9 Outstanding Dresses to Take You to the Top

plus sized, figure flattering, striped dress

Turn Heads in this Beautiful Dress

Every Gal needs a Few (9) Choices when it come to dressing for Success.

These Plus Size dresses I have chosen for you today, will take you from home, to work and then to play.   Dresses are always a stand by in any woman’s wardrobe and it should be no different for you.  Maybe you just haven’t found the ones that make you stop and take notice.

Each of these dresses is very wearable and offers some really exciting details.

Starting at the top left, we have a halter style with a criss-cross neckline. Done in a stripe cut in the chevron pattern, under bust flatters the women from the neck right down to her toes.

The middle dress in the top row is a fantastic little dress.  Basically, a black dress but the details just make this little Black Dress a Stand out!  This dress with it’s crochet look is delicate, yet quite spectacular.  A head turner for sure.

The third dress in this panel is a Multi-wrap dress.  It’s one dress, but it can be worn three different ways. Talk about versatility.  The asymmetric hem is interesting too.

The middle panel from the left to the right highlights some lovely choices.

The purple one shown here is actually available in 8 different colors just for your pleasure.  A maxi dress with a nice V neck and lovely detail right at the bodice.

Dress two, in the middle of this page, has a little sparkle to go along with the beauty of the lines.  Knit in a chevron pattern this dress is a lovely addition to your wardrobe.

This last dress in this row is the Perfect Little Black Dress.  A MUST HAVE in every girl’s closet.  This dress can be dressed up or down as the occasion requires.  It’s that go to outfit because you know it will be just perfect wherever you are going.

The last three dresses today are also great choices.

The first dress on the extreme left is a lovely knit dress with a long zipper right up the front.  A detail that cannot and should not be missed.  Figure flattery never looked better.

The middle dress with it’s 3/4 length sleeves is a lacey dream.  So fresh and pretty, so wearable in any situation.  Dressy but not overdone in any way, another perfect choice.

Last but definitely not the least, we have another dress in a midi length with a nice split up the side.  Understated elegance at it’s best.


These are my choices for your today, but, I can assure you there is more available at:

plus sized, figure flattering, dresses

All of the Dresses Featured are available at: POSHSQUARE


All you have to do is click on the “Poshsquare” label to find the perfect dress for you!


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  1. Great choices. I’m in btw plus size and standard sizing. I hate clothes which are designed to cover up women who have extra weight or just weren’t born to be small. I enjoy how all you dresses have shape and flatter curves. They aren’t sacks or sweaters hiding, they really look good on the model and I would hope on a person. They are cut nicely and truthfully on anyone, fitted is better. Great piece 🙂

    1. Thank you Mandi for your lovely comments. I could not agree with you more. We love our curves, it’s the rest of the world that needs to understand that. I love my trousers and tops, but I do so enjoy a nice dress as well.

  2. Love this selection of clothing. I’m plus size, and I’m always looking for stylish clothing that slenderizes a bit…

    1. Thank you for your comments Joyce…..stay tuned if you are interested in PLus sized anything, that’s what I scour the internet for. There are some really beautiful things available. Sign up for the newsletter and you’ll get every new posting….

  3. I really like the dress that can be worn multiple ways. Love the asymmetrical hem! They’re all great choices, though, for women who want to dress for success.

    1. Thank you Susan, It is a very pretty dress isn’t it? I like the color and the style as well.

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