Jul 16

Eco Friendly Fashions, New Ways, Dress for Success

We are learning new things all the time!

With our limited ability to get out shopping, we are searching out new ways to keep ourselves looking good.  At the same time, we are learning that Mother Nature needed the break in our hectic schedules just to breathe.  As good citizens of the earth we can help her do just that.

During the early parts of the new millenium, we started to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle!

This is a very good thing indeed.  Waste has been a problem for many years and we are finally starting to understand there are ways to leave a smaller foot print on our earth.

To that end, Darn Good Yarn, has been innovative and a leader in recycling fabrics that would otherwise go into landfills.  Not only are they making the recycling of fabric a priority, but they are also empowering women from third world countries by providing ways to make their lives easier.

Women in the third world are sewing saris into new clothing for wear in our western society.  They trade their saris for useful household articles and the saris that are only worn once are made into new fashions.  It’s a win-win situation.  Just look at the beautiful colors:

Those saris that were not being used, are now made into skirts that fit all kinds of body types and look ultra feminine, wearable and colorful too!

Personally I have 5 of these skirts and I know that I can wear them just about anywhere I go.  I feel pretty and know that I am making a difference in the lives of so many women.  In this video you will see for yourself the difference you can make to help people from around the world.

Isn't it a great idea to be part of the change that Mother Nature needs now?

Do you want to see some of the beautiful color combinations?

As I told you earlier, I have 5 of these lovely skirts that have been reworked from saris that were headed to the landfills.  I know that the fabric is still of great use and value.  The fact that the remaking of these saris into skirts,  to help women in poorer parts of the world live a better life, just makes these skirts even more enjoyable to wear.

The colors are easily matched or contrasted with T-shirts or blouses of just about any color in the rainbow.  I am sure you will find that these skirts will be a much enjoyed addition to your wardrobe.  Summer months are even cooler with these skirts too!


eco friendly skirts, saris to skirts, reused

These are just some of the pretty colors that your sari skirts could be.......

Each skirt is different and reversible, so that when you have one skirt, you really have two.  Now that's what I call user friendly.  Each skirt has a bold pattern on one side and a more subtle pattern on the other and the colors generally are somewhat coordinated, or sometimes they are completely different and unique on each side.  You just never know what you will get!  It's a surprise package that I'm sure you will enjoy!

Sari-skirts can be worn just about anywhere at anytime!  You can dress them up or dress them down as you wish.  There is no hard fast rule about how to wear these lovely creations.

The Bottom Line is:

You can look really good and help women in third world countries live better lives in one click!  Now that's what I call getting some real bang for your shopping buck!

May 11

Gloves and Face Masks are the New Look For Everyone!

In this day and age (did you ever think we would use that opening?)  we are somehow expecting things to get better.

It’s not all about living in your PJ’s and Face Masks.


What can you do?

But if you need face masks and haven’t taken up the challenge to make your own, there are great face masks available out there.  Kiyonna makes a three layered cotton face mask that is reusable, reversible and best of all breathable.  Many commercial face masks are so uncomfortable!  I’ve seen people take them off their faces less than 5 minutes after having put them on. That is NOT good.

That is not why and how we are supposed to do it.  When you go out publicly the face mask is the first layer of protection you need to keep you safe!  The air we breath has to be filtered.   We don’t want to give this nasty virus a chance with our health.  Putting on a face mask that is comfortable is the first step.

This one made by Kiyonna fits that bill perfectly!

Is a Face Mask enough?

Now just because you go out with a face mask does not mean that you are totally safe.  You still need to take other precautions as well.  In public places surgical gloves are also a great idea and will keep you hands from picking up germs on surfaces that the public has had access to as well.

When you are finished shopping and you get back into your own home, remove those gloves and dispose of them properly.  You should not remove your gloves until you are in your car or home.  Use care to remove them properly and dispose of them properly too!  Watch this video and see how easy it is to safely remove those gloves from your hands!  No worries about contamination if you do it right!

Glove removal is easy when you follow the video!  

If you feel you need an extra layer of protection (you are caring for elderly or infirm) then have some hand sanitizer in your car or inside your handbag.  Better still wash your hands well after being out in the public!


Together we will make it through this trying time and find ourselves in our PJ’s just when it’s time to go to sleep again.

Mar 05

Spring Has Sprung and With It Some Great Tees!

It’s just around the corner, spring, that is!

I know everyone has been waiting patiently or maybe not so patiently for spring to arrive.  I know I’m more than ready to lift off some of winter’s bulk and get back on track to something more comfortable and light!

If this is you, then join me in welcoming spring with a whole bunch of new Tee’s that will make your wardrobe complete.

Cents of Style has these lovely V-necked Tees in a whole bunch of colors!  The Hope Tee is available right now!

Using the code “BELIEVE” , will get you these at the incredible price of $16.99 USD.  At that price I know you will get at least two or three.

This Tee comes in 8 colors so you know and I know that you will find just the right colors for your sense of style.

Sizing is great on these Tees too, from size Small right up to 3 XLarge and everything in between.  Don’t miss out on a great deal!

Spring has Sprung and you know you have too.  Bring on the warmer weather and lets look great too!

Cents of Style has some really good deals on and weekly they will change.  Come back next week to see what the special deal is then too!



Oct 26

Pizzazz Starts on the Inside and Works It’s Way Out!

Pizzazz starts right at the beginning of the day, and WOW, do I have a way to start!

Everyone knows that feeling good starts from the moment you wake up to getting your day started on the right foot!  Well I’m here to tell you that looking good is a frame of mind that begins with what you put on your body!


Lovely lingerie is a must for every woman!  You deserve to have comfort, style and support while still being feminine and lovely.  No one needs to know what you are sporting under all your work clothes, except you and whoever you want to share that with.  You know that when you put something special on, it changes the way you feel.  Just think, everyday you could feel that special and look lovely too!

So What’s New at Lavinia Lingerie?


The Darling Collection by Lavinia Lingerie, is that something special.  Designed to give you support and still look sexy, this collection is a must have for every woman.

Darling Collection Bra, you should see the matching panties too!

This Darling Collection is getting rave reviews.  Bras are extremely comfortable and give really good support.  The materials used are pretty and feminine!  Give them the proper care and they will last you a long time.  But better still, get a couple of new bras so that when laundry time arrives, you have another great bra waiting in the wings.  This collection is reasonably priced so that having two or more is not out of the question.


This is just a quick peek at the beautiful collection that will make you feel like a million bucks.  But there are so many other styles and colors available too.

So, What else is there?


As I said earlier, Pizzazz starts from the inside out, and with Lavinia Lingerie there are so many different and beautiful styles!  All of them are available just for you.  One click and you are on your way to seeing for yourself how beautiful these pieces are.

 Pizzazz Plus Fashion and Lavinia Lingerie is the place to start with so many lovely intimates made just for you!

If you are feeling just a little “naughty”, share this link with your favorite other half and make sure he/she knows which ones you have your eyes on!  You never know, this might just be the input your partner has been looking for! In the end you get to reap the benefits of pointing them in the right direction!  Pizzazz never looked so good, from the inside out!





Aug 03

Awesome Back to School Extravaganza Days are Here!

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links.

Summer has been a wonderful time to relax, refresh and make some really great family memories.  Now it’s time for Back to School!

Like everything else in life, that time comes quickly to an end and a whole new season begins.  The new season has many parents looking eagerly to when the kids are all back to school and more regular routines begin again.  The kids, in the meantime, either looking forward to the return or dreading it.  Some kids are anxious because it’s their first time in a school situation.  Whether they are looking forward to going back to school or not, let’s make their school days the best that they can be!

Back to school, school days, school fashions

Going Back to School in Style

Many children will be looking forward to rekindling their past friendships during the next month.  Going into a new class with old friends and some new friends is part of the excitement and the rush of getting back to school.  Of course there is the other part of it too!  The new clothes, shoes, pens, pencils and all other matter of “student needs” that need to be addressed.

Looking your Best is Easy!

Shopping for your children at this time of year can be so easy!  Stress free coordination made easy is a parent’s dream come true.  Janie and Jack make that part really fun, with styles that will make your children feel great.  Janie and Jack offer clothes that are wearable, comfortable and good value too!  School Days never looked so good!


School days, fashions for girls and boys, back to school fashions
The fall collection is live now and there are so many really nice looking clothes for your children!  Back to school never looked so good.  I love Janie and Jack clothes because they are well made, look very fashionable, but most important they are comfortable.  Kids have enough to deal with just getting ready for school, without having to wear things that pull or tug.


Girls and Boys Look Great!

As the name implies, Janie and Jack offer clothing for both girls and boys.  Sizes from babies right up till 12 to 14 years of age, are all offered for your convenience.  From their heads to their feet, they will have choices that will complete their own personal style.  Even accessories are available to make Mom and Dad’s life easier.  What are you waiting for?  Check out Janie and Jack now and see how easy Back to School shopping can be!

Jul 20

Have you got a Secret Upcoming Event to Share?

How many times have you been invited to a party or get together and it’s a total surprise to the “Guest of Honor”?

I would imagine that this happens quite often.  Sending out invites though can pose a problem.  With “snail mail”delivered invites, it’s quite possible that the “guest” will be  finding that “surprise” invite in their mailbox.  What is a person to do?  You want all your efforts to succeed in surprising the Guest of Honor!   Event planning of this kind requires some innovative ways to do the invitations and more.

Well, I have a great solution!

Send the invite by e-mail with all the particulars.   Make an invite as exceptionally beautiful as is fitting for your little (or big) event.   The Guest of Honor will never know who received an invite until the day of the “do”. Imagine the look on their face when they are surprised by the crowd that has gathered for the party.  Some secrets are wonderful when the surprise happens!
online invites, paperless post invites, digital invites
Keeping secrets over a milestone birthday, wedding anniversary or any other extra special affair can be nerve wracking.  Writing out all those invites can send you into a state of panic.  Writer’s cramp is no fun at anytime.

Then there are the replies, either positive or negative that have to be kept track of.  What seemed like a really good idea for a party, all of a sudden has become a nightmare. Unless you like to stress, there is a better wayPaperless Post makes stress a thing of the past.

Try It, You’ll like it!


Paperless Post is an economical, earth friendly, and easy way to keep track of all the important issues.

  • No more pulling out your hair wondering who has received the invite and who is coming to your celebrations.
  • No need for paper lists of guests and what their response was.
  • No more worrying about having missed sending an invite to Aunt Gladys or Uncle John.  Everything is right there on a page for you to see.

Paperless Post let’s you send out invitations for birthdays, baby showers, wedding showers, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, Gender Reveal parties and so much more.  This is Event Planning on steroids!

Invitations are just the beginning of what you can do with an account at Paperless Post.  It is so easy to use and personalize to your liking and taste.  Forget the old way of doing things and get on board with the Digital Way.

Flyers, Announcements,  Holiday Greetings and so much more are at your fingertips.

Are you opening a new shop?  Do you want everyone to know about what is happening and when it is happening?  No problem.  Send out a flyer to your email list with all of the pertinent information.  Make is beautiful and memorable by using your own Headers, Graphics and more.

digital invites, celebrations, grand openings

Modern Day Events and Invites

In this day and age, time and less stress are the way to do things.  We already have enough to keep track of in our own lives, so make the most out of any celebration by letting Paperless Post take care of the nitty gritty stuff.  There is plenty of other things that need to be done for a party of any kind, so let’s go do that fun stuff and leave the invites, notices and all the other “paperwork” where it belongs.  Electronically send those invites and keep track of all the guests that will come and make a memorable evening even better.




**Olivia was given some coins from Paperless Post in exchange for this post.  

Jun 13

Be Bold Be Nice Be Wonderfully Comfortable Poolside!

Poolside adventures await everyone this summer!

There isn’t a time during the summer months when you will be happy to be either poolside or lakeside!  When the temperatures start to reach their peak, you just know that water will quench the warmth .    If you are anything like me, hanging out in my bathing suit only is not my idea of fun.  Add a flirty feminine cover-up and my blood pressure starts to return to normal.  It’s not that I don’t wear bathing suits,  I do.  I swim everyday for an hour, but, waltzing around in my swimsuit is not my idea of fun.

Cover Ups to the Rescue!

Once I am out of the water, I want something easy to slip on, that will make me look feminine yet casual and fun.  That’s what summer is all about.  At the same time I want my comfort.  That means wearing a nice cover-up of some sort.

Today we have lots of choices in that department.  You can get cover-ups that are specifically made for swim suits or you can wear one of the many maxi dresses as a cover up too.  I happen to like this one that I found while searching our some really nice alternatives.  Let me know what you think!

swim suit cover ups, comfortable, easy wear dresses

Sleeveless Stripe Patchwork Expansion Wome…

Sleeveless Stripe Patchwork Expansion Women’s Maxi Dress [More]

Price: $56.89
Sale: $39.42

Would this be something that you would wear?

I like the colors, the pattern and the style of this little number.  Talk about comfort!  This is it all rolled up into a really nice look.

Are you more of a floral type of gal?  Thank goodness for so many choices.  This one done up in a floral pattern will make you look amazing.

swim suit cover ups, summertime dresses, easy wear and care clothes

Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Split Womens …

Spaghetti Strap Floral Print Split Women’s Maxi Dress [More]

Price: $48.70
Sale: $29.11

For an added touch of class just add some really nice strappy sandals and you are ready to go from the poolside to dinner with your favorite side kick.

Of course if you don’t want to show off quite so much cleavage, there are other options as well.  Just know that any of these dresses can be worn over a bathing suit or they can be worn as a dress.  I love being able to make one thing work  two jobs.

How about this little number!

swim suit cover ups, summertime dresses, maxi dresses, easy wear and care

Print Three-Quarter Sleeve V-Neck Womens M…

Print Three-Quarter Sleeve V-Neck Women’s Maxi Dress [More]

Price: $42.36
Sale: $28.99

Same idea, but again a whole different “feel” to the dress. Summer dresses are wonderful and cool too, because you want comfort above all.   Soft and light with splashes of color to just stop you in your tracks.  This is a winner in my books and I bet you will have compliments galore coming your way.


Each of these dresses are easy care and easy wear, just right for summer.  Available in lots of sizes just for you!

You know you need at least one of these as a wardrobe basic and for holidays it’s even better.  If you are a swimmer like me, then one or two would be even better.

Jun 04

Summertime Florals to Keep You Looking Great! Check them Out!

Summertime and the living is easy……or so they say.


One thing is certain, summertime brings out the best that there is in colors and florals.  Everyone is so happy to see sunshine and warmer weather.  It makes us all happier when we can get rid of the sweaters and overcoats and let our own personality shine through.  If you just want to see what’s available you can go ahead and click right on the picture below!  You are welcome to read on though!  I will respond to any comments and would love to get to know you better!

5% Off For The First Order at Berrylook! Buy Now!

BerryLook has some really nice summer dresses and tops that will make you feel like a breath of warm air.  Not only are we ready for something “Light and Bright”, but we like to be thrifty too.  You can have both!  Just take a little time to check out what’s available just for you!

Long Blouse/Evening Cover

This beautiful long blouse can double as an evening cover.  Wear it with a beautiful T-shirt and if it’s warm take off the long blouse.  But when work is done and you are ready to go out and play, then don’t forget, when the sun goes down, so do the temperatures.   It’s not cool enough for a coat, but it’s not warm enough for the T-shirt.  So add this long blouse to your wardrobe and I bet you will use it more than you think possible.

summertime florals, casual clothes, bright colorful blouses

Longline Curved Hem Floral Printed Pocket …


Price: $24.95

Summer Peasant Blouse

Who doesn’t like the carefree and easy way to wear this summer essential?  This blouse goes with just about everything.  From jeans to a more tailored pair of trousers to leggings and capris, this blouse will make a splash!  Lovely embroidery and beautiful colors are available for your discerning style choices.  Get on board the comfort train with this really pleasant peasant blouse.

summertime florals, casual clothes, bright colorful blouses

Spring Summer Cotton Blend Women Embroi…


Price: $24.95
This is just two of the selections I have chosen for you today.  If you want to see more, click on the banner at the top and your eyes will be amazed.    Check back real soon as something else is sure to be highlighted for your enjoyment and summer flair.

Apr 10

Springtime, Amazing Inner Fashions Just In Time for You!

Springtime just screams renew, renew, renew!

If you are anything like me, spring is a great time to check out all those things that are in your lingerie drawer.  Are there things in there that would be better discarded?  Do you need something new for the year to come?  Spring is the time that I check out my wardrobe and make some much needed additions and subtractions.

Intimates, those intimates!

Women’s bras, panties and other unmentionables are one of the many things that we overlook!  The BIG THING is that we really shouldn’t overlook them at all.  Foundation garments, those inner fashions,  are the start of every good look you have.  If your foundations aren’t up to snuff, then nothing else will be either.

Don’t think about it, do it!

It’s time to open that drawer!  You know the one!  It’s full of bras that don’t fit right, bras that have broken underwires, hooks or just have become so misshapen that they don’t do the job anymore.  Have you  lost weight or gained weight?  What’s in that drawer, that just doesn’t fit, anymore!.  Get into that drawer now!  Spring cleaning time has just hit the most basic part of your wardrobe!  Those inner fashions are about to get a makeover!

spring clean my lingerie drawer

My Bra Drawer In need of a Makeover!  Spring cleaning fun!

Where to find some Beautiful and Necessary Undergarments!

There was a time when you could find what you needed almost anywhere.  Times have changed and so has our inner wear.  No longer are we happy with “Granny Bloomers” regardless of our age or size.  We want and demand “nice” underwear!  And we want to be cost effective too!

I’m here to tell you:

You can have both!  Yeah!  Undergarments are staples of every girls wardrobe.  It is essential that you have the right inner garments for the fit of your clothes.  Nothing is more important than feeling good and looking GREAT!

Eve’ s Temptations makes it easy to find some really pretty  Inner Fashions,  at a great price point.


Shop Eve's Temptation Now!

Lots of sizes and colors are available just for you and while you are at it, you need some new bras too!


Shop Eve's Temptation Now!
Until the end of April you can and should restock your bras to the right size and the right style for your immediate use.  No sense in putting off the one thing you know will make you feel and look better.  Do it Now!

Trust me, this will make you feel much better than all the Easter Bunnies that are just waiting in the wings and the excitement of looking good will last longer than the Easter Season too!


Hope you hop on board.


Being a woman, you know there are many in need.  Clean and donate what doesn’t fit to a woman’s shelter or buy some extras and donate them!

Give a hand up to those in need!



Mar 02

Attention: Are You Rocking Your Beautiful Plus Size Figure?

Here’s a shout out to all ladies living in the States, that are Happy with their style and Rocking it everyday!

Ask any Plus Size Woman and she will tell you that there are not nearly enough of us visible in the General Public!

We are shunned, made fun of, disregarded and worse!  The question is “Why”?

In this day and age of fitness and skinny being of the utmost importance, we plus size women are left behind even though we are fit and fabulous too!

model search, plus size model search, pizzazzplusfashion, olivia

Image by arvndvisual on Pixabay

It’s time to Change all That!


ASHLEY STEWART  is on the look out for the next brand ambassador for their Plus Size Lines.  Could it be you? To enter you click on Faces of 2019 in blue.  That will take you to the entrant’s page.Faces of 2019!

There are lots of great prizes to be won and the best part, being the face that is recognized as the Face of Ashley Stewart!

Not only will you be making a statement for the whole of Plus Sized Women, but there are wonderful prizes and a chance to really make a ripple in the fashion world for all of us!

Finally There is Something Wonderful Happening in the Full Figure World

Now is the time to enter!  Ashley Stewart wants to give you a  chance at a host of prizes and a whole year’s contract to be the face of the Plus Size Women’s Movement.  Don’t sit back, now is the time to enter.  Take up the baton and enter yourself and let the whole world know how much you shine.  You will not only gain a following, but you will gain in growth of your personal brand and style.  Being the Face of Ashley Stewart 2019 will help grow!  This is BIG!

Ashley Stewart not only has great fashions for Plus Sized women, but the whole Brand is dedicated to women who exemplify the Ashley Stewart ideal of a caring, confident and upstanding person.

You could be her! Enter the Finding Ashley 2019 Contest to become the AS 2019 Brand Ambassador plus other amazing prizes!


Now is the time to enter and see if you have what it takes to show the world your beauty and the lovely clothes that are the hallmark of Ashley Stewart!



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