feel uncomfortable about their size is not nice.  Many regular dress shops will only cater to women up to a size 14 or 16 at the most. If you are a larger size, they will put in a special order for you.  Sometimes you need to wait 6 weeks for that special order to be filled.  Not here, Henkaa will serve people up to a size 24.  You get your dress at the same time everyone else does.

The nature of the dresses at Henkaa are such that if you gain a pound or lose a pound it won’t make a difference in the fit of the dress.  These dresses are adjustable and transformable so they can be worn in different ways.  What a joy to see dresses worn in so many different ways.  Just watch the video and see how wonderfully easy it is to “transform” the dresses from one style to another.  It’s incredible. At Henkaa, Everything changes.

I bet you’ll agree, that these dresses are really lovely and Rock the Style to the Max.


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